Dead End

(O'Neil, Brody, and Lucas are singing in the back of the submersible.)
Henderson: Hey! If you guys don't come up with another song real soon I'm going to fly us into a cliff.
Brody: Feeling hostile are we? Because we only got a 62 on our final exam?
Henderson: It had to be a mistake. How can you flunk a woman at a sexual harassment seminar?
Lucas: Oh, I don't know. I think 'been there, done that, I know where to kick them next time' was a bit to brief of an answer for the essay part of the exam.
Henderson: Yeah, well if the Bureau Personnel thinks I'm gonna spend another week away from the boat re-taking that course they're outta they're mind.
O'Neil: Hey, do you guys hear that?
Henderson: Hear what?
O'Neil: Sounds like a distress beacon, but the battery is dying.
Henderson: It's malfunctioning. They're broadcasting coordinates from halfway around the planet.
Lucas: What's its identifier?
O'Neil: Um, UEO Endeavor.
Lucas: The Endeavor? Isn't that Marcus Rawlings ship?
O'Neil: Yep.
Brody: You mean the guy who discovered the Hemingway trench?
Lucas: Yeah. Only if he's in trouble then that signal is right, because he is halfway around the world.
O'Neil: Well tell that to the signal, cause it's coming from right below us.
Brody: Lucas, pinpoint the source. Tim, you better call it in.
O'Neil: This is UEO shuttle 4600-2 calling seaQuest DSV, over. This is UEO shuttle 4600-2 calling seaQuest DSV, over.

(seaQuest DSV, bridge)
Ortiz: Tim is that you? You're breaking up. Tim? Tim, say again. Tim, can you read me?

(Shuttle 4600-2)
Henderson: We're getting close to that signal. Better strap in. This tunnel's getting a little turbulent.
Brody: A little turbulent? You seen it like this before?
Henderson: Not exactly. Lucas, can you up the throttles?
Lucas: How strong is the down flow?
Henderson: 22 meters and increasing.
Lucas: What, a minute?
Henderson: No, a second.
Lucas: You gotta break off.
Henderson: What do you think I'm trying to do? I've got thrusters on full left, but we're still corkscrewing in.
O'Neil: Oh man, pressure hull is stressing.
Brody: Go to emergency oxygen.
Henderson: I can't reach my mask. Jim!
Brody: You're cool, you're cool. I've got you covered.
O'Neil: This is UEO 4600-2. We have an uncontrolled decent in GBS block 1200-9. Does anyone read, over?
Henderson: Oh my god, what is that?
O'Neil: Mayday, Mayday, this is UEO 4600-2. We have an uncontrolled decent in GBS block 1200-9. Does anyone read, over?
Lucas: The sea floor is giving way, it's drawing us in.
Henderson: Hang on. I can't stop it.
O'Neil: Into your hands, Oh Lord, I commit my soul.
Henderson: Give me full power to the bowl thrusters.
Lucas: You got it.
Brody: Pressure hull's gonna blow.
Lucas: Keep it off the walls. You gotta keep it off the walls.
Henderson: I'm trying. Give me everything you've got. We're entering a cavern, it's widening out.
Lucas: Steer for the ledge. Can you see it?
Henderson: I'm on it. Hang on. We're gonna crash. The water is draining away. Check the air. Secure your systems.
Lucas: We can breathe the air.
Brody: Everyone else okay?
Henderson: Yeah, I think so.
O'Neil: I think I broke my leg.
Brody: What?
(They hear something moving around on the roof of the sub)
Lucas: Something's on the roof.
Brody: Come on.
(Brody and Lucas go to the back of the sub where the hatch is, suddenly the hatch opens and a man falls into the sub)
Henderson: A man.
Rawlings: Yes, Marcus Rawlings. I'm sorry to make your acquaintance.
Lucas: Where are we?
Rawlings: Ten miles beneath the mantle of the earth. Though exactly where I'm not too sure. That's what remains of my dive pod, over there.
Brody: Why are you so sorry to meet us?
Rawlings: Because judging from the condition of your submersible, I'd say we're all going to die down here, together.

(seaQuest DSV, bridge)
Ortiz: They were too far away and too deep to pinpoint where they were transmitting from. They could be anywhere along a 100 kilometer stretch of ocean.
Bridger (to Dr. Smith): Is there any chance of your picking something up?
Smith: I've been trying. But they must be out of range, assuming.
Bridger: Assuming what?
Smith: Well, it's just that I haven't been able to pick up anything at all. Unless they're in a lead lined isolation chamber I should at least be sensing they're alive.
Ford: Captain.
Bridger: I'm not entertaining the idea that they could be dead.
Ford: The crew wants you to know that we've already rigged a rescue pack to the Stinger.
Piccolo: That's right Cap. You find them we'll bring them in. No matter what it takes.
Bridger: Thank you. I intend to bring them in. Ortiz, spread your WSKRS out in as broad a plain as possible. McKay, you better come down here and replace Henderson at the helm. Piccolo, you assist. We're going to follow the centerline of they're course. And people we better do it quickly because they're running out of air.

(Undersea cavern)
O'Neil: Okay, I'll try and get the radio working.
Lucas: How did you end up down here?
Rawlings: Too much curiosity and not enough common sense. I had a theory that there were tunnel ways penetrating the earth's mantel. It was the only explanation for some of the tectonic action I'd been mapping and the anomalies and sea life I'd found.
Lucas: And that's why you were charting the Hemingway trench.
Rawlings: Yes. I was looking for a way in. Only when I finally found it, I didn't have any warning. I was at 10,000 meters, approaching the epicenter of some local seismic activity and suddenly I was being sucked in.
Brody: Just like us.
Rawlings: Except I had a longer ride. I've been stuck down here for 3 days. Fortunately my pod was armored. But I've lost everything mounted on it, including my propulsion units. The water seems to surge back and forth down here, just like Old Faithful.
Lucas: Well that would make sense. Debris is sucked off the ocean floor till it clogs up the tunnel opening, cutting off the water flow. And then when the water is superheated down in the lower layer of the mantel it comes blasting up again.
Rawlings: Could be. It would certainly match what I've seen.
Brody: So what you're saying is that on the last blast to the surface you launched your distress boey.
Rawlings: Yeah.
Brody: Even though you knew that the water flow was going to reverse and anyone who answered your signal was going to be sucked in just like you.
Rawlings: What was I supposed to do? Die down here in silence?
Brody: No. You could have programmed the boey to include some sort of warning signal.
Rawlings: I didn't have the time.
Brody: Oh is that so? Or were you afraid that maybe someone wouldn't reach you.
Henderson: Hey, could we calm down here?
Brody: I'm perfectly calm.
O'Neil: Well I'm not. How long is it going to be before that water comes back?
Rawlings: Ten, maybe fifteen hours. We can try surviving in my pod but…
Brody: But what?
Rawlings: I'm out of oxygen, and each time the water sweeps through it carries my pod deeper underground.
Henderson: Then we better get moving. Let's see what we can do about that shuttle.
Lucas: Ah, Dr. Rawlings, you didn't mention one thing. What created these caverns?
Rawlings: Believe me, if I knew I'd tell you. I'm pretty sure about one thing though.
Lucas: What's that?
Rawlings: They weren't caused by any natural geologic process.

(seaQuest DSV, bridge)
Ortiz: Sir, we're approaching the outer boundary of where they may have disappeared.
Bridger: Okay, let's double the crew on all the communication and sensor stations.
Ford: Right away.
Bridger: If anybody picks up anything, anything at all, call it out. Or senses anything. Don't be shy. Don't be embarrassed to be wrong.
Piccolo: You got it sir.
Bridger: Okay people, do something. Tell me where you are.

(Undersea cavern)
O'Neil: Radio signal is bouncing right off the walls. We're in a hell of an isolation chamber.
Brody: You wouldn't happen to have anymore of those distress boey's up your sleeve would ya?
Rawlings: I believe I'd bottle up a message. Believe me, I've looked. Not that it would do any good. The only way to get a boey out of here is to wait until the waters come back in and that's gonna be to late.
Lucas: Unless we ride it out of here. Well think about it guys. I mean he's got this armored pod we can cram into. There's just no way to steer it.
Rawlings: Or an oxygen supply.
Lucas: No, but we do. We do. The shuttle is busted but the oxygen regenerator is still working. We have the shuttles thrusters.
Brody: You think you can work out a way to attach the thrusters to the pod?
Lucas: Why not? I mean if Henderson has the tools we can put this thing together.
Henderson: There wasn't anything on my fathers solar farm that wasn't jurry rigged. You work out a design Lucas, and I'll bang it together.
Brody: Ah man, I knew there was a reason I asked you to be my roommate at the seminar. All right people, let's get moving.
O'Neil: Hey, do you guys hear that?
Brody: Is it the radio?
O'Neil: No. No, it's not on the radio. I can feel it. It's something low pitched.
Rawlings: It's the water.
Henderson: It's gotta be. We gotta get in the pod.
Lucas: No, no. Something is coming, something's coming. Look!
Henderson: What is it? What is it?
Lucas: It's a giant worm.
Brody: Fall back, fall back. Grab what you can and get into the dive pod. Henderson, help O'Neil.
Lucas: Brody!
Brody: Help me!
Lucas: What are you doing?
Brody: Fighting fire with fire. Come on.
Lucas: It's working. It's backing up.
Brody: Look out!
Lucas: You did it Brody. Nice thinking.
Brody: I guess it was.
Henderson: So, that's where the tunnels came from.
Rawlings: I'd say we're in the running for the Nobel Prize. To bad it's not awarded postuesly.
Lucas: Brody? Brody? How'd we come through?
Brody: Ah, I'm not sure. The electrical and propulsion units are okay, but the oxygen regenerator is toast. And there's no air left in the tanks.
Henderson: You mean all we have left is the oxygen in the emergency units?
Brody: Yeah, about five minutes a piece. When that water comes roaring back in here, we're history.

(seaQuest, bridge)
Ortiz: We're at the end of the search path.
Ford: We should at least have spotted some wreckage.
Bridger: No, no, no. That may be the good news. If there's no wreckage that means the shuttle may be intact. We could have passed by and not sensed anything right?
Smith: Well it happens. Especially when my emotions are involved.
Bridger: Ortiz, you said it sounded like they were trying to send out an urgent message, right?
Ortiz: Yes sir.
Bridger: All right, let's do this. We'll collate every call in the area. Emergency. Disappearing ships. Renegade submarines. Anything.
Ford: You got it.
Bridger: McKay, in the mean time I want you to take us back to the search zone. Very slowly. We're gonna go over every centimeter of the ocean floor. See if we can find any impact zone. Any kind of cliff they could be sheltered under. Anything at all.

(Undersea cavern)
Lucas: You're right. The oxygen's out. Totally dry.
O'Neil: So we're all gonna die.
Lucas: Well maybe not. We still have the propulsion units from the shuttle and Henderson's tools. With a little luck we can have that pod ready to sail before the water comes back again.
Henderson: Except we won't have any oxygen.
Lucas: Well, we do. We still have the four emergency masks. Which kind of makes sense because there's really only room for four people in the pod.
Brody: And what do we do about the fifth person?
Lucas: Well, we hope they're still alive when the rescue party returns.
Rawlings: They won't be. Now that creature's trashed it, there's no way the shuttle will survive the next flooding.
Lucas: Well that doesn't change the mathematics any, cause there's really no way to get five people out of here alive.
O'Neill: So who stays?
Lucas: Look, why don't we get this thing ready, and figure that out later.
Brody: No, no. We can't work on rebuilding the pod with that hanging over our heads. We've got to decide that now.
Henderson: Guys! Whatever happened to all for one and one for all.
Lucas: It just isn't in the math. I mean look at our body masses and the travel time up to the surface, the oxygen just isn't there. So we have to make a choice.
Brody: I can think of one way of making the cut.
Rawlings: How's that?
Brody: Well, the guy who got us into this can get us out.
Henderson: He had a right to call for help. I don't think we're objective enough to decide he should have done any differently.
Lucas: Besides, we're gonna be using his pod anyway.
O'Neill: Jim, under Maratime Law, we have to save the civilians first.
Rawlings: Let me make this easy on you. I'm no more of a civilian in that sense than Lucas is. I'm not gonna claim any special status.
O'Neill: So there's only one thing left to do. We have to ask for a volunteer. And, no offense intended, but besides the fact that I'm injured I also happen to believe in an afterlife. With more faith, I think, than any of you. So I think it should be me.
Brody: No, no. Tim, we're not gonna take advantage of your faith. If we need a volunteer, then I'm the senior guy.
Lucas: You know the shuttle is not a ship, you don't have to go down with it. There is only one way to do this that's fair and mathematical.
Rawlings: What's that?
Lucas: A lottery. First we work together to get this thing going, then we hold the drawing. Is that fair enough?
Henderson: Yeah. Fair enough.
Lucas: Good. Let's get this thing working. (to O'Neill) And in the meantime, you can pray that they find us in time, so we don't have to pick a name.
(O'Neill nods)

(seaQuest DSV, bridge)
Darwin: Bridger searching for Darwin's friends?
Bridger: Yes, we are. You got any bright ideas?
Darwin: Let Darwin search. Give Darwin airpack.
Bridger: No, no. We're going much to fast for that.
Darwin: You come back later. I will eat fish.
Bridger: You believe this guy.
(Darwin squirts water)
Bridger: I said it wasn't a very good idea.
Ford: Wait a minute, are you sure it's not?
Bridger: What do you mean?
Ford: Well, maybe Darwin could spot something. He's better equipped than any of our WSKRS. Or are afraid of losing him too?
Bridger: No, it's not that.
Ford: It's not? Captain, we don't know what happened to that shuttle, it makes sense that it could happen to Darwin too. I wouldn't blame you for fearing that.
Bridger: Listen my friend, do you know how dangerous this is?
Darwin: Darwin not afraid. Darwin famous shark biter.
Bridger: I know you're a famous shark biter. I'm not afraid of sharks, I'm afraid of humans.
Darwin: Darwin not afraid. Darwin find friends. Give me air-pack, Bridger. Give me air-pack.
Bridger: Ok. You got it. But I want you to remember something, smart guy, you better be careful. I want you to bring them and yourself back alive.

(undersea cavern)
Henderson: How much thrust is this designed to take?
Rawlings: Ten thousand newtons.
Henderson: Good enough. Can you give me a hand?
Rawlings: Sure.
Henderson: What were you thinking when you were trapped down here all alone?
Rawlings: That with any luck there would be a woman on the rescue team as beautiful as you.
Henderson: Great. Ever try that line before?
Rawlings: Yeah, actually once. On top of Everest.
Henderson: Did it work?
Rawlings: I think so. Of course it was 50 below and we didn't have a tent. So it was a little hard to tell. In fact, I'm not even sure it was a woman.
Henderson: How can you be so calm at a time like this?
Rawlings: Well, practice makes perfect.
Henderson: Are you one of those guys who thinks his number's never gonna be up.
Rawlings: I wish I was. I'd sleep better at night.
Henderson: So, um, what do you believe?
Rawlings: That life's an illusion. If it has any meaning at all.
Henderson: Is that something you saw up on Everest too?
Rawlings: No. My guide did. Are you okay?
Henderson: No. I can't believe I'm getting an anxiety attack. I always thought I'd be the last person on earth to feel it. I've never been this scared before. Would you, um, just hold me for a second? Until the shakes go away?

(Near the sub)
Brody: You ever design a submarine before?
Lucas: Oh, sure, a ten or fifteen times. Course it was always on the back of place mates in restaurants. Where's Henderson?
Brody: She's attaching the last thrusters with Rawlings. You know, I think this would be a good time to tell her. I think it might be your last chance.
Lucas: Tell her what?
Brody: That you have a crush on her?
Lucas: What makes you think I do?
Brody: Instinct. So what do you say?
Lucas: Well, they're attaching those thrusters, I think it would be a good time to test the pod before the dragon worm or the water comes back.

(seaQuest DSV, bridge)
Ford: It's gonna be morning soon.
Smith: They're probably sleeping. Sometimes it's easier to get through then. I'm going to try another scan.

(undersea cavern)
Henderson: So what do you think? Does the government really need to pay all those thousands of engineers to build these things for us, or could we really do it ourselves?
Lucas: Well there's only one way to find out. Powering up now.
Brody: Okay, stand clear.
Lucas: Firing.
Henderson: It works!
(Group cheers)
Brody: Good job!
Lucas: Well there's only one more thing to do before the water comes. We've gotta hold the lottery. Five wires, one of them is short. So who wants to go first.
Brody: Hey with my luck I'll save you all the trouble and just draw the short one now.
Lucas: That's a long one. Congratulations.
O'Neill: Okay Lucas, I'll take my try. Why am I never this lucky at cards?
Lucas: You want to take your shot?
Rawlings: Ladies first, better odds.
Lucas: Actually, the odds are the same for everybody. The short wire could have turned up first as easily as last.
Brody: What another long one? What is this Lucas, some kind of joke?
Lucas: No, like I said there was just as much of a chance that the short wire would be the first one as the last. It's just the mathematics.
Brody: This just isn't fair.
Lucas: It isn't fair. Why not? I worked out the system and it nailed me. What could be more fair than that?
Brody: Come on, let's do this again.
Lucas: No, it's done, it's finished. I picked the short wire. Just, uh, just leave me alone.

(seaQuest DSV, Smith's room)
Smith: Okay, let me hear them, let me find them.

(undersea cavern)
Henderson: Are you sure you want to be alone?
Lucas: I was just thinking, that this is gonna be okay. I mean this is exactly the ultimate experiment isn't it. But I'm sure something will happen and I'll get out okay. But if it doesn't then at least it will answer all my questions about death.
Henderson: You and I have the two lightest body masses here. We could share a breather. We'd still have a chance.
Lucas: No, I know my mathematics, and you'll be trapped in that pod with too little oxygen as it is. To make it to the surface would be a miracle If we share a breather we'll just both die.
Henderson: I don't like this mathematics stuff.
Lucas: I know, it's like a curse. But the numbers always tell the truth.
Henderson: Isn't there anything you want, Lucas? Something from the supplies. Everyone's dessert from the survival rations. Or, um, for me to be with you?
Lucas: Be with me. Just hold me. Just help me get to sleep.

(seaQuest DSV, Smith's room)
Smith: O'Neill? Brody? Henderson? Someone call out to me. Tell me where you are. Lucas?
Lucas (vo): Just hold me.
Smith: Lucas, I can hear you. Lucas.
Lucas (vo): Just help me get to sleep.
Smith: Listen to me, tell me where you are, Lucas. Lucas?

(undersea cavern)
(Lucas opens his eyes)

(seaQuest DSV, Smith's room)
Smith: They're alive. They're alive.

(undersea cavern)
(Lucas looks down to see water boiling)
Lucas: Wake up, wake up. The water's coming.

(seaQuest DSV, bridge)
Bridger: Are you sure?
Smith: Yes, I could feel Lucas, even though he couldn't hear me. We have to be near them.
Bridger: Stop all engines. What are you getting on your sensors?
Ortiz: Nothing sir.
Bridger: Darwin, we're getting close to our friends, have you heard anything? Seen anything?
Darwin: No, but water taste strange.
Bridger: Tastes strange? What do you mean?
Darwin: Wrong ocean, too much salt.
Bridger: What do you think he means?
Ford: Beats me. But Marcus Rawlings was reported lost in the Hemingway trench three days ago. And the trench has a much higher salt content.
Bridger: That's five thousand miles away, too. Where are you Darwin, exactly?
Darwin: Toward the rising sun, hours swim. Water strange.
Bridger: Do you think there's any connection between these disappearances?
Ford: I don't know, it's outside the search area.
Bridger: But something took the shuttle outside the search area too. I'm putting my money on Darwin and Smith. Let's go to condition three Ortiz.
Ortiz: Condition three, condition three. All hands man your stations. Stand by rescue and assistance detail.
Bridger: Bearing 090. All ahead full.

(undersea cavern)
Lucas: Where's Rawlings?
Brody: Isn't he with you?
Lucas: No.
Brody: Get in.
Lucas: No!
(Lucas starts to run of to look for Rawlings)
Brody: Where are you going?
Rawlings: (on monitor)Lucas? Lucas are you there?
Lucas: What are you doing?
Rawlings: Contemplating the meaning of life in the shuttle.
Lucas: What?
Rawlings: Take my place Lucas.
Lucas: You won it Rawlings, fair and square.
Rawlings: Yes, well, I prefer free will to mathematics. You're younger than I am Lucas. You're gonna be a better scientist, and probably a better man. Because the truth is I did panic, and lure you all here.
Lucas: Look, we'll send a rescue pack back for you.
Rawlings: You do that. And hey, when you give that moving speech to the media about how self-sacrifising I was, it will drive all my old girlfriends crazy.
Henderson: Lock it up. Seal it.
Lucas: Rawlings? Rawlings?
Brody: Sit down. Buckle it in.
Henderson: All right. Launching now!
Lucas: You have to take the tunnel square on or we're gonna crash.
Henderson: All right. I'm on it now! Hang on! Here we go!

(seaQuest DSV, bridge)
Ortiz: Captain, I'm picking up a strange noise dead ahead, it almost sounds like a volcano.
Bridger: Head for the source of that sound. Darwin, come back inside right now!

(undersea tunnel)
Henderson: How's my fuel?
Lucas: Running low.
Henderson: Make it last Lucas, make it last.
Brody: Tim, you all right? He's air's run out.
Henderson: How far to the surface?
Lucas: Oh, we gotta be near.
(Brody takes of his own mask and puts it on Tim)
Brody: Breath this, take it in, breath it.
Henderson: We've lost a thruster. What do I do now?
Lucas: Just hold on!

(seaQuest DSV, bridge)
Ortiz: Contact. Contact dead ahead. An eruption from the sea floor.
Bridger: Any sign of the shuttle?
Ortiz: Scanning.

(inside the pod)
Henderson: I can't control it. We're not gonna make the surface.
Brody: I'm out of air.
(Lucas gives his mask to Brody)
Lucas: Breath this. Breath it.
Henderson: Dammit. We came so close.

(seaQuest DSV, bridge)
Ortiz: Target. Metal sphere bearing to port, two thousand yards.
Ford: It looks like a dive pod breaking up.
Bridger: All ahead, emergency. Prepare the graphnels.
Ortiz: Range twelve hundred meters. Eleven hundred. One thousand. Target in range.
Bridger: Graphnels. Fire

(inside the pod)
Henderson: What's that?
Lucas: It's a graphnel. It's a magnetic graphnel. seaQuest has got us. Just hold on.

(seaQuest DSV, bridge)
Ford: Got'em hooked.
Ortiz: No one's answering our hail.
Bridger: Real them in as fast as you can. Let's go. Come on. Piccolo.

(docking bay)
Piccolo: Yes. They're home. We were so worried about you.
Bridge: You all right?
Brody: I think so.
Smith: Watch his leg.
Piccolo: We've got to get you to med-bay.
Bridger: What about you?
Lucas: I'm fine. What's docked at the second port?
Bridger: The Stinger with a rescue pack.
Lucas: The Stinger? That could make it. The Stinger could make it.
Bridger: What do you mean? (to Brody) What's he talking about?
Brody: We left someone behind?
Bridger: Who?
Brody: Marcus Rawlings.
Bridger: Rawlings. Lucas, stop! Wait a minute!

(Dive Port Two)
Ford: (over speaker) All hands secure access to Dive Port Two. All hands secure access to Dive Port Two.
Dagwood: Lucas, what are you doing?
Lucas: I've got a friend who's trapped down there. Come on Dagwood, you gotta let me go.
Dagwood: No, friends are important, and I'm your friend. So I will go with you.
Lucas: No, Dagwood, you're just gonna die with me down there.
Dagwood: Better than dying alone.
Lucas: Okay, come on, let's go.
Piccolo: Lucas, wait.
Bridger: Lock down!
Piccolo: I can't. He cycled the outer doors.
Bridger: (into PAL) Lucas, don't do this.
Lucas: (in Stinger) I'm sorry. But I'm not gonna let Rawlings die. Launching. Now.
Bridger: You can't help him.
Lucas: I've just gotta try. Now will you give me the telemitry to the tunnel so I have a chance? Please.
Bridger: Ortiz, guide him in.
Ortiz: Okay Lucas, turn right 21 degrees. Steady. You're on course. The mouth of the tunnel is coming up in 500 meters.
Lucas: Okay, hang on Dagwood. Here we go. Okay, I've got it, I've got it. I've just gotta keep it off the walls.
Dagwood: I wouldn't hit the rocks either Lucas, if I were you.
Lucas: What?
(Dagwood points to the rocks coming straight at the Stinger)
Lucas: Okay, Captain we've got a lot of debris in here. We're three clicks into the tunnel coming up on four, everything's holding together. (screen goes blank)
Bridger: What happened?
Ortiz: The Stinger's in too deep. We've lost the signal.

(the Stinger docks onto the sub)
Lucas: Okay, I'm gonna make a hard dock. Rawlings! Where are you?
Rawlings: Get out of here Lucas.
Lucas: Come on, help me!
Rawlings: The dragon worm's back in the bottom of the cave.
Lucas: We've gotta get back in the Stinger.

(seaQuest, bridge)
Bridger: Lucas. Lucas, can you read me? Lucas!

(in the Stinger)
Lucas: Yeah, we're going with the flow Captain. But we've got company.

(seaQuest, bridge)
Ortiz: What is that?
Bridger: Target lasers. Lucas, when you clear the tunnel, break to port.
Ford: Laser's up.
Bridger: Break…(the Stinger clears the tunnel) Now! Fire!
Ortiz: Yes! Yes, it worked.
Ford: Ha ha! (Ford and Oritz slap hands)
Bridger: Lucas, can you read me? Are you okay?
Lucas: We're all right. We're coming home.

(seaQuest, docking bay)
Bridger: The shuttles' ready to take you home.
Rawlings: Thank you, Captain.
Bridger: You're welcome.
Rawlings: (to Lucas)Before I go and give all these interviews to the media, I'd like to ask you just one thing.
Lucas: Yeah?
Rawlings: Why'd you come back for me?
Lucas: Well some people say what you send around comes around. I just wanted to prove that was true.
Rawlings: If you ever need anything, just ask.
Lucas: Uh, there is one thing, actually. When you give all those interviews to the media…
Rawlings: Yeah?
Lucas: You can tell them how self-sacrificing I was. Maybe it'll get me a girlfriend.
(Rawlings laughs and boards the launch)

(seaQuest DSV, bridge)
Ford: Everything okay?
Bridger: Everything is fine. Right back to normal.
Ford: Glad to hear it. Your orders sir?
Bridger: Move us out commander. Move us out.