Daggers, cont.

(seaQuest, Hallway)
Lucas: This just isn't fair.
Bridger: Lucas, it's part of growing up.
Lucas: Can't I grow up in private?
Bridger: This kid is a hardship case. He should have a role model.
Lucas: What about Ortiz? He got to pick his own roommate.
Bridger: What about me? I've got a room of my own, maybe I should take him in. Make the best of it. (leaves)
Lucas: (sarcastic) Great.

(Lucas's Room)
Piccolo: (hanging up centerfolds) Hey girls! Whoa. Hey! (starts going through Lucas's music collection.)
(Lucas enters)
Piccolo: Hey kid, these yours?
Lucas: Yes, they're mine. My name's Lucas Wolenczak.
Piccolo: Whoa, Lucas Wolen…what? Let's settle for Luke. Tony Piccolo. You really listen to this stuff?
Lucas: If you don't like it, don't listen to it.
Piccolo: Okay.
Lucas: (looking around) What did you do in here? (takes down a picture) What is this?
Piccolo: What? The place needed serious babing up.
Lucas: Yeah, well use your imagination, huh?
Piccolo: Hey, that's good. Maybe you're okay after all. But a little visual stimulation never hurt anybody. (Climbs up to the top bunk) And, ah, this is my bunk.
Lucas: Yeah, dream on.
Piccolo: I will. From up here. I got a large lung capacity and I ain't gonna waste it breathing the bottom of your mattress. (Lucas is shocked) Hand me the tape, will ya?

O'Neil: Captain, I've got a UEO distress beacon 1397 C5, very weak.
Bridger: What's their location?
O'Neil: I'm having trouble with my locators.
Bridger: Well, keep on it.
O'Neil: Yes, sir.
Ortiz: I told you this would happen. But you insisted we wire the P12 connectors directly into the patch bay.
O'Neil: That's because we couldn't wire them anywhere but the patch bay. You wanted to go to the parade.
Henderson: I'll re-route through my console. That should short cut the patch bay.
Ford: I guess it helps to be the daughter of a solar station jockey.
Henderson: Yes, sir. I learned a lot from my father.
Ford: (sees Addison and picks him up) I thought we got rid of this.
Henderson: We did, sir. I mean, you did. I mean, I'm sorry. It's sort of good luck if you know what I mean.
Ford: You've had this thing a long time, haven't you?
Henderson: Yes, sir. Since I was 5, and he's not a thing, sir. Remember, his names Addison.
Ford: Addison. (sets him down) We could use a little good luck on this voyage.
Henderson: There, that should work now.
Ford: Try it now, O'Neil.
O'Neil: (surprised) Got it. Beacon at 3200 kilometers. Zero-Six-Niner, south/southwest.
Ford: (to Ortiz) Let's go.
(They leave)
(O'Neil turns to look at Henderson and she smiles and waves at him. He turns back around with a little smile.)

(Escape Pod)
(Brody wakes up)
Ortiz: Hull's secure, sir. We're gonna try and open the hatch.
(They open the hatch and Brody looks up at them.)
Ford: Are you okay, soldier?
Brody: Just throw in a couple of vid-disks and who needs company.
Ford: Humor under pressure, I'm impressed. Commander Jonathan Ford, UEO, seaQuest.
Brody: Lieutenant Jim Brody. Ah, forgive me for not saluting, sir, but my arms fell asleep.

(Med Bay)
Bridger: Were there any casualties?
Brody: I had to get out of there pretty fast, sir.
Wendi: But the GELF population has lived peacefully ever since they were first created.
Brody: Not for the past six months or so. Things have been changing around there. I don't know…subtle things. It's hard to describe.
Wendi: But they're artists and dancers.
Brody: Well they were bred to be warriors.
Bridger: Wait a minute. In the North Korean Crisis you were the Lt. Brody that led the stealth invasion.
Brody: Yes, sir. But it's not something I like to brag about.
Bridger: No, no. That was a nifty piece of work. (to Ford) I'll be in my quarters. (leaves)
Brody: (to Wendi) So what's the prognosis? Will I live?
Wendi: (scans his mind) Not long enough to get me in the backseat of your 99' Trident and have me…what was it…check out your transmission? Grow up, Lieutenant. (leaves)
Brody: (to Ford) Did I say anything?
(Ford smirks)

(Bridger's Room)
(Gen. Thomas is on the vid-screen)
Thomas: (on screen) The Secretary General has given me authority. I need the seaQuest, and I need her now.
Bridger: seaQuest may be ready for a parade, but she's not ready for active duty.
Thomas: (on screen) Make her ready.
Bridger: We'll miss the parade.
Thomas: (on screen) Forget the parade!
Bridger: No parade. (into Comm-link) Commander.
Ford: (on Comm) Yes, sir?
Bridger: (into Comm) Bring her around bearing 2-8-0. Engines full ahead.
Ford: (on Comm) Aye, Captain.
Thomas: (on screen) Nathan, take all and any necessary action.
Bridger: There are still hostages on that island.
Thomas: (on screen) I'm aware of your predilection for harmony and understanding. But there's no way to attempt understanding or reconciliation with something that came out of a test tube. If you have to blow that island to hell and back, you do it. (signs off)

(GELF Colony, The Yard)
(Joseph walks through the captives until he reaches DeNado. He kneels down to talk to him.)
Joseph: Do you need some water?
(DeNado spits at his feet.)
Joseph: Make sure this man gets some water. (to DeNado) If I were to respond like you, I would lose my right to pity you for what you are.
(He walks over to where Mathew is standing.)
Mathew: We sent out some radio calls to the UEO, but we're not getting any response. Maybe Mariah was right, Joseph.
Joseph: No, Mathew.
Mathew: Sometimes it takes a sword to defeat a sword.
Joseph: How are Sara and the baby?
Mathew: Sara's frightened. The baby…well the baby looks like me.
GELF: Joseph, we just contacted a UEO submarine. They're 2800 kilometers north/northeast of here and they're headed this direction. They want to talk.
(They go inside.)

(seaQuest, Bridge)
(Joseph is on the vid-screen)
Joseph: (on screen) We want to discuss the terms of our freedom.
Bridger: The UEO will not negotiate as long as you have prisoners.
Joseph: (on screen) We don't have prisoners, we are prisoners, Captain.
Bridger: I understand your feeling that way, but if either side digs in it's going to result in casualties.
Joseph: (on screen) The hostages are in no danger at the moment, Captain. Please don't make this any tougher on us. (signs off)

(Mariah's boat)
(Joseph is on her vid-screen)
Mariah: Stall them, Joseph. Just give me 4 hours.
Joseph: I believe they're prepared to kill us even if it means losing their men, Mariah.
Mariah: In 4 hours, losing their men will look like a day at the beach. Mariah out.

(seaQuest, Bridge)
(Joseph calls them again on the vid-link)
Joseph: (on screen) You'll have to reconsider.
Wendi: (quietly to Bridger) This isn't the way he wants it.
Bridger: Joseph, I have a feeling that this decision is not entirely your own.
Joseph: (on screen) There are others I have to consult, Captain. However the final decision is mine.
Bridger: There are others that I have to consult, and the final decision isn't mine.
Joseph: (on screen) We will not release the hostages until we are guaranteed our freedom. (ends call)
Bridger: Get me General Thomas.
O'Neil: Aye, sir.

(GELF Colony, Office)
Joseph: They're scrambling at 2000 megahertz.
Mathew: Try the standard decode algorythm.
Joseph: They're conducting a secure transmission, Mathew. There's nothing standard about this.
(They are able to pull in General Thomas's side of the conversation. He does not see them.)
Thomas: I'm not going to negotiate with you, Nathan. This is a direct order. I don't care how you do it, but if the GELF's fail to release the hostages you will destroy the colony.
(Sara has wandered into the office with the baby and she hears that last part. Neither of the men notice when she slips out again.)

(The seaQuest arrives at the GELF Colony)
Brody: I rated Triple A-6 in Demolitions. I led the underwater Demo team during that skirmish in Tonga.
Ford: Tell me, is there anything you can't do?
Brody: Yeah, I'm having one heck of a time trying to learn the bagpipes.
Ford: Bet you look good in a skirt.
Bridger: Someone needs to get in and disarm the security system. Lieutenant, tell me, if I wanted to get 20 armed men onto that island under the cover of darkness, what am I looking at?
Brody: Well, UEO's got sensor registers surrounding the colony. My guess is the GELF's know how to use it. So we can't get a man within 10 miles without them knowing it.
Bridger: Suppose they were unarmed, or carrying plastic weapons.
Brody: They're using Quart Sonar equipment. Anything more dense than a fingernail…a simple breathing unit, even a wet suit and they'd be alerted in a minute flat.
(Bridger has a thought.)
(Tony is about to climb into the pool. He's only wearing a pair of shorts.)
Piccolo: So I swim in, get your guys in undetected…what's in it for me?
Bridger: What's in it for you? You get to do something worthwhile.
Piccolo: Worthwhile isn't in my vocabulary.
Bridger: It is now, or you're back in the Brig.
Piccolo: You know, nobody on this boat has a sense of humor.
Bridger: I do. Wait till you see what you do when you come back.
Piccolo: Is that supposed to be funny?
Bridger: Get going!
(Tony climbs in and swims off)

(GELF Colony)
(Waste Management Room)
Sara: (talking to the baby) You will hear many things about your parents. About who you are, and where you came from. Keep the truth in your heart and take it with you. ( She places the baby in a refuse container, places the lid on it, and seals it. She then inserts the container into a launcher.) I can't let you die with me. (The container is fired into the ocean.)

(seaQuest, Bridge)
Brody: The main complex is here. The officer and staff quarters come out on this hub. The yard is the most central area and it gives them a 360 degree view of the island. My best guess is this is where they've got their hostages.
Ford: So in short, even if Piccolo manages to slip through their sensors, there's no way to get the rest of the men into the colony without being spotted.
Brody: Unless their being led by someone who knows the island and who has ground combat experience.
Ford: Don't tell me…you were the first to hit the beach at Normandy.
Brody: Well if I were a century older, you could count on it.

(Piccolo is swimming towards the colony when he comes across the refuse container. He takes it back to the seaQuest.)

O'Neil: You're not gonna believe this, Captain. Check out the sea view.
(They look and see Tony coming back with the container.)
Bridger: (to Ford) Sea Deck.

(Sea Deck)
Ortiz: Nothing. No readings of any kinds of electronics, explosives. Beyond that…
(Baby cries come from inside the container.)
Wendi: Oh my God! Get it open. (they open it and see the GELF baby) Oh, hey there…
Ortiz: A GELF baby?
Bridger: And they aren't supposed to be able to reproduce.
Wendi: This looks like the real thing to me. Well, if this is their baby, that means they're becoming human.

(UEO Headquarters)
(*NOTE: In this episode there is a giant blooper, and I never noticed it until I was transcribing this episode. We see a shot of the UEO headquarters docking bay, and there sitting in the bay is the seaQuest. When we just left the seaQuest at the GELF colony. It's the same shot that is used earlier in the episode. I guess somebody didn't want to do it over again and take the seaQuest out.)
(The Daggers arrive and proceed to attack several underwater sightseers.)
(Another group goes to the main complex.)

(Front Desk)
(The Daggers take out the guard)
Mariah: Find me General Thomas.
David: He's on the Sixth Floor. I'm deactivating all elevator and corridor sensors. I can't control the 6th floor from here.
Mariah: We'll come down from the 7th.

(Conference Room)
Man: We've already got leaks, Frank. We're getting complaints and concerns from the Human Rights (?). Now we've got to have a position on this.
Thomas: We do have a position. They're not human.
(The Daggers come through the ceiling.)
Thomas: What in God's name do you think you're doing?
Mariah: Oh, God had nothing to do with this, General. You're responsible for what we are, you created us. Let's go.

(seaQuest, Med Bay)
Ford: This is strictly against UEO policy.
Bridger: She's not a prisoner, Jonathan. She's a baby.
Piccolo: And what a heartbreaker, eh Commander?
(Baby cries)
Ford: Don't look at me. You're the one who was a father.
Bridger: Not for many, many years.
Piccolo: Sounds like a little gas. (Picks the baby up) Come here. (She burps. Bridger and Ford look at him in surprise) I practically raised my sister.
Ford: Where's your sister?
Piccolo: (shrugs) Prison.
(Dagwood peeks in from the hallway)
Bridger: It's all right. You can come in.
(He comes in.)
Piccolo: Here. (He offers the baby to Dagwood to hold.)
Dagwood: No. My hands are too big.
Ford: (to Bridger) How's Lucas doing trying to dig us up some information.
Bridger: He's doing fine.

(Lucas's Room)
Wendi: I'm only trying to save you time.
Lucas: Yeah, well don't bother. I've been hacking into secure databases since I was nine.
Wendi: Yeah, but you can't hack into something that doesn't exist. All records on the GELF experiments were destroyed. Even if you could find someone, they'd never come forward. Half of them still face prosecution. Let me try. We're talking the dark age of genetics here, Lucas. Scientists playing God. Desperate to get into the genetic soldier business. (He looks at her) I did my thesis on ecological integrity. To obtain military superiority in nuclear and chemical war, ground forces have to survive in less that 8% oxygen. That way if they lost their human quotient the genetic personnel could continue to make war.
Lucas: How humanitarian.
Wendi: Yeah, well they were. They developed the oxygen regenerators for those that might survive. Which is a good thing considering we've destroyed all the rain forests. Without the oxygen regenerators we'd all suffocate.
Lucas: So basically we owe the military for the air we breathe.
Wendi: Something like that.
Computer: Access confirmed.
Wendi: Ah, here we go.

(Bridger's Room)
(Incoming call on vid-screen)
Man: (on screen) Captain Bridger, UEO Headquarters has been breached. The GELF's have taken General Thomas and a fully armed Navis 18 Sub.

(Bridger walks up)
Bridger: All right, listen up. UEO Military Headquarters was attacked and General Thomas was taken prisoner in a Navis 18 submersible.
Brody: That's a major piece of equipment, sir.
Bridger: It certainly is.
Brody: Full operational, cleared in stealth and satellite recon. All phases of extreme 7 evasives.
Ford: Undetectable self contained war station.
Brody: Isn't that what I just said?
Bridger: All right, that's enough. Let's find the submarine.

(Navis 18 Sub)
Thomas: I'll die before I cooperate.
Mariah: I doubt that. Your background in cooperation is well documented.
Thomas: What are you talking about?
Mariah: (walks over to him) The Korean Conflict in 2010. You were captured along with 3 of your men, but you managed to come out alive.
Thomas: I escaped.
Mariah: You're a politician, General, not a soldier. Survival is in your genes.

(seaQuest, Med Bay)
(Lucas is watching the baby but she is crying and he doesn't know what to do. He goes into the hallway to look for some help.)
Lucas: I need your help.
Woman: Sorry. (walks on)
Lucas: Two seconds. (to another woman) Could you just help me out for a minute?
Woman 2: No way, Lucas. It's not my shift. (she keeps walking)
Lucas: I'll pay you!
Man: Not me, I hate kids.
(Desperate, he heads for his room.)

(Lucas's Room)
(Lucas enters with the baby still crying. Tony is reading a magazine.)
Piccolo: Lucas, babies have different cries for different problems. You gotta learn to listen. (listens for a second) Her diaper needs changing.
Lucas: You can hear that?
Piccolo: No, I can smell that. Put her on the table.
Lucas: (sets the baby down on the table) Thanks, I owe you one. (Turns around and Tony hands him a diaper) You sure you don't want to do this?
Piccolo: No, go ahead. Trust me. This is food for the soul.
Lucas: Okay.
(Tony plugs his nose as Lucas undoes the diaper)
Lucas: Whoa! (takes a step back)
Piccolo: That's what they do, Lucas.
(Lucas disappears under the table and comes back up wearing and oxygen mask)
Piccolo: Hey, Lucas…hurry up.

(Bridge)(Bridger is talking to Joseph on the vid-link, Sara and Mathew are there as well)
Bridger: You realize that this one act of terrorism negates all our negotiations.
Sara: (on screen) Please don't hurt my baby.
Wendi: Your baby is doing fine.
Joseph: (on screen) We stand as one, Captain. I'm sorry you can't understand that.
Wendi: (quietly to Bridger) They don't know, Captain. He's telling you the truth. (to Sara) I understand what a miracle this baby is for you. It must have been very hard for you to let her go.
Sara: (on screen) It was my only choice.
Joseph: (on screen) We intercepted the General's message ordering you to detonate the island.
Bridger: We had no intention of following that order.
Joseph: (on screen) Why should we believe you?
Brody: Joseph, I was at GELF Colony long enough for you to know that not all of us lie to you. Captain Bridger is one of those people. We all want to help, so please end this thing before that chance slips away.
Joseph: (on screen) The power to end this is with you. (ends call)

(Navis 18 Sub)
(The computer scans the General's eye.)
Computer: Confirmed. Thomas, Francis Gideon. General, United Earth Oceans. Please enter UEO passive level ident. Code now.
(Mariah holds a microphone up to the General)
Thomas: 008 Stoke 81
Computer: Ident cod accepted. Enter vector codes and SAT Coms initiatives.
Mariah: Thank you for your cooperation, General.
Thomas: Wait a minute! That's a very sophisticated piece of weaponry.
Mariah: I know. Target the Air Regeneration Station in the Congo region, David.
David: With pleasure.
Thomas: Those air exchanges produce the oxygen in our atmosphere. You destroy them and you kill us all.
Mariah: We require less that 8% oxygen to survive, General. You humans need 3 times that much. If I destroy 4 of these plants the world is left with 8%. You die, we live.
(They target and blow up the Regeneration station)

(seaQuest, Bridge)
Ford: (shocked) She just turned an S-10 defense satellite around on the Congo Regeneration Air Exchange… and blew it to hell.
Bridger: She's gonna suffocate us all.

(GELF Colony)
(The GELF's are watching a newscast)
Reporter: At 0719 Grenich time today, a terrorist attack by unknown persons destroyed the Congo based atmospheric regeneration station in the African Confederation of New Zaire.
(seaQuest, Bridge)
(The crew is watching the same broadcast)
Reporter: A part of the planet wide atmospheric regeneration system, the Congo station was constructed in 2014 following the clear cutting of the equitorial African rain forests.
(UEO Headquarters)
(The UEO leaders are watching the broadcast)
Reporter: The ARS system is only a supplement to the normal generation of breathable oxygen by the Earth's ecosystems. Officials say the loss of the station will have no discernable impact on citizens lives.

(seaQuest, Bridge)
Bridger: How many of these stations can we afford to lose before it impacts on our lives?
Lucas: I'm on it. (goes to the computer and starts working) Since the plancton died off after beta-nine toxic spill…4 stations. Yeah, they destroy the 4 largest stations, all human life will die, except the GELF's.

(Navis 18 Sub)
Mariah: Greetings citizens of the UEO.
(The Crew watches Mariah make her statement)
Mariah: (on vid-screen) I wish I could call you my fellow citizens, but that is something your leaders have always forbidden. My skin reflects all the colors of mankind and if you cut me, I bleed.
(UEO Headquarters)
(The UEO heads also watch her make her statement.)
Mariah: (on vid-screen) But there is one difference. We don't need as much oxygen as you. I've seized control of anti-missile satellite weapons systems number 12. Known as the Ronald Reagan memorial space base. And I have used it to destroy the first of the 10 air regeneration stations that keep this planet breathing. Unless your leaders recognize our humanity and equality as citizens I'm going to (?) the other nine We want the freedom to raise our children in peace.

(seaQuest, Med Bay)
(At Mariah's last statement Piccolo and Wendi both look at the GELF baby.)
Mariah: (on vid-screen) I'm going to keep destroying these plants at the rate of one an hour until the UEO accedes to my demands. (fades out)

(The satellite then destroys another air regeneration plant.)

(UEO Headquarters, Conference Room)
Bridger: (on vid-screen) Give her what she wants.
Delegate: UEO policy prohibits negotiating with terrorists.
Bridger: (on vid-screen) Human beings in violation of International Law are terrorists. Are you saying that she's human?
Delegate: No…
Delegate 2: UEO policy gives great deference to the views of the senior commander in charge at the scene. In this case that would be you.
Bridger: (on vid-screen) Now I've been in touch with the people in the GELF colony and they only want what everyone else wants, their freedom. I suggest you give it to them. (signs off)

(seaQuest, Med Bay)
(Wendi is running a few tests on the GELF baby)
Dagwood: Is the baby good?
Wendi: The baby is very good, Dagwood. It's remarkable. Congratulations.
Dagwood: Dagwood is a brother now.
Wendi: In a way.
Dagwood: Cousin?
Wendi: Actually more like an Uncle. You share some of the same DNA characteristics, same gene pool, skin colors…she even has your nose.
Dagwood: Is that good?
Wendi: Yes. But her fundamental life category data doesn't correspond with your, not completely. It suggests that she's a human. Her lung capacity, her oxygen needs, her blood pressure, all are human.
Dagwood: Daggers aren't human. We didn't have a God that made us. We had a man that made us.
Wendi: I'm afraid this little girl had a God, Dagwood.
Dagwood: How?
Wendi: Spontaneous Evolution.

(Navis 18 Sub)
Bridger: (on vid-screen) The UEO Senate has confirmed citizenship for your people, and granted you amnesty.
Mariah: I suppose you want to collect your friends from the colony now.
Bridger: (on vid-screen) I'd like to collect General Thomas too.
Mariah: He's been delightful company.
Bridger: (on vid-screen) Will you contact your people on the island and arrange for the transfer?
Mariah: Of course.
Bridger: (on vid-screen) Thank you. (signs off)
Thomas: Welcome to the human race.
Mariah: Thank you.
(She begins to target another air regeneration station)
Thomas: What are you doing?
Mariah: I'm human, I learned how to lie.
Thomas: But you've won!
Mariah: I spent 20 years in prison. I'm not going to start believing you now. The New England plant will be next, David.
(She blows up the plant)

(seaQuest, Med Bay)
Bridger: Spontaneous Evolution?
Wendi: That's right.
Bridger: Spontaneous Evolution is an oxymoron, Dr. It's like military intelligence. One cancels out the other.
Wendi: Well then what would you call it?
Bridger: You should be able to tell me.
Wendi: Well the word ridiculous keeps coming up. But I think that mainly applies to your opinion of me.
Bridger: Well don't take that personally. A man's mind used to be his castle.
Wendi: This baby is human.
Bridger: How?
Wendi: I don't know.
Bridger: Speculate.
Wendi: Well, this might sound a little athapremorphic, but applying human characteristics to non-human life is a place to start, Captain. When a living thing, whether it's a water bug or a ballet dancer becomes self-aware they start taking the necessary steps to stay alive. I mean it's evolution, it's survival. A flower will bend towards the morning sun, birds fly south in the winter, and dolphins learn to talk.
Bridger: Make your point.
Wendi: Well, the GELF's became self-aware. I mean, they began to engage in the social intercourse of community. They shared feelings. I mean, first it was probably fear, then maybe hope, and then they wanted their freedom. Because they've become autonomous, they've become their own species. And once that happened nature took over. Nature needs to protect life. I mean, if it didn't the universe would die.
Bridger: Are you talking nature or some divine force?
Wendi: Well, it's semantics, take your pick. But somehow it knew that the only way the GELF's could survive was to take the next evolutionary step which was to become human. And then they began to procreate. This GELF baby has all the physiological characteristics of a human being, Captain.

Official: (on vid-screen) The GELF terrorists are continuing to destroy the air exchange plants. Captain Bridger, abandon hostage exchange and engage that high jacked UEO submarine. If necessary sanction with extreme prejudice. (signs off)
Ford: I thought we had a deal.
Bridger: I thought so too. I'm sorry, Dr. they're human after all. Full attack procedure, Commander.
Ford: Aye aye, sir. Red Alert!
Bridger: O'Neil do we have her location?
O'Neil: I can't break the code, sir.
Brody: I can. That used to be my sub. Input code 2 baker 15 victor 7.
O'Neil: (inputs code) Got it!
Lucas: Is there anything I can do, Captain?
Bridger: I think, ah, Henderson could use some support.
Lucas: You got it. (Lucas walks over to her)
O'Neil: Captain. New England quadrant losing oxygen. Outer regions at 18% and dropping.
Bridger: What's our estimated time of engagement, Commander?
Ford: 17 minutes.
Lucas: (to Henderson) I'm Lucas.
Henderson: I…I'm…
Lucas: Scared.
Henderson: Yeah.
Lucas: Yeah, me too.
Henderson: Helmsman Henderson.
(They shake hands)
Lucas: Helmsman?
Henderson: Helmsperson.
Lucas: Let's just go by first names, huh?
Henderson: Sure. I'm Lonnie.
Lucas: I'm Lucas.
Henderson: You already told me that.
Lucas: Yeah, I guess I did.
Henderson: Lucas, thanks.

(seaQuest finds and tails the Navis Sub)

(Navis 18 Sub)
David: It's seaQuest.
Mariah: How did they find us?
David: I don't know, but we can't shake them. We're at maximum.

(seaQuest, Bridge)
Ford: She's just ahead, sir.
Bridger: I see her. Stay with her now. Stay with her.

(They chase)

(Navis 18 Sub)
Mariah: It's time to turn and fight.
(She turns the sub and prepares to fire.)

(seaQuest, Bridge)
Brody: We can take her out, Captain.
Bridger: No, no. It's her move.

(Navis 18 Sub)
David: seaQuest is within weaponry parameters.
Mariah: Do it.
(They fire on the seaQuest)

(seaQuest, Bridge)
Ortiz: Enemy torpedoes coming at us dead ahead at 12 o'clock. Impact in 31 seconds.
Ford: Arm full counter attack.
Bridger: Not yet, Commander. (pause) Piccolo, go up there and assist Ortiz.
Piccolo: (surprised) Yes, sir.
Bridger: Load intercepts.
Ortiz: Intercepts loaded, sir.
Bridger: Fire intercepts.
(seaQuest fires the intercepts)
Piccolo: Intercepts fired, sir.
(The intercepts work.)
Lucas: It's gonna be okay.

(Navis 18 Sub)
Mariah: Fire again!
(she fires)

(seaQuest, Bridge)
Ortiz: Second barrage of enemy torpedoes underway, sir.
Bridger: Fire intercepts.
(Piccolo fires before Ortiz can.)
Ortiz: Intercepts fired, sir. (gives Piccolo a look)
Ford: We have to counter, sir. Maximum attack.
Brody: No we don't. She's out of torpedoes.
Bridger: Get me Mariah on the vid-link.
O'Neil: Aye, sir.

"Daggers Finale"