Manilow Crocker, Chief of Security

Chief of Security – Season One. He and Captain Bridger go back a long way, as he and Nathan served together before Nathan left the military. He was just about to retire when he was called to be the Chief of Security when the seaQuest was refitted with the new Science crew. He remembers the old days fondly and knows quite a few mariner songs. He is a solid rock of strength aboard the ship and is looked up to with great respect. He is very leery about things that he knows nothing about, such as aliens. When the alien ship was discovered on the ocean floor he was one of the lucky crew members chosen to go aboard. As they say “Join the Navy, see the world.” Late in season one he finds out that his wife is leaving him for another man and he is very hurt. He opts to leave the Navy for good, we assume, in the hopes of finding happiness again.