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Rita Sever


Rita Sever assumed sole hosting responsibilities on 'Friday Night' in April 1996, after more than two years of co-hosting with various talent. With Rita at the helm, 'Friday Night' has since enjoyed its highest ratings in seven years and easily outrates 'The Late Late Show With Craig Kilborn' on CBS. As host, Rita screens and reviews movies, interviews actors, comedians, musicians, and athletes; participates in demonstrations and comedy sketches; and takes to the road to visit unique and exciting spots throughout the United States.

Some of the highlights of the past four years have been surfing and jet boating with world renowned extremist Laird Hamilton, going for an hour long, stunt filled flight with the Navy’s Blue Angels (where even she was surprised that she didn’t get sick!), operating NASA’s flight simulators with astronaut Captain Jim Wetherbee (crashing the Shuttle on landing), dancing and singing with Boyz II Men, being face to face with many exotic animals, performing live for NBC’s New Year’s Eve show from the top of Times Square, dancing in various music videos, and working with some of the top comedians in comedy bits.

Interested in becoming a better actress herself, Rita was particularly thrilled when she got the chance to sit down and talk with performers such as Jim Carrey, Michelle Pfeiffer, Nicolas Cage, and Will Smith. Her biggest dream, however, is to either work with or at least have one of these conversations with her idol Mel Gibson.

Rita was born on November 7, 1963 San Francisco, the youngest of seven children. All this attention at home often led to her getting into trouble at school for being the class clown. She grew up with the hopes of being either a pilot, a television producer, or an actress. Eventually she landed a job as an NBC page which led to other work both in front of and behind the camera, including working on 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno' during its first year.

In her spare time Rita enjoys singing, karate, trying new sports, watching old movies, hanging out with her two dogs, and of course, shopping!

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