AUTHOR: Amy Hugh


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SUMMARY: Amy De Luca is getting married. How will it affect Maria and Michaelís relationship?

Authors Note: I want to thank Mrs. Bray for actually kinda getting me to type this and my best friend, Jerusha, for checking all my spelling on stories.

If you have seen Roswell this will help. Maria, Liz, and Alex are the only humans that know. Max, Michael, and Isabel are aliens. Michaelís foster Father Hank beats him.


"Maria, Why donít you and Michael come to dinner tonight?" Amy asked. "Mom, I donít think I can get him to come." " Well, why donít you try?" "Fine, Iíll try." Mariaís mom still thought they were broken up, but the truth was they got back together the other night. She just really didnít think he would come, but she would try. "Bye," she said on her way out to the Crashdown.

She opened the door and saw the pod squad (Max, Michael, and Isabell) plus Alex. Liz was probably changing in the back because her shift just ended. She walked in and sat by Michael. "Hey," "Hey." Max said shyly.

Michael laced his fingers through hers. Liz came through the back door. "Hi," she said mainly to Max. "Hi," Max said holding Lizís hand. "Ready to go?" "Yep." Liz and Max left. Michael didnít say anything, but pulled Maria out through the back door. She gave him the keys to the car and got in. "umm... My mom wants you to come to dinner tonight." "Why? Last time I got hit with a newspaper." "I donít know, but it sounded important. PPPPLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSEEEEEEEE!" Maria really wanted him to come. "Fine, Iíll go." "Thank you, Thank you," Maria said excitedly.


They were all sitting at the kitchen table. Maria was still trying to figure out why Hank was there. Michael was holding her hand under the table. "Maria, Michael Hank and I are getting married." (To say Michael and Maria were shocked would be an understatement). Maria ran out of the house. She could tell Michael was behind her. When she got outside she sat on the porch crying. Michael pulls her onto his lap trying to comfort her.


Maria walked in five minutes before work. Her eyes were red from crying. "Whatís wrong?" Liz asked. "My mom is getting married to Hank." "Oh, Hank who?" "Hank as in Michaelís foster father," Liz let Maria cry on her shoulder. "The weird part is Iím in love with my stepbrother. I mean I know Michaelís not related to Hank and doesnít consider him a father. I also know Hankís not my dad and never will be..." but Liz cut her off, "Maria, you love Michael. So just donít let your momís relationship get in the way of yours and Michaelís."


"So, something wrong with you and Maria?" "No, her momís marrying Hank." "Hank as in your foster Father?" "Yeah, Which will kinda make me and Maria sister and bother," Michael stated,"and Iím kinda going out with my sister, but sheís not really my sister." "I know you love Maria even if you wonít admit it, but donít let their relationship mess up yours. Just donít do anything during the night, like sneak up to her bedroom."


Michael and Maria used to sleep in the same bed because they didnít have another one. Now they did for comfort. Hank didnít beat her or her mom very often. Usually it was Michael. She was usually asleep when it happened and came out to find Michael sitting on the couch with bruises on his face and body.

Michael never goes all the way asleep. His arms were around Maria. He got up to get a drink of water. As he walked down the hall he saw Hank. "Mikey." Hank whispered loudly. He raised his fist and punched Michael in the face and then the stomach. Then Hank fell at Michaelís feet. He dragged him to his bedroom and sat on the couch.

Maria woke up and turned over and Michael wasnít there. "Oh, no." She whispered opening the door and running into the living room. "Michael? What happened are you ok," she saw tears running down his face, "Where does it hurt?" He rubbed his stomach. She put her hand on Michaelís stomach and felt broken ribs. She picked up the phone and called Max.

"Hello," said a groggily voice. "Max, itís Maria. Come over here quick." Max hung the phone up.

About five minutes later Max and Isabell were there. Max had his hand on Michaelís stomach healing him. "Thanks," Michael said pulling Maria into his lap. "Maybe yaíll should stay at our house tonight."


Max let Michael and Maria have his room and he slept in Izís. He left Maria in his bed and Michael on the floor. He went in his room to wake up Maria and Michael for school. He opened the door to find Maria and Michael in his bed. He walked over to Maria and woke her up. "Maria, itís time to get up for school." "Iím not going." Maria rolled over in Michaelís arms. "Maria yaíll have to go to school." "Iím not going, but if you can get Michael up than he can go." Max walked over to the other side of the bed. "Michael, wake up!" He started shaking him again. Maria started laughing. "Fine, stay here all day, but donít stay in bed all day. I donít want to think about what yaíll are doing in it."


Maria and Michael were into another one of there make out sessions. Amy walked in the room. "Michael! Maria!" They both sat up on the couch,"Yaíll are like brother and sister." Maria stood up,"No, weíre not!"

Michael looked over and saw Hank staring at Maria. "You should know better. He had his hands all over you." Michael pulled Maria back against him. "Argh," Amy walked out of the room.


"So, I hope Mom and Hank go away for their anniversary." Michael and Maria were riding home in the Jetta. "I know, Iíll be happy when Hank is gone." They pulled up into the driveway and walked inside the house. "Maria. Michael. Weíre going away for our anniversary, to Texas." " Ok," Maria said with a smile on her face. Amy walked up to her,"I trust you arenít going to make any bad decisions," With that Amy and Hank left.

They invited Max, Isabell, Liz, and Alex over because they probably wouldnít be able to do it another time. They all said they could come.


Max and Isabell were in Amyís and Hankís room, Maria and Liz had Mariaís room, and Michael and Alex had Michaelís room.

Maria couldnít sleep very well. She was so used to having Michael beside her that she couldnít sleep without him. She gave up around 12:30 and walked to Michaelís room.

Michael couldnít go to sleep. He had tried like a million times, but he kept waking up and going back to sleep. The one night I can actually fall completely asleep, he said to himself. Something was off it was Maria. He had gotten so use to sleeping with her he couldnít anymore. He got up to go to Mariaís room.

He saw Maria curled up in the middle of the hall between the two bedrooms. She had bruises all over her. He ran over to her. She had a pulse, but wasnít breathing. So he started doing mouth to mouth. About five seconds later Liz came out. "Oh, my God!" "Go get Max, Liz!" She disappeared into Amyís and Hankís room yelling for Max. Maria started coughing. Michael put her head in his lap. "Are you alright? What happened?" "Hank," was all she could get out. She tried to turn over, but it hurt too much. "Donít move Max is coming."

Max ran out into the hall. He put his hand on her stomach and healed her. "Thanks." Max nodded. "How did Hank get in?" Michael asked,"He was in Texas." "I donít know, but it was him," Maria said. "We need to get you two away from here. We can go to our summer cabin about an hour away from Roswell," Max said. "But my mom will freak if she gets here and weíre not here." "Did she leave a number?" Max asked. He was right it was usually on the kitchen cabinet. "Yeah," Maria said while running into the kitchen and dialing the number.

"Mom? Itís Maria. Um... Iím going to spend a couple nights with Isabell and Michael with Max."

"Ok, be careful."




Everyone was trying to figure out how Hank got into the house when he was supposed to be in Texas.

"It could have been Nasado," Max stated. "Are you sure it was Hank?"

"It had to have been Hank unless someone else was spying on our house."

"Why do you say that?" Isabell asked.

"Well, He was hitting me saying that he saw me fighting with my mom about kissing Michael." He said, "that he would hit me again if I touched Michael again," Maria said while looking at the floor.

"Well, than weíll just have to keep you two apart," Max made it sound so easy. Maria and Michael looked at each other. Liz knew this was going to be hard she could see in both their faces that they needed each other. She pulled Max to the side.

"Itís not going to be that easy, Max."

"Why not?"

"Look at them, Max. You can tell that they need each other." Max knew it wasnít going to be easy, but then again how hard could it be.


Michael and Maria were sitting across from each other with their heads on the table.

"Whatís the matter with you guys," Isabell asked.

"Tired!" They both said at the sametime.

Max and Liz keep making googily eyes at each other. Isabell kept smiling at Alex. Michael reached under the table and laced his figures through Mariaís. Within ten minutes they were both asleep. Liz looked over at them.

"Theyíre asleep," Liz whispered. Max looked. Something wasnít right. He looked under the table and saw them holding hands. "I wonder why," Max said while walking over to them. He unhooked their hands and they both woke up and Max stood up.

"What were youíll thinking? You know how dangerous it is to touch. NO TOUCHING!" Max demanded. Maria stood up and walked out of the room. Michael tried to go after her, but Max stopped him. He saw Liz go into the living room.

When Liz walked into the room she saw Maria on the couch with her knees tucked up and crying. Liz sat down beside her and let her cry. "Weíll figure this out Maria. I promise." "I know I just donít think the no touching thing is going to work." Liz hugged her because she didnít know what to do and the only thing Maria needed right now was Michael.


Michael and Maria werenít doing much better the next day. In fact they were worse. Michael was yelling and fighting about everything. Maria looked like she was just going through emotions. Max, Liz, and Isabell had gone for a walk, Alex was watching.

"Yaíll are way to depressing," Alex said. They looked like they hadnít slept in weeks. Michael was glaring at him and Maria was curled up on the couch trying to go to sleep. Alex sighed and went to the bathroom and said over his shoulder,"Donít do anything I wouldnít."

When he came back he saw Michael holding Mariaís hand and watching Maria sleep. "What happened to donít do anything I wouldnít do?" "Oh, like you wouldnít hold your girlfriendís hand," Michael whispered. "Not if I were in your situation." "Well, she canít sleep. Iím just helping her sleep." "Please, Michael."

The door opened Isabell used her powers to throw Maria across the room. Needless to say, Maria woke up. "That hurt Isabell." "Sorry, but you know the rules. No touching." "Yeah, Iím starting to really hate that rule," Maria mumbled. Isabell looked over at Alex. "Hey. I tried, but the guy has like thirty pounds on me," Alex said while pointing at Michael.


They agreed to let Maria and Michael sit together if they behaved. Isabell and Alex sat together and so did Max and Liz. Maria looked over at Michael and Isabell looked under the table just to check. Michael saw and moved his foot. Then moved it back. Isabell decided to check again. "I knew it!" Isabell jumped up and half threw Maria into her seat at the other end of the table. "I need to talk to you outside, Michael," Max said while getting up.


"Michael, does the word no touching mean anything to you?" Max asked. "Max, If you were in this situation would you be able to stay away from Liz!" Max thought about it. "I guess not," Max whispered. "I didnít think so. So cut me some slack!" Michael said while going to take a walk.


There was a knock on Mariaís door. "Michael took off, weíre going to try to find him. Ok?" Maria knew there was no way they would find him. He would make sure they didnít find him. Then when he cooled off he would come back on his own. "Um... k. Bye." "Bye." Maria laid her head down and went into a restless sleep.

Maria awoke to a window opening but thought it was Michael. So she kept her eyes closed. "Iím back." Maria knew that voice but it wasnít Michaelís. She turned around to see Hank. She got off the bed and backed up against the wall. She was trapped. He was in front of the door and if she ran to the window she couldnít get to it in time. Hank pulled out a gun and pointed it at Maria. "Soon it's going to be one down and one to go as in Mikey,"Hank said with a smile on his face.


Michael looked through and saw Hank with a gun walking up to Maria saying something. The window was opened so he crawled through as quietly as he could. He was in and Hank didnít even hear him. Michael raised his hand and the gun flew out of Hankís hand and Hank went flying in the opposite direction. Michael grabbed the gun and pointed it at Hank. "You know your friends fell right for my trick, almost thought yaíll did too," Hank said. Maria looked at Hank with a tear running down her face. "You know when I said to stay away from Michael I knew it would be easier to kill yaíll if you were apart," Hank stated. Suddenly, everything went black, for Hank.

"Lifeís a dance
You learn as you go
Sometimes you lead
Sometimes you follow
Donít worry about what you donít know
Lifeís a dance
You learn as you go"
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