***LOVE AND WAR 5***

Author: Amy Hugh
Rating: PG-13 (for now)
Summary: AU fic, Anter and Anterra are twin planets. The pod squad is on Anter and the rest are on Anterra. (On Anttera) Liz is like Max, Maria like Michael, Kyle like Tess, and Alex like Isabell!!!
Disclaimers: I don’t own anything from Roswell although I wish I could claim Michael lol. I don't own the songs either.
Spoilers: none
Pairing: CC but mostly M&M
Distribution: You want to you can take it but please give me create for it.
Author's note: Thanks Mirax for the challenge, I’ll try my best!!! Oh and please leave me comments, I love comments and please honestly.
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AU -- Conventional Couples
Plays on Antar/Anterra
Antar and Anterra are twin Planets
The pod squad rules over Antar while the others rule over Anterra
They are all the same race
I would like to see Maria as Military Commander, you know like Michael on Antar.
With Liz in Max’s position, Alex in Isabel’s, Kyle in Tess’s. But you can handle that all you want.
It’s up to you if they are enemies or Allies.


Sean looked at his watch; it had been twenty minutes by now. He sighed and looked over at Greg who just shrugged his shoulders. He picked up Maria’s cell phone and called Michael.

“Hello?” Sean heard Michael say. “Michael, this is Sean. I have some bad news,” he replied. “What happened?” Michael asked giving Sean his complete attention.

“Well we weren’t sure rather to go right or left, the maps where wet, and hard to read. Maria took the right by herself and we took left, its been twenty minutes,” Sean responded. “Shit!” Michael cursed, “Where are you?”

Sean gave Michael very detailed directions of their location. Michael said to stay put till him and his army got there. Sean sighed and proceeded to tell the rest of the troop.

By the time Michael arrived it was nighttime, they all pinched in and unloaded the armies weapons. “So which direction did she go?” Michael asked Sean after they unpacked. “That way,” Sean said pointing to the right.

Sean left when he realized that Michael wasn’t going to go anywhere. Sean wished he could do something himself. He had to admit he thought Maria was hot. He knew though that she was meant to be with Alex and he couldn’t break them apart.

Michael looked up as one of his soldiers, Ryan, sat down beside him. “You really like her don’t you,” Ryan said rather then asked. “No,” Michael said knowing that no one could know about him and Maria. “Oh come on! Its so obvious,” Ryan said like he knew everything. “I don’t like her,” Michael replied.

Michael got up and walked into the tent, they had set up. He made himself a bed bedside the other men in his army. He laid down and fell into a light sleep, for he knew that he was going to need rest tomorrow if he was going to find Maria.


He got ready and picked up his gun taking a five of his good men with him. They came to a small town with building that looked like nobody still lived there. Still his men took all precessions, they slowly moved into the city, checking everything out.

After everything was check and they determined that the place was in fact deserted. Michael walked into the middle of the city and saw something shiny glowing on the ground. He walked closer and saw that it was an earring. As he picked it up…

He saw Nicholas in jacked some kind of shot into Maria’s arm.
He saw them slap handcuffs on Maria’s arms and shoving her into the car.

To say Michael was pissed would be an understatement. “I found something,” Michael said to his men. They all gathered around him in confusion. They didn’t understand how an earring could be a clue.

“What are you talking about?” Ryan asked, “Its just an earring.” “Wrong,” Michael stated, “Its Maria’s earring and I got a flash from it.” Michael proceeded to tell them about the flash.

When Michael finished filling them in. They walked silently back to the rest of their army. The only noise was the sound of there feet, walking on the sandy ground.

Michael blamed himself for Maria’s kidnapping. He should have been there, they should have thought things through better, they should have done anything but what they did.

“So,” Ryan said breaking the silence, “what do we do now.” “We find we’re their holding Maria and go get her,” Michael replied. “Right,” Ryan responded as if he had known that.

They made it back to camp, where Sean meet up with Michael. “So did you find her?” He asked. “No,” Michael replied trying to move pass him but Sean blocked his way. “Any clues?” He asked. “Yeah,” Michael answered. “Well?” Sean asked waiting for a complete answer. “Nicholas has her,” Michael said. “Oh,” Sean said sadly.

Michael determined to get Maria back, got right to work. He called back to Anterra; he talked to Alex about the cameras they had set up around Kayrock. Alex said they where still up in running, Michael filled him in on what had happened to Maria.

He was now looking at each of the cameras hoping that he’d see her. It’s was around one in the morning when Ryan came in and force him to sleep but only after promising Michael to watch the cameras.

Ryan knew without a doubt that Michael loved Maria. Everybody else he knew thought he was seeing things but he know that they just refused to believe it. They still believed in prearranged destinies. They believed that Michael was meant for Isabell, as was Maria for Alex. He however believed that it was an old tradition that need to end, people should be able to be with whom they wanted to.


The next morning Michael rose at eight o’clock sharp, he took over the cameras that Ryan was still watching. “Thanks man,” Michael told Ryan. “No problem,” Ryan replied moving out of the camera room, if you could call it that.

Michael spent the all day watching the cameras, praying to see her. He knew that it would be long shot. He knew Nicholas wasn’t stupid, he wouldn’t just take Maria in front of one of his cameras and say look at me, look at me.

Around six that night Sean came in with a letter in his hand. “You found her yet,” Sean asked. “No,” Michael said softly. Sean nodded his head in sadness. “Oh this came for you,” Sean said handing Michael the letter. Michael looked at the letter, confused to who would write him. “Thanks,” He said and Sean nodded walking out.

Michael sighed as he looked at the cameras one more time, not seeing a thing. He looked down at the letter he his hands. He wondered who wrote him, he didn’t think it would be Max or Isabell, and both of his parent’s died when he was young. The letter said commander across it, without any return address. He ripped open the seal and unfolded the note.

Dear Commander,

I have some information that could help you locate Commander Maria. I just ask that you rip this note up after your finish and that nobody finds out that you where sent this. Kivar would have me be headed for this. I may live on this planet but I don’t agree with Kivar, a lot of people don’t. Nobody will do anything though because Kivar was the one to help us after the war. I wish your army the best in this war and in finding Commander Maria.

Maria’s located in Murfreesboro; a building called Batman building. They had her hooked up to a bunch of machines. I think they where trying to get information out of her but she seemed strong. She’s going to need help out though and soon. I sure you know this but Nicolas has been charged with several cases of rape. His bad guy who needs to be taking care of.

I hope you can teach him a lesson, but most importantly, I hope you can get Maria out of there. I wish you the best and move fast. There are cameras in the building; it won’t be easy to find her. You need a good plan a head of time and about ten men if not more. Good luck.


Michael sighed and folded the paper and put it in his pocket for safekeeping. He couldn’t be more thankful to the person who sent him this letter. He owned this person so much just for one little letter. He turned off the cameras and went to find his team of men to go with him.



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