***LOVE AND WAR 1***

Author: Amy Hugh
Rating: PG-13 (for now)
Summary: AU fic, Anter and Anterra are twin planets. The pod squad is on Anter and the rest are on Anterra. (On Anttera) Liz is like Max, Maria like Michael, Kyle like Tess, and Alex like Isabell!!!
Disclaimers: I don’t own anything from Roswell although I wish I could claim Michael lol. I don't own the songs either.
Spoilers: none
Pairing: CC but mostly M&M
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AU -- Conventional Couples
Plays on Antar/Anterra
Antar and Anterra are twin Planets
The pod squad rules over Antar while the others rule over Anterra
They are all the same race
I would like to see Maria as Military Commander, you know like Michael on Antar.
With Liz in Max’s position, Alex in Isabel’s, Kyle in Tess’s. But you can handle that all you want.
It’s up to you if they are enemies or Allies.


"Don’t you ever shut up?" Michael yelled at the annoying pixie.
"You’re the one who started all this," Maria replied.
"Did not"
"Did too"
"Did not"
"Did too"
"Did not"
"Will you two just shut up," Isabell said above all the noise the two where making. Michael just glared and crossed his arms over his chest, as Maria stuck out her tongue at him. ‘grr,’ Michael said to himself, he couldn’t stand that girl.

Liz rolled her eyes at the two bickering. They where subpost to be at a rural diner to discos what they where going to do about Kivar’s attacks. They where twin planets, of the same race, so they agreed to solve this together. The only problem was that Maria Deluca and Michael Gurien the two military commanders haven’t once gotten along since Liz had known them. Maria was the commander on Anterra and Michael was the commander of Anter.

Liz Parker, Anterra, and Max Evans, Anter, where destined to be the rules of the two planets. You can tell they where meant for the roll because they both thought things through completely where as Maria and Michael did things at the last moment. Tess Harding, the girl with blond hair and blue eyes, was destine to be Max’s queen and Kyle Valinta, the guy with brown hair and brown eyes, was destined to be with Liz’s king. Isabell Evans, the girl with sandy blond hair and brown eyes, was meant to be with Michael and Alex Whitman, the nerdy guy with the brown hair and brown eyes, was meant to be with Maria.

The only problem with this is nobody want to be with the person they where subpost to be with. Although they all constantly tried, it just did work. They all fit their job description; they just didn’t belong with the people chosen for them. Unfortunately they where forced to by the people on there planet.

“Anyways,” Max said interrupted Liz’s train of thought. “We have to do something about Kivar and the attacks. I don’t want to but I think our only choice is to go to war.” At that both Michael and Maria’s ears perked up, in anticipation.

“Is war really necessary?” Liz asked worried about the people of her planet. Liz noticed the frown on Maria’s face when she said that. She knew Maria loved to be on the front line, fighting for her planet. But was it so wrong of her to wish that there should to be another way, other then war.

“I personally think that if Maria and I should spend the next week working on war strategies we can hopefully find Kivar,” Michael said ignoring Liz. “Yeah,” Maria agreed excitedly, “and we wont kill civilians, just destroy Kivar and his army.” Alex nodded his head in approval.

“As much as I agreed with Liz, I think we need to go to war. We need to protect ourselves and not just hope they leave us alone,” Isabell said. “Izzy’s right,” Tess replied, “We have to take care of ourselves first but I think we defiantly should promise to protect the civilians.”

“I agree,” Alex and Kyle said, at the same time, putting in their two cents. “Sorry, Liz but looks like you’ve been vote out,” Max said. “Michael and Maria, this week the two of need to be working close together to figure out how to find and eliminate Kivar. I want you guys to work as much as possible. This weekend is the ball, for both planets, its on Anterra. After the ball, we’ll make our first move on Kivar. I want this to be prepared and studied. I prefer no to make a mistake.”


The next morning Maria woke to her alarm clock blasting in her ear. She starched and threw back her warm covers. She shivered as the cold air hit her, and she proceeded to the shower. To get ready to a day of study the History of Kivar’s planet, Heron.

Last night it was decided that she would stay on Anter in the palace. She was put in the guess bedroom across from Michael’s so they wouldn’t have to walk all over the place just to do research.

When Maria was already for the day she opened her door and walked across the hall to Michael’s room. She knocked on the door but got no answer. After about the fifth time she checked to see if the door was unlocked. She smiled as it opened and walked in, and looked to find Michael.

When she finally figured out which room was the bedroom. She opened the door to see Michael still fast asleep. She walked up to the bed and shook his shoulder. “Michael, come on wake up. If I got to get up early so do you.” Michael didn’t move a muscle, only groaned in protest.

A wicked smile formed its way over Maria’s face. She walked around to the only side of the bed and grabbed a hold of the mattress. She then pulled up as hard as she could, making Michael fall onto the floor.

Michael groaned and walked to where Maria was he towered over her. “Your going to wish you didn’t do that,” Michael threatened walking into the bathroom and slamming the door closed.

Maria just went to set on the couch reading one of the books they had on Kivar. She knew the basics on how their government worked but she was looking for the little things that could count. She wanted to know as much as she could, like Max said she didn’t want to kill innocent people.

Although she was busy with all the war stuff that they had to do didn’t mean she didn’t notice how cute Michael look when he was sleeping. He let down his guard and didn’t seem so scary. “Not that he ever scared me,” Maria said to herself.

An hour later Michael came into the living room with a map. He opened it up on the living room table so that both of them could see it. He pointed to Kayrock, the capital city. “This is where we’ll most likely find him unless his fled the city, which I doubt,” Michael stated. “His not stupid, he’ll most likely be constantly moving around. So that makes it harder for us to find him.”

“Well I can ask Alex if there’s anyways we can get cameras over there and watch the city. We most likely won’t come up with something but its worth a try,” Maria replied. “We also need to watch out for the guy named Nicholas.”

Michael seemed very confused, “Who’s Nicholas and what does he have to do with anything? Why do we need to watch out for him? And why does that name sound so damn familiar.”

“In this book I’ve been reading,” Maria said showing him the book, “its says Nicholas is Kivar’s second in command. His one who does most of the dirty work for him. He also has this power of raping people of the memories, in other words he can get into your head and see stuff.”

“Great,” Michael replied slamming his fist down on the table, letting out his anger. “We need to figure out which is the easies and fastest why of doing this. We need to avoid Nicholas and get to Kivar but I have a feeling that’s not going to be easy.”

“Well there has to be a way…” Michael wasn’t comprehending what Maria was saying. He concentration was taken away by Maria’s beauty. He hadn’t really noticed it before. He always saw her as this annoying girl, but she suddenly she seemed to be all grown up.

“Michael? Hello?” Maria said waving her hand in front of his face. “What? What did you say,” Michael asked suddenly very lost. “I said there has to be a way but we need to read up on Kivar, Nicholas, and the planet. Then find the easiest way to get in and kill Kivar and his men.”

“Well duh!” Michael said with a smile. “You don’t have to be so mean,” Maria threw back. “I wasn’t,” Michael said. “Where too,” Maria yelled back. “Wasn’t,” Michael said getting an attitude. “Gosh your annoying,” Maria said an inch away from his face, daring him to respond.

Michael glanced down at Maria’s lips, then in her eyes. He caught himself though before he lend in and kissed her passionately. He cleared his throat, breaking the uncomfortable silence. “Yeah so…,” Michael said.

Maria found herself to be disappointed when he didn’t kiss her. She should be glad, she was meant to be with Alex Whitman. Alex was great, as a friend, but she didn’t feel anything for him. Michael on the other hand she felt a lot for, but it wasn’t allowed.

“mmm…yeah,” Maria responded uncomfortably. “Here’s you a book,” Maria said handing him a book, she dug out of her purse. She opened her book and started reading, one of her many books.


That night they where all getting together for dinner again but this time on Anterra, they where having a fancy dinner. The parents of Liz, Maria, Alex, and Kyle where all there, even though they had handed over the throne about two years ago. They still there for their kids when they need them, they where very proud of the kids, they had all grown up so quickly.

“What have you guys find out so far,”Max asked Michael and Maria. Maria waited to give Michael a chance to tell Max but when was clear that he wasn’t, she decided too. “Well there’s this guy, named Nicholas, his Kivar’s second in command. He can rape people of their memories, you know get inside of their heads.”

The table went silent, “Clearly we’re going to have to find away around Nicholas,” Liz stated. “If he gets a hold of someone with our battle plans it could be very dangerous. I think that only the two of you should know exactly what’s going on, so we don’t end up in trouble.”

“Is that all you’ve got so far?” Max asked. “We’re just studying the history of Kayrock, Kivar, and Nicholas,” Michael replied, simply just telling it how it was. “Ok, that’s probably the best thing we can do,” Max stated, “to know your enemy.”

“So how are things going with you and Alex,” Amy Deluca, Maria’s mom, asked. “Fine,” Maria said forcing the smile. “One day my sweet little daughters going to be married to this cutie,” Amy said pinching Alex’s cheek.

“Ok I sent out the invitations to the ball, here on Anterra, but Tess could you send them out at Anter?” Kyle asked. Earning a smile from Maria for changing the topic. “It’s sat for Saturday.”

“Oh yeah, that reminds me,” Maria said with a smile on her face. “Iz and Tess what you going to wear to the ball?” “Well..,” Isabell started. The girl’s conversation drifted to fashion and hairstyles. While the guys made casual conversation.

Later that night when it was time to go. “Maria you ready to go back to Anter?” Max asked. “Yeah, sure,” Maria replied kissing her mom on the cheek and looping her arm through Michael’s. They walked out of the palace and down to the spaceship.

Maria buckled her seatbelt, in the spaceship. She was setting next to Michael, who looked beyond sexy tonight. His hair was sticking up at all angles from racking his hands through over and over again. His eyes seemed softer and gentler.

Michael couldn’t help but noticed how beautiful Maria looked tonight. Her green eyes, ruby red and lushes lips, and her legs that seemed to go on forever. His eyes where drawn to her lips, as she licked her them. He fought down the urge to kiss her.

It only took a good ten minutes to get back to Anter; Michael walked Maria to room. “Good night,” Maria said while turning around. She didn’t realize how close she was; now she was only an inch at the most away from Michael. “Night,” Michael whispered right next to her ear.

Maria opened the door, then shut it behind her. She slumped down against the door sighing. She was passed just thinking that her feelings for Michael where just going to go away. “This can’t be happing,” Maria said to herself. She just couldn’t have feelings for him, she was meant to be with Alex.

Michael laid down in his bed and sighed. He couldn’t put a stop to his feeling for Maria, even if he wanted to. He groaned, he couldn’t be with Maria and she couldn’t be with him. He was destined to be with Isabell, Maria with Alex. If they got together it would create problems.


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