AUTHOR: Amy Hugh and Jerusha Foust


DISCLAIMER: (DUH) the WB owns them not me. I wish I did, but I donít!!!

SUMMARY:Maria sees some of Michael's past.How will it affect her and everyone else?

Authors Note: I want to thank my best friend, Jerusha, for checking all my spelling on my stories.


( Maria and Liz at the Crashdown Cafe)

"Liz could you cover for me tonight? I'm not feeling well."Maria was perfectly fine she just wanted to have an excuse for going to Michael's.

"Michael again?"

"Liz honestly do you think I'm that low?"


"Well, maybe I am. So have the Sheriff arrest me."

"Well I thought we agreed to lay off on relationships for awhile."

"I'm a teenager what do you expect."

"Ok I'll cover your shift, but you owe me."Liz didn't mind she was just a little annoyed about being left.

(Michael and Max at the Evan's house)

"Well, Max what am I supposed to do just ignore my urges."

"Michael I thought we agreed on no Liz or Maria."

"I know but I just can't."

(Michael started to leave)

"Michael wait."

"What so you can talk me out of it.No, Max I'm my own alien."

"Michael just don't get too attached."

"Bye Maxwell."

(Michael left)

(Michaels apartment)

Michael and Maria are intimately making out. When they come up for air Maria asks a question.

"Michael did you see that."Michael not paying attention kissed her neck.

"Michael I'm serious!"with a hint of fear in her voice.

"No why? What did you see."

" It was three kids walking on the road outside and a car came.I felt scared, but I don't know why."

(Later at the Crashdown Maria and Liz are cleaning up)

"Liz last night I was kissing Michael and I saw something."

"What did you see?"

"It was three kids on side of the road and a car came.I felt scared but I don't know why."

"Maria that was kind of what I saw when I looked into Max's soul."

"Are you saying that I saw into Michael's soul."


"First alien's then his soul what's next.Never mind I don't what to know."

(Michael,Max,and Isabell at the Evans house)

"What did she see Michael?"Max asked.

"She said she saw us as kids on the road."Michael said.

"Did she see anything before that?"Isabell asked.

"I don't know maybe."said Michael.

"Michael we need to know."Max said.

"Ok fine I'll ask her."Michael said displeasingly.

(Michael left)

(The next day Michael went to the Crashdown to saw Maria and Liz gettting ready to open)

"Hey.Maria can I talk to you?"


(Michael and Maria go to the back of the Crashdown)

"Did you see anything else last night?"

"No why?"

"No reason."


(Michael leaned over and kissed Maria.Maria saw another insight.This time it's their first kiss)


"What?"still intent on kissing her.

"It happened again."

"What happened?"while looking for some hope of home.

"Well it was kinda blurry."

"What do you mean?"


"Maria tell me!"

"Well....um...it was us."

(Max and liz on Liz's balcony)



"I just want to talk to you."

"What about?"




(Then Max walked over to Liz and kissed her)

(Back at the Crashdown)

"Maria what do you mean it was.....us?"Michael said.

"It was....um....the first time we.....kissed.....and?

"And what?"



"Okay.....and I could feel.....what you felt. If you loved me then why didn't you tell me."

"ummm...I got to...ummm...go"


(Michael ran out of the Crashdown)

(In the bathroom at school)

"Max she saw something again."


"She saw us when we kissed the first time and..."

"and what"

"She kinda felt....What I...felt"



(Maria at Liz's locker)

"Liz the other night...um...Michael kissed me and I saw another insight"

"What did you see?"

"Us kissing...and....um...felt love.I guess that would be the word to use."

"Why aren't you happy that he loves you?"

"I am it just worried.It's like invading his privacy."

(Closing at the Crashdown)

(Michael walked in)

"Maria can I talk to you for a sec?"

"Yeah sure."

(Michael and Maria walked to the back of the Crashdown)

"Maria I love you.....but I guess you already know that. It's just I'm not good at talking about my feelings."

(Maria smiled)

"I love you too Michael."

(Michael walked up to her and kissed her softly)

"I'll let you get back to work now."


(Michael's apartment)

(There is a knock on the door)

(Michael goes to the door to answer it)

"What do you want?"

"Have any last words?"

"What the ...."

"Too late!"

(The man at the door beats Micheal up)

(Maria at at the door to Michael's apartment)


"Maria, you have to call Max."

(Maria calls Max with tears running down her face)



"Is Max there?"

"This is he."

"Max this is Maria. You have to hurry and come to Michael's"


(Max and Maria hang up the phone)

(Max at Michael's apartment)

"What happened?"Max asked.

"I don't know,"said Maria.

"It was Kyle,"Micheal managed to say.

"I'm going to kill him.Max can you do anything?"

"I'll try."

(Max waves his hand over Michael)

"It won't work."

(Max kept trying)

"Maybe Riverdog can help. I'm going to go see him.Call Isabell on her cell phone she's on a date.Then call Liz and get them over here."


(Max got in his car and drove to the Reservation)

(Maria called Isabell and Liz)

(Max got to the Resirvation)

(Max saw someone and asked if Riverdog was there)

"Yeah he's in the there."

"Ok thanks."

(Max walked over to the tepee and saw Riverdog)

"Riverdog?My friend the one who was sick.Well,he got beat up and my powers won't work.Do you know what happened to them?"

"Yes, your powers are gone because you can't use them if you are scared.So, bring you friend to me."


(Max got in the car drove to Michael's)

(At Michael's apartment.Liz and Isabell are now there.)

"Lets put him on the couch,"Isabell said.

"Ok,"said Maria and Liz.

(Maria kept asking Isabell if he was going to be ok.Maria was getting on Isabell's nerves)

"Maria why don't you jsut go home and rest."

"No!I can't leave.I love him too you know!"

(Max opened the door)

"Ok,we have take him to the Reservation"

(They all helped pick Michael up and took him to the Reservation)

(Maria was sitting in the back with Michael.They had to all squeeze into the car.)

(At the Reservation)

(They picked Michael up and carried him into the tepee)

"Okay, put the boy in the middle,"Riverdog said.

(They put Michael in the middle)

"You can't be scared and don't change how you feel about him."

"It's like what we did last time.Only just Max and Isabell take a sip, but you'll are still important.Just don't change how you feel for him. Now sit in a circle around him."

(They all sat in the circle and Max and Isabell took a sip from the bowl)

"Now Max and Isabell wave you hands over the boy."

(Max and Isabell waved their hands over Micheal and suddenly Michael was back to normal.Michael walked to Max,Isabell,and Liz and gave them a hug)

"Thank you."

(Then he walk over to Maria and kissed her)


(They all thanked Riverdog and drove home.They dropped Michael and Maria off at Maria's house.Scene fades as Michael and Maria kiss good night.)

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