***I Make My Own Rules!!!***

AUTHOR: Amy Hugh

RATING: PG-13 for language

SUMMARY: The aliens go back home but someone sneaks on the ship with some surprising news!!!

DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of the people in the story some are from Roswell. The other are some of my best friends. Jerusha is not really a bad person and Steven's not really a flight stuardist. Remember this is a fictional story and nothings really true because if Michael and Maria where true they'd still be together right now.


I've leaned that life sucks, that nothing ever turns out the way you want it too. I mean Hanks living proof of that. I have one good thing in my life right now, Maria. I just know that someday I'll lose her too. God life is so unfair. I wish that I could keep her safe but I'm dangerous. I love her so much but they say, "if you love somebody you got to learn to let them go."


(The two days before)

Michael climbed through the Max Evans window. Michael was worried because Max didn't come to school today and Max never skipped without a good reason. Isabell wasn't there neither but she was know to skip once and a while. "Hey," Max answered quietly. Michael looked at him close, Max looked like a trunk had hit him. Isabell walked through the door with tears running down her face. "What's wrong," Michael asked. Michael held his breath fearing the worst. "We can go home," Max said in a lost voice. Michael was so happy but sad at the sametime. He was happy he finally got to go home, he had waited his whole for this. He also felt sadness because he loved Maria and didn't want to leave her.

Max, Isabell, and Michael agreed to tell Liz, Maria, and Alex about them leaving. They all agreed that they had to leave that they had to find their family. Michael walked up to Maria and asked if they could talk and that it was important. Maria nodded and they headed for Maria's car. Maria throw Michael the keys and got in.

Maria stepped through the door to Michael's apartment as he held the door open for her. She sat down on the couch, she knew that whatever it was wrong was something she wouldn't like. She prayed that time could just stop so she wouldn't have to hear the bad news.

Michael had thought this completely through. He know exactly what he was going to say but now that he stood before Maria his mind when blank. He could tell by her face that she know something was wrong. He sighted and tried to find the words.

" What do you say in a moment like this
When you can't find the words to tell it like it is
Just close your eyes and let your heart lead the way
Oh what do you say," What do you say- Reba

Michael sighted again and combed his hand through his hair. "We found I way home. I want to go but I don't want to go. All I know is that I have to find who my family is, who I am. I love you but I need to do this," Michael said trying to make her see how he felt. Maria sighted, "I would never ask you to stay," She took a deep breath as I tear rolled down her face. "I couldn't because if I had the chance to see my father again. I would do pretty much anything to see him. I love you too, Michael. I always will but you have to go to find your parents and even if you never find them," Maria said softly, "You'll always have a home here. Your still Michael Gurien no matter where you are."

Michael was refect to get that off his chest but he still felt bad as he watched tears run down Maria's face. He reached his hand up and wiped them away with the pads of his thumbs. He didn't know where to go from here, what could he say? Maria warped her arms around his neck and hugged him. Michael smiled a little smile and held Maria close.

The next day of school was weird. Maria felt out of place, like everything change so fast that she lost part of herself somewhere in it. Michael's arms circled around her waist. Maria smiled and kissed him. Michael could see through her fake smile. She looked like she just lost her best friend. Michael felt like somebody had stooped on his heart. He wished he could make the pain go away for her and make everything better.

Maria felt like she wanted to crawl up in a ball and watch the world past by from a distance. It would make everything so easy just not to feel anymore. She stayed up crying all night.

Maria set in her room crying as she looked at the pregnancy test she just took. It was a pulse sign, Maria couldn't tell Michael now. She wouldn't make him stay, she rather be merousable than a merousable Michael. Her mom was going to kill her and it didn't help that the baby was half alien. Pulse she wanted her baby to be safe. So she agreed not to tell anybody.

Michael leaned over and kissed her and Maria felt like she was going to die it felt so good. She didn't know what was going to happen after he left but she just couldn't see life without him.

That night Michael picked up a notebook and started writing about how he felt. He wrote:

I've leaned that life sucks, that nothing ever turns out the way you want it too. I mean Hanks living proof of that. I have one good thing in my life right now, Maria. I just know that someday I'll lose her too. God life is so unfair. I wish that I could keep her safe but I'm dangerous. I love her so much but they say, "if you love somebody you got to learn to let them go."

P.S. I feel like I'm being ripped in half. I want to stay but I want to go. What makes one more important than the other?

Michael stood up and started to pack up his stiff. They where living tomorrow and Liz, Alex, and Maria where subpost to meet them at the take off place for one last good bye.

The next morning Michael forced himself out of bed and to get ready he was already late. He showered, bushed his teeth, and dressed. He opened his apartment door swinging his backpack on his back. He started to walk toward the desert.

It took him 30minutes to get there and everybody else was there already but Maria. The ship was even there. "Where's Maria?" Michael asked. "Haven't seen since yesterday," Liz answered. Michael nodded his head knowing that she probably hated him. Max kissed Liz and whispered, "I love you," into her ear. Isabell kissed Alex on the cheek and said bye. Liz had tears in her eyes as she hugged Michael, "Bye," she said her voice cracking. Alex patted him on the back. "I going to miss you, Michael," Alex said. "Ditto," Michael answered. Michael turned to Liz, "Can you tell Maria I love her," Liz nodded her head, "Bye Liz." Max and Isabell said their good byes and they headed toward the spaceship holding hands with Michael in the middle.

Michael entered the spaceship but didn't really care about what it looked like. He wished he could say good bye to Maria. She hadn't even shown up. "Hi, I'm Steven Mcdonal. I'm the captain for today. I'll show you to the room you should stay in." They followed Steven to a large white room, "Enjoy the flight," he said and left.

The room was big it had a table and chairs in the middle. With three beds against one wall and Michael guessed what was a bathroom to his right. Michael set down on the bed, he sighted and rubbed his hand over his face. Max and Isabell sat down at the table. They felt a little shake and know that they where headed home.

The bathroom door opened and Maria stepped out. Michael was so shocked that he couldn't talk. "What are you doing here, Maria," Max asked. Maria looked over at Michael who was just staring at her. She walked over to him and sat down beside him. Isabell dragged Max out of the room, and shut the door behind them.

"What?" Michael was finally able to get out. "I couldn't make you stay but I didn't want us to leave without you," Maria explained. "Us?" Michael asked confused. I'm pregnant," Maria said looking at the floor. "Your what?" Michael said in an unbelieving voice. Maria glanced up at Michael and had tears in her eyes. "I'm sorry I didn't mean it like that. I was just surprised. I've always wanted a family and now I have one and I love you and I promised that I'll be there for the both of you," Michael said truthfully. Maria smiles and hugged. "Thanks," She whispered.

Max and Isabell came back in by the look on there faces Maria could tell they had heard the whole thing. Maria looked like she wanted to run. "How could ya'll!!! We don't even know what can happen to Maria or the baby," Isabell said. "Geesh I though you more responsible then that Michael. We made deal. I always have to clean up your misses," Max said. Michael walked up to Max. "Listen! For once I have a family that I've only ever wanted. Why can't you just be happy for us? We love each other and you can't change that," Michael yelled. "Michael, ya'll are to young to have a baby. You're only 17teen years old! Plus it's half alien and now we have a human coming back with us!" Max yelled back.

Isabell looked at Maria who was still setting on the bed but with her legs up on it too and her head resting on her knees. "Maria, you have to get an abortion," Isabell stated. Michael looked at her like she was crazy, Isabell felt bad for taking away the one thing Michael had waited his whole life for but it had to be done. They know that their race looked down on humans like they were insects. There was no telling what they'd do to one that was pregnant with an alien. Maria shook her head no. "Why not!? There's no other choice here, Maria!" Isabell yelled. "I'm not getting an abortion, I don't believe in abortion and I refuse to do it," Maria said. "You have to! Maria, our race looks down on humans like their insects. What do you think they're going to do to you if your pregnant with a half alien baby?" Isabell asked. "Max's is the king he can change all that and even if he couldn't I would never have an abortion. So no matter what you say I'm having this baby and no matter how much you hate that the truth and its not going to change," Maria answered. "But…" Isabell started to say. "Isabell it Maria's choice and whatever she decides I'll be there for her and this baby," Michael said. Isabell and Max walked out of the room again but this time angry.

Michael sat down beside Maria. "Did you really mean that," Maria asked. "Yes, I love you and I felt so bad because I thought I had lost you. I don't want to live without you, your part of me. Max and Isabell will come around and as for our people I have no idea what is going to happen but I wont let them hurt your or our baby," Michael said. Maria smiled and kissed him. "I love you too," Maria whispered in his ear.

(The next morning)

Steven came through the door to wake them up because they where home. Steven opened the door to find another person other than the rural four. The girl was sharing a bed with Michael. Isabell and Max where still asleep too. Steven assumed that this girl was human and he was fine with that. He actually liked humans but he know that their people weren't going to accept this. Steven shook Michael's shoulder and Michael opened his eyes. "We're here," Steven said moving to wake up Max and Isabell.

Michael rubbed his hands over his face and gently woke up Maria. Maria just shook her head and curled up closer to him. "Maria," Michael whispered. Maria opened her eyes only to close them when Steven flipped the light switch. "We need to talk before ya'll get off the ship. I'll be back in an hour in a half," Steven said and lifted. Michael, Maria, Max, and Isabell took turns in the shower and got dressed, ate, and got dressed.

Steven walked through the door. He sat down at the table and Max, Isabell, Michael sat down in the chairs. Maria stood off to side because she know she wasn't subpost to be here. Steven smiled at her and told she could set down too. Maria smiled back and sat down. "I just want to let you know," Steven said to Maria, "I have no problem with humans but our race does. So I suggested I take you back home." Maria really wanted to stay but she didn't know if she would be intruding. "She has to come with us," Max said in an angry voice. "Why is that?" Steven asked. "Michael got Maria pregnant," Isabell said. Steven looked at Michael in shook. "Ok my assuming Maria is you," Steven pointed to Maria and Maria nodded her head. "Then I guess we have no choice then princess," Steven said. "What?" Maria said. "Max is the king and Michael's a prince and that would make you a princess just like Isabell," Steven said. "We're Michael blood family," Isabell asked. "Yeah you are," Steven replied, "Ya'll didn't know that?" Isabell shook her head no. "Maria's still going to have a lot of trouble even if she is a princess. Our race isn't going to like it and their going to probably try to kill her," Steve warned, "and if its anything like an alien pregnancy your going to have a lot of strange things happen to you." "Let's let you see home then," Steven said getting up and leading them to the door outside the ship.

Michael squeezed Maria's hand and Maria squeezed his back. Steven opened the door and Max walked out. There was a crowd of people there to see them. They where clapping a cheering. Isabell stepped out next and Michael soon followed but when the people saw that Michael was holding Maria's hand they stood still. Steven stepped out and closed the spaceship. Maria could hear people whispering, " Is that human? I can't believe it. Maria looked around there planet looked a lot like earth only everything looked like it was about 15 years a head of Earth. "Ya'll want to meet your parents?" Steven asked. They all replied yes. A car pulled up in front of them; "Ya'll need a ride?" Steven replied yes and they all got in but before Maria got in. "No human's!" The cab driver yelled but Steven finally talked the cab driver into it. Maria got in and they took off.

They pulled up in front of a purple brick house with a white fence. They got out with Steven in front he rang the doorbell. The door opened and a Lady and Man stood there. "Come in," The Lady said. They walked through the door and the lady looked at Maria with disgusted. "We missed you all so much," The mother said and gives Max, Michael, and Isabell a hug and the dad follows suit. "And how is this," the lady asked in a nice forced voice. "Hi, I'm Maria," Maria said reaching her hand out. The lady just looked at her hand but didn't shake it. "I'm Jerusha," She said, "Now may I ask why you're here?" Maria didn't know if she should tell her the truth. "Queen, I can explain," Steven said. "You may explain," Jerusha said. "This is princesses Maria, she pregnant," Steven answered. Jerusha gasped and liked at her Max and Michael trying to figure out which one had gotten her pregnant. She stopped on Michael, he had always been known to never follow the rules. "She pregnant with your baby isn't she?" Jerusha yelled. "Yes Michael said holding Maria's hand. "You were always the one to go against the rules. This will ruin our family's reputation," Jerusha yelled.

"Steven you are dismissed," Their father said. Steven lifted through the front door. The father looked at Michael. "I thought we raised you better then this," Michael's father said. "You didn't raise me," Michael yelled, "Some drunk guy by the name of Hank did." "Don't use that tone with me," the father said, "you always where fighting for something you believed in but that's going to change this is unacceptable. We'll talk about this later." "We'll show you to your rooms," Jerusha said and lead the way.

They walked up the steps and into a hallway to the right. "The first ones Max's, second is Isabell's, and the last is Michael's," Jerusha said. They started towered their rooms and Michael and Maria toward Michael's. "Michael," Jerusha said and Michael turned around, "Maria can't be in your room." "Fine then I won't stay in my room," Michael said, "we're going for walk."


"This isn't what I expected, for my parents to hate me. I thought things would be so much easier here. How could they judge me when they don't even know me? I mean they know me in a different life time but I'm not the same person," Michael said. "I'm sorry Michael. I should have never sneaked in the ship. I should have stayed. Then you would have gotten the family you always wanted," Maria whispered looking at the ground. Michael turned and faced her. "I love you, Maria. Your part of me and I don't think I could live without you. If my parent don't like you well then its there lose. You're a great person Maria; they don't even come close to you. You're my family now and no matter what I'm here for you. I'm not letting you go," Michael said. "I love you too, Michael. But admit you would be in that house right now and your parents would love you if it weren't for me. I didn't mean to miss up everything for you. I should just find Steven and go home," Maria replied walking forward in the direction of the ship.

"Maria," Michael said catching up with her, "I don't care what they think. I'm glad you came I would miss you too much if you hadn't. I just wanted to meet my parents and I did but if they loved me they'd see that what we have isn't just a crush and some teenager pregnancy. We love each other…" Michael was cut off mid sentence by Maria flying and landing a couple of feet away. Michael looked to the right to see a man walk in the front door of a house. Michael ran over to Maria and looked for anything blood or any bruises. Michael put his hand over Maria's stomach and she moaned and curled up into a ball holding her stomach. Steven came running over. "What happened?" Steven asked. "Some guy used his powers on her and know her stomach hurts," Michael said brushing Maria's hair out of her face. "Let's get her to my place," Steven said as Michael picked Maria up.

Michael laid her down on the couch. Steven went off in back of the house and told Michael that he need to stay with Maria. Michael was talking softly to her. Maria turned over and faced him. "Please don't let our baby die," Maria whispered. Michael cupped her face in his hands. "Nobody's going to die, I promised." Maria nodded her head and curled up in Michael's lap. Michael rapped his arms around her and kissed her on the forehead. Steven came back in the room and sat down on the opposite end of the couch. "Maria's fine. The effect of the power should wear off soon with the help of my powers," Steven said. He lend over Maria and place his hand on her stomach and concentrated.

When he pulled back nothing had changed. "It will take about an hour to work but you can stay as long as you like. I know your parents don't like Maria." Michael nodded his hand a said thank you. Maria kept falling asleep a waking back up. Michael was wide-awake to make sure she was going to be fine. Steven was right about an hour later Maria was finally sleeping and not awaking back up. Michael crawled under the blanket he had laid over her and fall a sleep.

The next morning Maria woke up feeling great but didn't want to get out of bed so she snuggled up closer to Michael and went back to sleep. Steven came into wake them up again at noon and told Michael his parents where here and wanted to see Michael and Maria. So they got ready and went into see them.

"Michael why didn't you call me and tell me you where here?" Jerusha asked. "Oh I don't know. Why do you suddenly care now where I am? I've only been away for the last 16 years and I never got a visit let alone a call. I want to go home." "You are home," the father said. "No I'm not home, Earth is home with Maria," Michael said. Steve set a cup of with some weird drink in it. "Queen Jerusha and King Berry," Maria heard Steven say so that meant Michael's dad's name was Berry. Berry pointed a finger at Maria, "This is all your fault. You're just a big slut!" "She's not a slut!" Michael yelled, "You haven't got to know her yet. Just because she human you don't like her. Well I have news for you I your own son is more human then he'll ever be alien."

Michael and Maria where in Steven's back yard just talking. Michael wished that he had never came home this place was worst then earth. Maria was the one thing that meant something good in his life. Michael know that he had to get Maria home where she belong. She wasn't safe here, but Steven said he would help them get back home but that nobody could know because Steven would be put in jail for life if they did.

They agree that tonight they where going home and nobody could stop them. Michael just had one more thing to do. He stood up and told Maria he would be back in a little bit that there was something that he had to do. Maria nodded understandingly.

Michael rang the doorbell and Jerusha answered the door and smiled when Maria wasn't there. "I see you made the right choice to leave the human," Jerusha said in disgustedly. "No, I just didn't bring her. Do you think I'm that stupid," Michael said pushing through the door and up toward Max's room and saw that both Max and Isabell where there. "Hey," Michael said, "I need to talk to ya'll." Max had his ready to listen look on his face. "Maria and I are going to home tomorrow and if you want to you come but if not please don't tell anyone that we went home." "Michael I don't think you should go this is home now. It's always been home here," Isabell said. "What do you mean by that? This isn't home. Home is on Earth. I belong on Earth, as much as I hated Earth it's a lot better then this place. "Steven could get in a lot of trouble for taking you home to be with Maria," Max stated, "Why don't you just let Maria go home and you stay here." "Have you just forgotten about everybody on Earth? What about Liz, your parents?" Michael asked. "I belong here now Michael. This is where I want to stay," Max said. Michael was so angry with Max. How could he just forget about everything and everybody on Earth? So before he did something stupid he ran out of the house and straight to Steven's.

That night Steven went out the door first and they head for the spaceship. Michael reached out his hand for Maria who took it. They where about a block away and they hind in bushes. Steven got to the door of the spaceship. When they where surrounded from behind, Max reached out his hand and hit Maria. Who fell to the ground. "Ria!" Michael yelled trying to wake her up but she was knocked out. Michael lifted her up in the air and Steven and Michael started running, with Max and Isabell right behind them.

Michael never though that Max and Isabell would turn against him. They know each other since forever and now they where enemies. Michael didn't think this was possible and he never hated one place so much. They ran back to Steven's house and got in his car. Michael slid in trying his best to go fast and without hurting Maria. He shut the door and they took off. Maria moaned and opened her eyes. "Are you ok?" Michael asked. "I feel like electricity is going through my body," Maria answered softly. Steven interrupted them, "Max is the most powerful person on the planet. I don't know what it could have done to the baby but its not good." Michael felt like everything in his life was slowly being taken away from him. Like it was fates way of saying that you're going to get to have somebody like Maria in your life your going to fall in love. She's going to get pregnant then I'm going to take everything away.

Michael laid his hand on Maria's stomach. "Tell me if I'm hurting you ok?" Michael said. Maria nodded her head. Michael concentrated and then he was in. She was ok but she was getting worst as time past so Michael concentrated on making the baby feel better and then he started on Maria who wasn't as bad off is the baby.

A car swerved in front of them and Steven slammed on the brakes and a three other cans suround them. They got out of the car, Maria was now able to walk on her own. "Take them to the jail and have them lock up separately. I don't want them together. Do you understand that?" Max asked. The guard and he answered yes sir and used what looked like high tech handcuffs and lead them to the car and all three where put into separate rooms.

Maria opened her eyes to find that she was somewhere else then everything came rushing back to her. She wished that Michael were here for some reason that she couldn't survive without him. It wasn't that she just didn't want to be without him but she felt like if she was away from him to long that she would slowly began to die and the baby would too and she was not going to let that happen. Fuck Max and his orders, Maria just had to get the old Max back. She was not going to lose this baby now it was part of her and Michael and she just couldn't lose it. It wasn't an operation no matter what.

Michael sat in his bed thinking it was his job to protect both Maria and the baby. He would not let Max take everything he never wanted away from him. He finally had his family and it was his job to keep everything safe. Michael didn't care if Max was his best friend at one time. Friends don't try to kill you and your family. Max had gone way over the line and Michael wasn't letting anything happen to the people he loved most in this world. He was going to make his own rules. Fuck Max and his rules he had another thing coming. Rules are meant to be broken and Michael wasn't ever really good at following the rules anyways. All Michael had to say was that Max better watch out because pay back was coming and this time Michael was making his own rules.

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