AUTHOR: Amy Hugh!!!

DISCLAMER: They belong to UPN!!!

SUMMARY: Basically that true love doesn't come easily!!!

RATING: R maybe NC-17!!!


Maria walked into the kitchen of the Crashdown. "Michael, can I talk to you later at your apartment?" Maria asked Michael when she saw him. "I don't know, Maria. I mean, the sheriff's already caught us once," Michael reminded her. "I know but, but please. Its important," Maria said practically begging. "Yeah," Michael answered.

Maria lied and told Amy she was closing the Crashdown. When really she was at Michael's front door right now. She took a deep breath and knocked on the door. The door opened revealing Michael. "Hey," Michael said in his usual tone and moved back for Maria to enter.

Maria walked past him and sat on the couch. Maria gasped.


Michael was on top of her. His tongue entered her mouth causing her to moan.


"Maria! Maria!" Michael yelled while shacking her. Maria's eyes snapped open. "Are you ok? What happened?" "I just got a vision, but it was weird because I wasn't even touching you," Maria shock her head to clear it. "I need to talk to you," Maria paused taking a deep breath. "Please don't let him run away," She said to herself. "I don't know how to say this so I'm just going to say it," Maria paused and took another deep breath, "I'm pregnant."

Michael was so shocked he was speechless. "Please say something," Maria asked quietly. "Are you sure?" Michael finally choked out. "As sure as I can be. I mean its not like I can go see a doctor." Michael was to death but on the other hand, he had the family he always wanted. It was just here on Earth." "Please just don't run away?" Maria asked close to tears. "Never," Michael whispered pulling her into a hug.

Maria started crying holding Michael close. She didn't want to lose him not when she just found him. "I love you," Maria whispered in his ear. "I love you too."

Maria and Michael fell asleep on the couch curled up together. There was a knock on the door. Michael placed a kiss on Maria's forehead and went to answer the door.

When Michael answered the door to see the sheriff and Amy. Amy pushed past Michael and saw Maria. The sheriff pushed Michael against the wall. "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do will be used against you in the court of law." "Let him go," Maria yelled tears running freely down her face. She tried to get the sheriff's attention, but Amy held her back. They all went down to the parking lot. The sheriff put Michael in the police car and drove him to jail. "I hate you!" Maria screamed. "He didn't even hurt me! We didn't do anything and you take him to jail!" "Let's go home," Amy said softly. "No, I'm staying here," Maria said walking back up to Michael's apartment. Amy left to go home.

As soon as Maria saw Amy was out of eyesight, she started running to the police station because Amy took the Jetta. She ran through the doors. She ran into Jim when she tried turned the corner.

"Maria, you're coming home with me. So get into the car!" Valenti said. "No you're not my father! So stop acting like it. I want to see Michael," Maria demanded. Valenti took her to Michael's cell.

"Michael," Maria said excitedly. The sheriff left them alone. "I'm sorry," Maria said, "Just really needed to talk to you." "Its ok, Maria. I'm glad you told me. Listen, I just have to say here for the night. I need you to tell Max." Maria nodded, tears running down her face. Michael wiped them away with the pads of his fingers. "I'll see you in the morning. I love you," Michael told her. "I love you too."

Maria knocked on Max's window. "Hey, Mich…Maria," Max said confused. "Can I come in?" "Yeah," Max said helping her through the window. "Michael told me to come here. Umm…I'm pregnant," Maria said preparing to be yelled at "Are you sure?" Max asked. "Pretty sure. I mean, I can't go to a doctor and I'm getting flashes sometimes when I'm not even touching Michael."

Maria walked into school the next morning. She turned the corner in the hallway to see Michael and Max. Max looked mad and was yelling at Michael, but Michael was standing up for himself. Maria ran over and gave him a big hug and kiss. The teacher glared at Maria and Maria went to talk to Liz, Alex, and Isabell.

Maria lend against the lockers listening to Isabell talk about something. How was she going to tell Isabell and Alex she was pregnant? Maria gasped and fainted.


Michael moaning as Maria's hands explored his body.


Michael sliding into her.


The morning after. Michael's hand tucking a piece of hair behind her ear and kissing her on the forehead.


Maria curling up beside Michael and wishing she could stay like this forever.


Maria's eyes snapped open. Her head was in Michael's lap. "What happened?" Liz asked but Maria didn't hear her. She smiled up at Michael. She finally figured out what she had been craving the last few days. The smiled faded as she remembered that she couldn't touch Michael.

Liz forced Maria into the restroom. "What happened?" "Well you know that I'm pregnant and I've been getting flashes. When I'm not even touching Michael," Maria explained. Liz shook her head to clear it. "Flashes of what?" Maria blushed and mobbed, "Nothing." "You should talk to Max," Liz suggested. "You know what?! I don't want talk to Max about it! I want to talk to Michael, but I cant!" Maria saw tears in Liz's eyes from her screaming. Maria sighed, "I'm sorry. I'm just scared. What's inside of me is half 'alien' and on top of that it…its like I crave Michael. I know I cant touch him, but I wanted to so badly," Maria tried to explain.

That day at the Crashdown Maria went to use the bathroom. Max waited till Maria was out of earshot. " Has anybody noticed anything strange about Maria?" "Why?" Isabell and Alex asked and Max filled them in. ""Yeah," Liz said worried, "She's having flashes, but she wont tell what of." Liz left out the part about Maria wanting to be around Michael.

Liz went to check on Maria. "Maria?" Liz asked knocking on the door. "Are you ok?" "Liz," Maria yelled through the door, "Can you go get Michael?" "Maria, I don't think that's a good idea," Liz said. "Please, Liz." Liz went back to the table and told Michael.

Michael knocked on the door. Maria opened it a crack and saw that it was Michael. She opened the door all the way and pulled Michael in and shut the door behind him. "What wrong?" Michael asked. "I figured out want I been craving the last couple of days," Maria whispered in his ear. " What's that," Michael asked. "You," Maria whispered right before she closed the space between them.

Izzy was getting worried they had been in there for 10minutes by now. "I'm going to go check on them," Isabell said on the way to the bathroom. Isabell didn't even knock she just open the door. She gasped at what she saw. Michael had backed Maria against the opposite wall and they were in the middle of a heavy make out seccion but that's not what scared her the most. She saw a glowing hand print on Maria's stomach just blow her T-shirt, which was raised up.

Michael's hand ran down from her hair to her stomach. Maria moaned into Michael's mouth. Michael placed his hand over the glowing handprint and it disappeared. "How did you do that?" Isabell asked.

Michael turned around to see Isabell. "Do what?" Michael said annoyed that Isabell had interrupting them. "There was a glowing handprint on her stomach. You put your hand over it and it disappeared. How did it disappear?" Isabell explained talking slowly. "I didn't even know it was there," Michael said. "We need to get out there and figure this out," Isabell said waiting for Michael and Maria to go first because she didn't trusted them.

When they came back out Max, Liz, and Alex where deep in conversation. Isabell slide in beside Alex. Michael pulled up a chair and Maria sat on his lap.

"Maria when you get the flashes what do you see?" Liz asked. Maria blushed. "Nothing," Maria said. "Maria we need to know. It may help us out here," Alex said in a friendly voice. "Trust me its nothing that could help with anything." Michael put his hand on her shoulder to calm her down. Michael could she ever thing she had seen over the last couple of days and Maria saw them all over again. Michael moved his hand off her shoulder and Maria opened her eyes. "What did you see, Michael," Isabell asked. "It wont help with anything. Trust us," Michael said.

"We have bigger problems," Isabell said, "When I went to get them. There was a small handprint on Maria's stomach, but when Michael put his hand over it. It disappeared and Michael had no clue what happened."

The gang decided to continue the conversation toworro. Maria made sure her mother was asleep and climbed out the window. She headed down the street to Michael's apartment.

Maria knocked on the door. Michael answered the door in only a shirt and boxers. Michael stepped back to let her through the door. "Are you sure your not mad?" Maria asked not sure of how he felt. "Maria, I love you. The only reason I'm always looking for away home is because I wanted a family and now I will," Maria smiled and kissed Michael. "But…I'll respect…whatever…you decide," Michael whispered between kisses. "I'm having this baby…Michael," Maria whispered back. A smile spread across Michael's face.

Maria opened her eyes to see a flashlight flashing in her eyes. Other than that she had ever felt more comfortable in her life. 'Hmm…I wonder why? Could it be because Michael's right beside you, with his arms around you,' Maria said to herself.

Her eyes adjusted to the light and she saw sheriff Valenti and her mom. "Maria get up we're going home," Amy said. "I'm not going home." Amy glared at Maria as Maria said this, "Why cant you just exspected the fact that no matter what you do or say I'm not going to stop loving Michael!" "I realize that you take after me but after everything how can you fall in love with him?!" Amy yelled back. "Because the Michael you see isn't the Michael I see," Maria said. "I've learned from your mistake. God, do you really think that I would fall in love with somebody who would just run away!" Maria said. "Then why have ya'll broken up so much. Don't you see its not meant to be."

"You know people are always saying that. Michael was just staying away to protected me. Is it so bad to follow your heart?!" Maria yelled. Amy was speechless for a minute. "Home. Now!" Amy screamed.

The next day everybody meet at the Crashdown. Maria had to beg her mom to let her out of the house. Finally she gave up hope and let Maria out of the house.

A lady with short brown hair and blues eyes came through the door. She looked to be in her 40's. 'She most be new in town,' She walked over to their table. "Hi," She said, "I'm new in town." "Hi, I'm Maria," Maria reached out and her. "Angela, nice to meet you," Angela said shacking Maria's hand but when their hands touch she gasped.

Angela stared at Maria. "Your pregnant. Aren't you and the babies only half human." Maria looked scared. "Oh, sorry. I guess I should have told you that I'm an alien," Angela said. Everybody looked at her shocked. "I saw everything." She pointed around the table saying their names and if they where aliens. "So who is the father?" Angela asked. "Michael," Maria answered. "Have you told your mom yet?" Angela asked. "No." "Good. Don't you won't have the baby for two years," Angela said to a confused Maria. "It takes longer for an half alien baby to born," Angela said pulling up a chair. "What else is different?" Maria asked. "You nay see a babies handprint sometimes. Its just to let you know that your pregnant and its healthy. You'll most likely have a hard delivery though." Maria was abstriving the information pretty well.

"How did you know all about us form just shacking Maria's hand?" Max asked. "I get visions from just touching people. Its easier on humans because their minds are more opened. I can find out somebody's whole life by just touching them." "Is there away home?" Isabell asked. "I was on the ship with you when it crashed but I broke out of me pod about 30 years before you. So I don't know, but I hope," Angela answered.

Michael's arms came around her waist. Maria lend back on him and closed her eyes because she was so tired, she hadn't slept in days. Michael's fingers laced through hers. Maria smiled keeping her eyes closed. "Maria," Liz said. Maria's eyes opened. "Your mothers coming." Maria and Liz traded sets. Mrs. Valenti walk over to Maria. "I don't like it but I have to go see your Aunt in the hospital. Can I trusted you?" Amy asked. "Yes," Maria answered. Amy turned and saw Angela. "I'm Amy I don't believe we've meet before," Amy said. "I'm Angela. I'm new in town," Angela stated. "See ya around," Amy said. "Jim and Kyle are here if you need them," Amy said to Maria waving bye and glaring at Michael. Maria let out the breath she didn't realize she was holding.

Maria and Liz traded backsets. "Your mom sure doesn't like, Michael," Angela stated. "She just doesn't wanted me to end up like her. At the age 17 pregnant and a father funning away," Maria said. "Sorry," Angela said. "It ok. That's why I haven't told her yet and on top of that she put a restraining order on Michael for the next month," Maria said.

Kyle came through the door but nobody saw. Maria was already asleep in Michael's arms. Kyle walked over to thier booth. He pulled up a chair and sit down. Everybody was watching him. Kyle glared at Michael. Liz whispered to Angela that Kyle didn't know about Maria or the aliens. Maria shifted and opened her eyes. Maria smiled little tingles where going through her body where Michael's hand was rubbing her stomach. Maria gasped.


Michael kissing her on the forehead.


"I love you," Michael whispered right before he fall asleep.


The feeling of waking up in Michael's arms.


Maria opened her eyes to see Kyle at her feet. Maria looked into Michael's eyes. Michael consinerad and images of the baby and of him and Maria. Michael opened his eyes to see Kyle trying to get something out of his mouth. Liz interrupted, "Maria can I talk to you?" Maria got up and walked to the back. "Maria, this is scaring me. Are you ok?" Liz asked. "Liz, I'm scared to, but for some reason I know its right. Like this was meant to happen," Maria answered. Liz nodded and hugged her.


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