AUTHOR: Amy Hugh!!!

DISCLAMER: They belong to UPN!!!

SUMMARY: Basically that true love doesn't come easily!!!

RATING: starts out PG-13 then turns to NC-17!!!


Maria was setting in her bedroom waiting for Michael. She unlocked the window so he could get in. It was 10 p.m. and he was always late. Just then someone came though the window.

"Hey," Maria said. "Hey," Michael said back right before leaning over and kissing her. When he pulled back, he started to tickling her.


Then he leaned down to kiss her. He ran his tongue over her lips. She opened her month and their tongues fought for control.

About five minutes later. Maria's mom walked in and saw them. "Maria!" They pulled apart and Amy grabbed Michael by the ear and dragged him out of the house and on the way out Amy yelled at him. "I can't believe you've done this twice now. Why don't you use the door?!" Amy slammed the door shut behind Michael.

"Amy, What's the matter and why was Michael here," sheriff Valenti asked.

"Well, It appears Maria and Michael are dating because he was just in her bedroom," Amy stated loudly.

"Mom," Maria said. Great now the sheriff was involved. Her mom and the sheriff just got married awhile ago. Ever since then Maria and Michael have been sneaking around when Amy, Jim, or Kyle weren't around. "Listen my mom I'm so…," Maria was cut off. "No were putting a restraining order on him," Amy said. "But mom…" " No but moms'," Amy looked at Jim," When is the soonest we can get one?" "A month," Jim replied. Maria walked to the front door. "Where are you going?" Amy asked. "Out," Maria yelled slamming the door behind her.

(Max and Michael at Michael's apartment)

"Maria's mom kinda caught me in her bedroom," Michael said. "So," Max asked not getting it. "She didn't know I was there and we were kinda kissing when she walked in," Michael said. "Oh, was the sheriff there?" "Yeah." "So what do you think Maria's mom is going to…,"Max was cut off by a knock on the door. Michael opened the door and saw Maria with tears running down her face. "What wrong," Michael asked. Max stood up. "I'll see you later, Michael." Michael nodded and Max walked out the door. Michael looked at Maria.

"My mom…Is going…to put a re…straining order…on you. So…we won't…be together anymore," Maria managed to get out. Michael hugged her close. "Nobodies going to take you away from me," Michael whispered in her ear and pull back enough to kiss her.

(The next day in the courtroom. Liz, Max, Alex, Isabell, Michael, and Maria on one side. Kyle, Amy, and Jim on the other.)

The Judge came in and everybody stood up. Michael and Maria had a lawyer and so did Amy and Jim.

"Your honor, my clients Mrs. and Mr. Valenti would like to put a restraining order on Michael Guerin to keep him away from Miss. De Luca. With your permission I would like to call Michael Guerin to the stand.

The Judge nodded and Michael took the stand. A police officer came up to Michael with a bible. "Place your left hand on the bible and rise your right hand. Do you swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth? So help you God?" "I do." Michael said and sat down. Mr. and Mrs. Valenti's lawyer came up in the front of him.

"Are you and Miss. De Luca going out?" "Yes." "Are or have you and Miss. De Luca been intimate?" "Objection! Don't you think that's a little to personal?" Michael and Maria's lawyer asked. "Objection over ruled," the judge said. Michael looked at Maria and than down at the ground. "Yes," he said softly. He didn't want them to know because he know it would only be used against him. He didn't regret it. He just wanted to keep it between them. "Excuse me?" The lawyer asked. "Yes," Michael said again.

Amy gasped and glared at Michael. Maria could feel her face reddening remembering last night how Michael had been so sweet and loving. She wouldn't take it back for the world. "I'd like to call Maria De Luca to the stand." Maria stood up and walked to the stand. "Do you swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. So help you God?" "I do."

Michael sat down and could tell that Max was glaring and him. So he turned around to find Max with that look that said, "When this is over we're going to talk."

"Miss. De Luca, how did you meet Mr. Guerin?" "My friend Liz Parker started to like Max Evans and Michael and Max or best friends," Maria replied leaving out the alien stuff. "Mrs. Valenti said she had trouble with Michael before. Apparently he was sleeping with you in your bed. Is that right?" "Yes, but we were just sleeping nothing else." "Why did he come over to your house that night?" "Hank, his foster father." "What's wrong with Hank that made Mr. Guerin come to your house?" "Hank beat him and Michael ran to my house." "So where is Mr. Guerin living now?" "In an apartment by himself." "Are you ever alone with him in his apartment?" Maria rolled her eyes. This lawyer made it sound like it was bad. "Yes." "And what did ya'll do?" "Oh, I don't know…nothing," Maria said sarcastically to herself. "What any teenager would do."

"Answer the question," the judge said. "Make out." "Mind defining that for the court?" "Kissing a lot!" Maria said. "DUH," she said to herself. "I rest my case," The lawyer said. Maria walked down and sat beside Michael and held his hand.

Maria and Michael's lawyer got up. "I call Mrs. Valenti to the stand." Amy walked up the stand.

"Why do you want to put a restraining order on Mr. Guerin?" The lawyer asked. "Because I don't want Maria to end up like me. Having a baby at the age 16 with a father who ran away." "What happened the night that you walked in on Michael and Maria?" "I was waking Maria up for school and when I saw Michael in the bed. I hit him with a newspaper."

Alex started giggling in the back and Liz elbowed him in the side to shut him up. "What caused you to want to put the restraining order on Michael?" "I caught him a month ago in Maria's bedroom. They we're as Maria puts it making out" Amy replied. "I rest my case," The lawyer said defendingly.

(The jury comes back)

"We're going to put a restraining order on Mr. Gurin for the next two months until Miss. De Luca turns 18 and if she wants. She can reinstate the restraining order on her own. The restraining order will be put into place tomorrow, 9/13/01, at one A.M." One of the men in the jury said. "Court dismissed," The judge said.

Everybody walked out of the courtroom. Michael and Maria held hands and Max and Liz were behind them. "Mrs. Valenti," Liz said weirdly, "Is it ok if Maria spends the night?" "Sure, Liz. I think she needs a friend." Liz smiled. She would cover for Maria while she stayed at Michael's until midnight."

(At Michael's apartment)

"I can't believe my mom would do that just because she caught you in my room. I mean its not like they can keep us apart forever," Maria said loudly. "I'll make us dinner, ok?" Michael said. "Mmm…ok."

They ate dinner and cleaned up. They walked into the living room to watch TV. They where watching one of the "I love Lucy," reruns. "I don't know how I'm going to get through a whole two months without getting with in 5 steps of you," Maria said laying her head down in his lap. Michael ran his hands through her hair. "I know how you feel." Maria didn't know how she how she was going to control herself for TWO months. When she could barely get through one school day.

Michael couldn't even begin to imagine what was going to happen in the next two moths. He just knew it was going to be harder with all the alien stuff and him seeing Maria all the time and knowing he couldn't touch her.

Soon they fell into a peaceful sleep with the TV still going. They woke up at 11:30 but neither now what time it was.

Liz was beginning to worry. Maria said she be here at 12:30 just so she wouldn't worry. Liz jumper in the car and drove to Michael's.

Liz knocked on the door to Michael's apartment. There was no answer, so she knocked again. Still she got no answer. She tired the doorknob, and it was unlocked. She walked in to find the TV on but nobody watching it. She knocked on Michael bedroom door. Nobody answered. She took a breath hopefully she wouldn't see anything she didn't want to. She opened the door. To find Michael and Maria asleep with no clothes on. Liz was just glad the sheets covered everything. She went up to Maria and shook her shoulder. Maria snuggled up closer to Michael. "Maria," Liz whispered shaking her.

Maria opened her eyes to see Liz. "I'll be out in a minute, Liz." Liz left the room to wait for Maria. Maria cupped Michael's face and kissed him. Michael's eyes opened and his arms wrapped around her pulling her close. "I love you," Michael whispered in her ear. Maria smiled, "I love you, too." Maria kissed Michael one lasted time and reluctantly got out of bed. She put on some of Michael's boxers and a T-shirt.

Michael got up and got dressed Maria was about to leave. When she was turned around by Michael. Michael's mouth crashed down on hers. She moaned into his mouth. She didn't want to leave. She wished she could just stay in Michael's arms forever.

About 15mins later, Maria opened the door to see Liz watching the TV. "Ready to go?" Maria asked. "Yeah," Liz said as Michael walked out of the room. Michael kissed Maria and whispered, "Bye for now but not forever." Maria smiled and blinked away her tears. "Bye, Love you," Maria whispered.

Liz drove her and Maria to the Crashdown. They watched movies all night. Liz knew Maria was hurting. It was just that Maria put on an act when she was around people but for some reason she only let her true feelings show around Michael.

That morning Maria went to school with Liz. Maria stopped by her locker to get her books for the next classes. Then they head down the hall to first period. They saw Max, Isabell, and Michael in the hall talking. "Maria, we don't have to," Liz said when Maria headed for them. "It's ok Liz," Maria said taking a deep breath.

"Hey guys," Maria said to everybody but only looking at Michael. Maria was just about to reach for Michael's hand but before she could even touch him Kyle came between them. "Hey sis," Kyle said. "Hey Kyle," Maria said in a disappointing voice. "Well, see you around. Just remember," Kyle leaned down and whispered in her ear, "No, Michael." Kyle disappeared down the hall and Maria just glared at him.

At lunch, Kyle walked up to Liz, Max, and Isabell and asked where Maria was. "Why do you care?" Isabell asked him with her ice queen attitude. "Because she's my sister." "She's in the library, Kyle," Liz interrupted. "Thanks," Kyle said and walked to the library.

When they got there, Kyle looked all over. Finally, when he got to the back, he saw Michael and Maria making out. Maria was backed up against the wall with her fingers in his hair. Michael's hands were up her shirt. "Well, look at what we have here," Kyle said so loud that Michael and Maria pulled apart as the Sheriff turned the corner. The sheriff's eyes went from Maria to Michael. "This is a warning one more time and your butt will be in jail." Michael's arms uncircled her waist and Maria felt suddenly cold. "Maria you have a dentist appointment and then you are to come straight home." Maria nodded and walked off.

Michael returned back to the lunch table with Max, Liz, and Isabell. "Liz, Maria needs a friend. Girl's bathroom by the library." "What happened?" Liz asked. "Kyle caught us," was the only thing Michael said. Liz nodded and took off to the restroom.

Then next morning Maria wasn't feeling so hot. She ran into the bathroom and came back out about five minutes later. Maria got ready for school only because she had a math test.

The next week was about the same every morning. Maria would get sick and then be fine for the rest of the day. Now Maria and Liz sat on Maria's bed. Maria had a pregnancy test in her hands. "So, plus sign, baby, minus sign, no baby."

Maria went into the restroom and came back out two minutes later. "Tell me when 5 minutes is up," Maria said. They laid down on the bed 5 minutes. "It's been 5 minutes."

Maria took a deep breath and got up and went into the restroom and came back out with tears in her eyes. She handed the test to Liz with shacking hands. Maria was having a baby. Liz held Maria while she cried. "How am I going to tell Michael?" "I don't know, but he has the right to know." "I can't even go within 5 steps of him with out Kyle butting in!" Maria yelled, "Sorry Liz. I'm just scared." "Shh I know," Liz said.

Maria went to work at the Crashdown. Her main reason for coming was to talk to Michael. She was freaking out worrying about whether Michael would ran away? Would he stay? She was happy she was carrying Michael's baby, but she also know that her mother was going to kill her. She knew that she needed him, but would he be there for her?


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