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ronia's restless sandbox.

Right-click and choose save-as to get my video below.
You will have to email me and request the Sarah McLachlan (Willow/Tara) or Coldplay (Spike/Buffy) videos I made because the 1st video is back for now.

The first video I ever made. Spuffy adventures abound to Staind's "It's Been a While."

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You Know You're Obssessed With BtVS When...

by numba1buffyfan (I think)
  • - You whittle wooden stakes.
  • - You kick doors open.
  • - You carry around a stake, just in case.
  • - You take long walks in the cemetery at night.
  • - You have a strange fear of hospitals.
  • - You don't complain about going to church anymore because you remember that your supply of Holy Water is running kind of low.
  • - You wear crosses every day and have a vast selection of them.
  • - You never verbally invite anyone into your home.
  • - You keep all your important information on yellow disks.
  • - You avoid fraternity parties.
  • - As a rule you don't like to be surprised.
  • - Your friends are fearful that if they call during "Buffy Hour" they'll be in for a long lecture the next day.
  • - You bookmark the Coroner's Office as a favorite place.
  • - When you hear that there's a new librarian at your school, you slam open the doors of the library and yell; "Okay. What's the sitch?".
  • - You can recite a whole Buffy episode(s).
  • - You wallpaper your room with pictures of the Buffy cast and complain when there isn't enough space to put them all up.
  • - You ask a priest to bless your bottle of Perrier.
  • - Just for the hell of it, you enter Moloch into several search engines.
  • - You name your doll Miss Edith.
  • - You let your bird die of starvation.
  • - You paint your nails like Drusilla.
  • - When your brother comes back from the zoo, you won't let him in the house.
  • - The only way you know how to say the word bitch is 'bitca'.
  • - You get your hair cut like Buffy's and your hairdresser keeps remarking that the picture you show her (for your haircut) looks oddly familiar.
  • - You find yourself writing "You Know You've Seen Too Much Buffy When...".
  • - Whenever you quote Buffy Verse, you laugh hysterically while your friends stare at you like you've grown another ear.