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Planet Boards
How to Fight
1.You must state your pl at the beggining of the fight.
2.Whoever has the higher speed goes first.
3.When it is your turn you either attack or power up.
4.If you attack, subtract the damage of the attack from the target's power level.(to find out how much damage an attack does, look on your member's page.)
5. If you charge up, add 15 to your power level.
6.No one dies unless it is a showdown authorized by Brolly. No one ever dies in a spar.
7.If you go SSJ1 your pl and the damage that all of your attacks do are multiplied by 2,if you go SSJ2 your pl and the damage of all of your attacks are multiplied by 3,SSJ3 statsx4,SSJ4 statsx5,ect.If you go oozuru, your stats are multiplied by 5 and if you go golden oozuru, your stats are multiplied by 20.After a fight, both participants must email me the results,if the results from the two are different, no one gets any stats. If I get an email from one participant but not the other, nobody gets any stats.
21. I will decide how many stat points the winner gets, and the loser gets +1,000 on his power level.

These rules do not apply to planet boards, see main rules.