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The Story of Brolly.
Brolly is a mysterious saiyan with immense strength. Brolly was born on planet Vegeta with a power level of 1,000,000. No one knows much about Brolly, but every saiyan has heard the myth of an extremely powerful saiyan who, when angered, transforms into a phsycoatic beast who destroys every one and thing around him. Brolly grew up alone because of the fact that he killed his father when he was but a boy. During that time, Brolly has developed into one of the fiercest fighters in the universe.

Brolly's special attacks:Yao Shen(Death Blow)/Automatically kills any enemy unless they are more powerful
Form Dead Zone/Sends enemy to hell unless they are more powerful
Big Bang x100,000,000/750,000
Go ssj1/all stats times 2
Go ssj2/all stats times 4
Go ssj3/all stats times 6
Go ssj4/all stats times 10
Go ssj5/all stats times 15
Golden Oozuru FOrm/all stats times 20

Brolly's power level is 1,900,685(2,500,000 when angry)
Brolly's Attacks:Omega Kamehameha/500,000
Final Flash/250,000
Gatlic Gun/600,000
Mao Neng/200,000
Big Bang/600,000
Flash Explosion/600,000
Solar Flare
Fusion Dance