Bebi Vegeta
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The Story of Bebi-Vegeta.
Bebi-Vegeta was formed when Bebi posessed Vegeta. Bebi-Vegeta is an extremely dangerous fighter. Bebi-Vegeta once destroyed an entire galaxy simply because he was punched in the nose. Bebi-Vegeta is an unpredictable character who has no bounds when tempted.

Bebi-Vegeta's special attacks:Dark Spirit Bomb/60,000(takes three turns to charge)
go SSJ1/all stats times 2
oozuru form/all stats times 3

Bebi-Vegeta's power level is 164,000(200,000 when angry)
Bebi-Vegeta's Attacks: Kamehameha/2,000
Final Flash/5,000
Gatlic Gun/7,500
Big Bang/7,500
Solar Flare