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Saiyan Moves

Saiyan Attacks
(-10) Fire Punch 5/10i.
(-50) Galic Gun 50/20i.
(-100) Kamehameha 100/25i.
(-20) Eye Blaster 20/25i.
(-30) Mouth Beam 30/25i.

SSJ 1 Attacks
(-500) Mega Kamehameha 100/80i.
(-1,000) Teleport Punch (unblockable or dodgeable punch)75/200i.
(-2,000) Spirit Bomb(only blockable or dodgeable iif SSJ1) 100/100i.

SSJ 2 Attacks
(-2,500) Tornado Blast 100/200i.
(-2,500) Masenko 100/250i.
(-3,000) Big Bang 300/300i.

SSJ 3 Attacks
(-5,000) Omega Blaster 500/500i.
(-20,000) Fire Punch 1,500/1,000i. (-500,000+1,000,000 for each ghost that you realease.) Multiple Ghost Attck-Each ghost does 5,000,000 damage
(-50,000,000) Death Blow- Move that automatically kills the opponent if it doesn't kill you first.(takes 3 turns to charge.)

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