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Abilities List

This is the abilities list. You can only use abilities with a ssj,sn, or pf if you are a super saiyan, a super namekiak, or if you are a perfect form alien.You may only choose abilities with a ssj2 or ssj3 beside them if you are a super saiyan 2 or a super saiyan 3.If a ability has an sa beside it, you may only use it if you are a super android.
Go ssj1(ssj)
Go ssj2(ssj2)
Go ssj3(ssj3)
Go Super Namekian(sn)
Evolve to Perfect Form(pf)
Upgrade to Super Android(sa)
Absorb (1) (needed to gain power from others)
Anger Increase (1) (allows a fighting bonus)
Avenge Increase (4)
Auto Repair (8)
Blind fight (1)
Create Dead Zone (3)
Cast Spells (pf) alien only
Create Dragon Balls (sn) nameks only
Deceptive speed (1) (allows you to only reveal half of speed)
Death Shot (10) (increases the chance of landing the death shot)
Double Movemnet (7) (player allowed two moves per round)
Enraged (3)
Egg (sn) nemeks only
Energy absorb (sa) androids only
Form shift (3)
Fly (1)
Full Power fight (ssj1)
Fusion (sn) nameks only
Fusion Dance (6)
Gain power (1) (allows player to accept power from those around them)
Give Power (1) (allows player to give power to someone around them)
Hide PL (2)
Hot Hand (2) (gives player ability to partialy heal others with 10% of own power)
Illimunation (7) (sn)
Jump (1)
Match PL (4) (allows weakend character the ability to hold off energy attack by matching its power)
Ride (ssj1)
Rebuild (4)
Sustain Speed (ssj2) (only lose half of speed during fight)
Super Speed (6) (50xSpeed)
Speed (1) (speed +20)
Speed Max (5) (speedx2)
Transform (1) (Transform into monkey form,all stats times 10)
Unseen PL (sa) (androids only)
Psychosis (ssj3) (all stats including attack intensity multiplies by 500 but only for that fight.)