Memorable Quotes

The quotes that made you laugh, cry, and say ugh

Episode 1 & 2: The Phantom Beth & Attack of the Wicks

Belou on the age of her child: "My kid is six months years old."

Mike L. discussing how he's not afraid of being voted off because: "Beth sucks ass."

Jisela while she was waiting for the Road Rules inner circle verdict: "I feel as weak as a Real Worlder!"

Piggy on Chadwick and Holly M. constantly making out: "Read a book, ya know?"

Mike M. on competition with the Road Rulers: "I just want to break their heads off and shove them down their asses."

Episode 3: H-E-Double Hockey Sticks, Please, Just Say Hell

Josh commenting of the size of the waves: "Dude those things are big."

Belou on Chadwick's comment of not watching her child: "Are you trying to tell me that I'm not a good mudda?"

Chris while playing scrabble: "When Mike put down the word sh*thead I was going to shizle in my nizzle but then I just went all down with the VA."

Episode 4: Stephen, Private Eye

Chris on the fake alliance: "In the end your actions will be rewarded."

Josh on Chadwick and Piggy being voted off: "Not only is it ironic, but I feel as if it’s poetic justice."

Episode 5: Death of the Wick's

Adam on Stephen elbowing Jisela: "If I have the chance to go head to head with Stephen I'm gonna break his legs out."

Episode 6: Return of the Hypocrites or How I Learned to Stop Being a Selfish Bitch and to Share the Big Guy

Theo on having to vote somebody off: "I didn't show up here to make sand castles."

Episode 7: And Then There Were 4

Theo after making a basket: “Do I look like three 7’s in a row cuz I’m one lucky mother.”

Mike L. talking the IC into voting him off: “I have golf plans this Saturday and Sunday…that means sushi and lot’s of sex.”

Episode 8: Tara?  Where did she come from?

Theo on Becky’s comment on throwing up: “Ew, get to the toilet!”

Mike’s new alter ego: “Now I’m Karate Mike!”

Theo on Emily’s diherea: “Poopy poop.”

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