Not-Even-Close-To-Annual Update (6/7/14): So, seven years later and a lot has changed. I've been making web videos semi-professionally, and only recently caught the bug to make games again. So where else would I go to post them but the place where it all began? Right here on an old Angelfire page that nobody looks at. Brilliant. I really gotta re-think my marketing strategy.

Anyway, I'm stepping my way through learning Unity3D, and one of the tutorials is for a space shooter game - I call it SHOOT THE THINGS, because I can. It has been added to the site, but to make room, I had to delete the old games here on Angelfire, but they're still in the Box below for you to grab if you came here looking for gameshow goodness!

Phew. After all that, here are the games!

Installation Instructions:

Download BOTH install programs and run them both. Games may be installed to any directory you wish, but the fonts MUST go into your Windows/Fonts directory.

System Requirements:

Pentium 200 or higher, 32MB RAM, 4MB VRAM, DirectX 7. Sound card -- NO digital audio hardware like Aureal A3D Interactive Audio Init., it locks the game -- and a brain. If you have all these things, you should be ready to rock.

Font Patch Instructions:

Unzip the executable, and run it. It doesn't have to be in any particular directory, just make sure that the font files that come with the font installer are in the C:\Windows\Fonts directory, or else it won't work.

All files have been checked for viruses, but neither PYLPAaron nor Angelfire can be held responsible for damages to your computer caused by these files. DOWNLOAD AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Remember. RandomManA@aol.com. I need to hear from YOU, if you want more games. NEW: Also, I'm looking for your ideas on hidden goodies, Send all questions, goodie ideas and feedback to: RandomManA@aol.com. Remember, NOTHING happens without YOU.


Greed Demo Font Installer *required for Greed* (100K)
Font Patch for Greed 0.925 or earlier
Net Ultimate Greed, Sunday nights!
SHOOT THE THINGS! (may need to install Unity Web Player)

Email: RandomManA@aol.com