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Annual Update! (12/27/07): HOLY CRAP! Where the hell have I been? Good question! I'll post an answer on the site the next time I update, which'll be sometime in '09 at this rate. Excellent news! I've dumped that crappy RPGMaker for something, well, a little less third-gradeish. And LOCK-OUT 2.0 is out in force! AND Take Your Pick 2.0! Good lord, I've gone INSANE! Now available is Duel MC Edition! Have at it with your friends! Download them from the link below and play away! If these don't inspire you to stop surfing the net, NOTHING WILL! That's my new ZeemsGames slogan.

I've also created a Box where you can grab anything ZeemsGames offers. The links will remain in place below in case of any problems, but Duel MC Edition is only available in the Box.

If you haven't downloaded Greed, you'll need to download the font patch program for my games, that'll install the correct fonts to the right place. So enjoy! Send in those e-mails! Also, if you're having troubles reading the text, as it looks a little garbled, there's now a font patch program available. Unzip the installer, run the install program, and run the exe in the folder you installed to. Simple as that. Any questions? If there's a problem, let me know about that. If a question I've used is incorrect in any way, I need to know immediately, but you have to prove it, so remember that. Phew. After all that, here are the games!

Installation Instructions:

Download BOTH install programs and run them both. Games may be installed to any directory you wish, but the fonts MUST go into your Windows/Fonts directory.

System Requirements:

Pentium 200 or higher, 32MB RAM, 4MB VRAM, DirectX 7. Sound card -- NO digital audio hardware like Aureal A3D Interactive Audio Init., it locks the game -- and a brain. If you have all these things, you should be ready to rock.

Font Patch Instructions:

Unzip the executable, and run it. It doesn't have to be in any particular directory, just make sure that the font files that come with the font installer are in the C:\Windows\Fonts directory, or else it won't work.

All files have been checked for viruses, but neither PYLPAaron nor Angelfire can be held responsible for damages to your computer caused by these files. DOWNLOAD AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Remember. I need to hear from YOU, if you want more games. NEW: Also, I'm looking for your ideas on hidden goodies, Send all questions, goodie ideas and feedback to: Remember, NOTHING happens without YOU.


Greed Demo Font Installer *required for Greed* (100K)
Font Patch for Greed 0.925 or earlier
Net Ultimate Greed, Sunday nights!
LOCK-OUT Bonus Round game 2.0!
Take Your Pick 2.0! Full game show game!
Straight Sevens! New game show game!
Climb To The Top! New bonus round game!