This page is in no way affiliated with Jason David Frank, Power Rangers or any of thier affiliates. Jason David Frank As Tommy Oliver Black/Gold Dino Thunder Ranger
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Power Rangers Dino Thunder And JDF
I'm sure you've heard of JDF return to Power Rangers and if you're like me you're really excited. So I decided to make this page to keep all of the Tommy fans updated.

I must admit, I was and stll am a PR fan at my age and nothing trills me more than to see Tommy as a ranger again wheter it's as the Green Ranger, White Ranger, Red or Black Ranger. Tommy is still the greatest ranger of all time. It's Morphin Time DRAGONZORD/TIGERZORD/WHITE RANGER POWER/ZEO RANGER 5 RED/Shift Into Turbo RED LIGHTNING TURBO POWER. Also in the story section I will have my own fan fics scripts and stories for my 8 new series as well as artwork. I was going too keep it a suprise but if you check the story link I will have the names for the sries as well as a sneak peek at the super sentai i've been working on.

More News Coming Soon as I Get It

But the wait is all worth it. The story page is about 50 percent finished as I get new story info I will post it. The rest are just duplicates of the home.