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Tribal Quotes

'Democracies need defending'- Amber
'You know where you can stick your democracy'- Bray

'But that's my special soap!'- Zandra

'I know what that is... it's a baby!'- Patsy

'Tai-San, you are out of your warped little mind'- Jack

'I take it all back, this man has ketchup!'- Dal

'Are you talking about the girl or the cat?!'- Amber

'Are you saying I haven't got anything better to do than paint my nails?'- Zandra

'Ryan, one; Best- there isn't really a lot of choice is there? Two; Man- that's debatable. Three; Wedding- what wedding? There isn't going to be a wedding.'- Lex

'Only a knock over the head with a large hammer could change Lex!'- Dal

'And what's one vote when the other two come from la-laa land?'- Lex

'Fine, do what you like, have your party; trash the place for all I care, and you know what Patsy I don't care, I wish I never had, then maybe I wouldn't be stuck here with a bunch of losers like you. So go ahead, sit moping in this filth I came back to and wait for the virus to get you, because I DON'T CARE!'- Amber

'No, Lex isn't scared; he's petrified.'- Amber

'You think if I drink this I'll turn into a monster?'- Lex
'Too late Lex.'- Bray

'I've never hit a dying man before, but there's always a first time.'- Danni

'Yeah, a weird I'm in the room with a total fruitcake!'- Alice

'One person's dream can be another's nightmare.'- Tai-San

"Remember the eleventh commandment , thou shalt not shoot thyself in the foot" - Ebony

'Because daughter of mass murderer sounds sooo much better than just murderer'- Danni

'I don't know what she's got on you, but you just made yourself a pac with the devil.'- Danni

'Your in my bed, that's what, and this is strictly an invitation only place, and an exclusive one at that!'- Lex

'They're loony, they do nasty things, what else do people need to know?'- Jack

'I'm a scientist...I lose things, forget birthdays and I'm more familiar with numbers than words!'- Jack

'Some happy couples, one doesn't believe in marriage and the other doesn't love her husband!'- Danni

'I've lost everything because of YOU, FREEDEOM! And you ask me to join you? I'd rather go to HELL!'- Bray

'It's an apple? Apples have been doing people in since the beginning of time. Remember Adam? And Snowhite? Both lured to their fate by a shiny red apple, just like the one your holding in your hand. On the other hand, it might ot be an apple at all.'- Alice

'Oh, why don't you just go join the Chosen Salene? Once and for all. So tell them Zoot appeared to you in a bolt of lighting and told you to kiss his backside!'- Alice

'Does the Guardian wear women's underwear in bed?'- Lex 'Hi Trudy'- Eagle
'AMBER! But you're dead!'- The Supreme Mother
'Yeah, it's nice to see you too.'- Eagle

'I'll go along with it, but I don't think we're different people. Amber didn't die up there and I don't care what you call yourself, you'll always be Amber to me.'- Bray

‘Hey, if they’ll be any fighting around here I’ll be the one starting it.’- Alice

'Love and hate, two sides of the same coin. One can become another with the flip of a finger.'- Tai-San

'Long Live Bray, the humanitarian! Lives saved, souls redeemed, conciences cleared and special rates for FRUITCAKES!'- Lex

'Zoot was a monster turned into a God by a lunatic!'- Ellie
'The Guardian is not a lunatic...'- Luke
'Oh, get real, the Guardian is a headcase!'- Ellie

'So let me get this straight. There's the rebels, but they're not here. Then there's Jack, Cloe, Ryan and Danni- all missing. Then there's Zandra, Dal and Patsy- may they rest in peace, and then there's, um...what's her name?'- Ned
'AMBER.'- Tally + Andy
'That's right, she's dead too, but then it turns out she's alive! It's beautiful!'- Ned

‘Actually I went up to one of the Guards. I said, ‘ Excuse me, could you recommend a wall I could knock a hole in and escape through?’ He said ‘Certainly Madame, right this way.’- Alice

'You mean you want US to be GOOD?!'- Andy
'No, I don't expect miracles, I just want you to stay out of trouble.'- Alice

‘Look, guys we tend to er…make a lot of noise when we er… you know, so we sleep down here, so we don’t disturb the others.’- Ned

‘I need a word.’- Ebony
‘I have one, knock, it’s polite.’- Amber

‘Why’d I have to fall for him, of all people?’- Ellie
'Cos you’re stupid. Sweetie, it runs in the family.’- Alice

‘Remember the Chosen? Weren’t you their Spiritual leader for a while back there? Or was I just dreaming that?’- Jack
‘Jack, I was kidnapped, just like you.’- Trudy
‘The difference between you and me, Trudy, is that you bought that garbage. You sold your friends out and you were glad to do it.’- Jack