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The Tribe is about a group of children trying to survive in a post-appocalyptic world.
When the government tried an anti-agent project, it went very wrong, and the virus was created. The virus killed off all the adults, and the children were left to fend for themselves. At first they thought what every kid would think in that situation: 'No school, no rules, woo hoo!!' but then they started to realise that in order to survive they would have to form tribes. Many different tribes were formed, each with different ideas for the world. The Locos wanted 'Power and Chaos', while the Demon Dogs just wanted to party. The Mallrats however, the stars of our show, wanted to create a peacefull world, without the mistakes the adults had made.
The mallrats all came together at different times but they all live together now at phoenix mall(hence the name of the site!). You can learn more about our favourite mallrats at the characters page.