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      I'm back with even more news!

      I added Galeries for all the Sailor Senshi, Tuxedo Kamen, and for Groups! This means that the Groups and the Characters Images all work!      

I've also added the Contact Me page as well as the About me page!

      That may be all for today... but we'll see!

           Ja ne!


      Hey all!

      I've got the profiles for the Sailor Senshi up and running

      I'm currently working on ones for Tuxedo Kamen as well as Luna, Artemis, and the Season 1 Villains!

      Cheer me on! It's gonna be a looooong day!

           Ja ne!


      My all new fansite dedicated to the Japanese tv series, "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon"!

      None of the links work as of now... but I'm sure to have some up and running in no time!

      Also, be sure to check out this fandub that I am currently involved in. We plan on having Act 1 dubbed by October!

      Shelbymoonlight: Fandubs

           Ja ne!

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