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-- MAY 2004 (TOP) TO SEPTEMBER 2003 (BOTTOM) --

2004 Rocket Day
Boy what a great time! We even had a 2 dens battle in a game called "Rocket Wars" where they launched eggs as payloads in their rockets. And yes, on the last landing den 7's egg did break giving the victory to den 3. Hopefully we can try this as a pack event next year.

2004 Spring Campout
We had 88 people attend our spring campout at Casini Ranch on the Russian River. Everyone had a great time!

2004 Akela Festival / Camporee for all Webelos.

Our 1st and 2nd year Webelos had a great time at this event held at Penngrove Park. Our 2nd year webelos moved onto Boy Scouts with the official District Arrow of light ceremony. The ceremony included Indian folk lore,flamming arrows and torches. Our group also placed in the following areas: First Place for Scout Knowledge, First Place for Model Camp and Second Place for the Obstacle Course.

2004 April Pack meeting and 2nd year Webelos Graduation
We had 10 Webelos graduate from our Pack this year. All boys have decided to join Troop 74 and continue their scouting careers. An emotional time for some parents as say good bye to Pack 84 after 5 wonderful years!

2004 Pinewood Derby
What can you say. Pack 84 puts on the best Pinewood Derby's. Again a big thanks to all our great parents and the 711 Lions.

2004 February Blue & Gold Dinner
This years Theme is "Fiesta" and boy do we have cakes! And what about those table decorations! Everyone did a FANTASTIC JOB!

2004 January Pack Meeting
4 rotations all on Safety. The Cubs enjoyed it as well as learning a lot of important safety info!

2003 "A scout gives good" Christmas Caroling
Cubs and Brownies both participated in Christmas caroling.