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*updated 08-23-04*



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Occupation: Bus driver for Springfield Elementary School.

Jobs on the side: Driver for Springfield Poolmobile, Springfield Nuclear Power Plant family events, Springfield Seniors Gambling Junket Bus, Springfield bloodmobile.

Talent: Playing the guitar. Driving a bus, no, wait, just playing the guitar

Favorite songs: "Freebird", "Every Rose Has Its Thorn;, "Iron Man", Purple Haze", and "Frankenstein".

Favorite books: Stuff from the vampire's point of view.

Driving record: Fifteen accidents and not a single fatality.

In the future:
Otto Cab Company will be established in year 2003; Mayor Quimby is a driver.

Quote: "My name is Otto and I love to get blotto."

Memorable Moments:
* Cerified "blood tech dude".
* Crashed school bus full of kids on way to Springfield Elementary.
* Kicked out of apartment with no job or money.
* Lived in Simpson's garage until Homer kicked him out.
* Passed driver's exam when Patty found out he hates Homer.
* Got stoned with Homer when he needed medicinal marijuana.
* Played "Pablo" in "Oh! Streetcar! But was cut 5 minutes before it started"
* Drove the Springfield pool mobile.
* Almost got married, but couldn't live without rock n' roll

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