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Tribal Council Results

Jared: Julia, how are you going to base your vote in this Tribal Council?

Julia: Well Jared, my votes will be determined by how much of a participant my tribmates have been. Writing on the mesage board, doing well, and trying their best!

Jared: Mark, do feel vonerable at all going into this Tribal Council?

Mark: I absolutely do feel vulnerable. I think my tribe members are going to vote me out because they would think I was responsible for this Tribal Council. My grandmother passed away, and I think some things are more important. In any instance, yes, I do feel vulnerable, but, if this is my time to be voted out, then so be it.

--Let's read the votes--

First vote...........Christine

Next vote.....................Brady
One vote Christine, one vote Brady

Next vote Christine
Two votes Christine, one vote Brady

Next vote........Christine
Three votes Christine, one vote Brady

Next vote................Christine

That's four votes Christine

That's a majority

The Tribe has spoken

Please send me your Final Words

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