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Immunity Results

1. Q: He has a look of awful scorn, And wears his clothes a funny way, Waving his hands over fields of corn, He keeps the birds away!

A: Scarecrow

2. Q: I can be displayed in many ways...
You usually stop for me
I am a sign of love and compassion, yet I am also a sign of pain, and hatred

A: The Colour Red

3. Q: I'm the beginning of Eternity the end of time and space, the beginning of the End and the end of every place. What am I? Hint:the answer is in the riddle

A: The letter E

4. Q: Whatís greater than God
More Evil than the Devil
Itís larger than the universe
Poor people have it
Rich people need it
If you eat it you will die?
What is it?

A: Nothing

5. Q: There was once a rich man who lived in a round mansion. One day the man got killed. The wife asked the maid, "Did you kill my husband?" She replied "No! I was busy sweeping the corner of the mansion." Then she asked the farmer. "Did you kill my husband?" He said, "No! I was busy harvesting the crops in the backyard!" Then she asked the butler. "Did you kill my husband?" He said, "No! I was busy filling up the limo with gas." She found out who it was. Can you figure out who murdered the man?

A: The maid did. Since the mansion was round she could not have been sweeping the corners. Since she lied, she did it.

Alex scored 2
Victor scored 5
Bobby scored 5
Amanda scored 4
Mark scored 4
Nettie scored 5

Victor sent it in the quickest so he wins Immunity!

Your votes are due Tuesday

Online Survivor 3