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Immunity Results

First Question:
Bobby vs. Victor
the tv
Answer: Turn on the TV
Correct Answers: Bobby, Victor
Porco 1, Macaco 1

Next Question:
Catherine vs. Christine
my you're way
Answer: you're in my way
Correct Answers: Christine
Porco 1, Macaco 2

Next Question:
Suzy vs. Trystan
Answer: Journey through the center of the Earth
Correct Answers: Suzy, Trystan
Porco 2, Macaco 3

Next Question:
Alex vs. Julia
is is is is is is is is is is Court
Answer: Tennis Court
Correct Answers: Alex, Julia
Porco 3, Macaco 4

Next Question:
Kammer vs. Brady
you it's just me
Answer: It's just between you and me
Correct Answers: Kammer, Brady
Porco 4, Macaco 5

If the Macaco member in this next Question gets it right Macaco wins Immunity.

Next Question:
Nettie vs. Melanie

Answer: High School Diploma
Correct Answers: Nettie, Melanie

Macaco wins Immunity!

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