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Victor's Final Words

Well, I will start saying tank you to Jared for the sencond oportunity, I was really glad when you invited me. I hope I play another game hosted by you, maybe os 27... Now I will really start with my final words, and I hope it explains to everybody from the game what I did to get here, even for those who are thinking "lets see what the loser has to say": KEITH, SUZY and CATHERINE: I don't have anything to say to you, just tank you for sucking in immunity challenges...I will mention Catherine, she seems a really interesting person according to Kammer. MELANIE and TRYSTAN: You 2 know the reason why you left, first because this was your second game (that I know) playing together, and second, you have the same IP. Melanie left first because she didn't tak with anyone by e-mails, Trystan left after because he was doing an alliance, and because we chose to keep with Mark. Talking with Trystan is the only thing I regret, because I shouldn't have talked with someone I would vote for.
CHRISTINE: Our alliance backstabbed you, not because of your previous votes, but because you never e-mailed us to talk. It's important to say you DIDN'T suck in challenges. Immunity Challenge #5, it wasn't your fault, as you post your answer in the message board. The real reason why we lost its because Trystan posted his answer to late, but it wasn't his fault either. (Actually I still don't understand why L...ip is "split lips", but whatever...)
BRADY: My best friend in the game, we create the alliance, and I really wanted you to win, but the porcos finished with this dream, and we lost contact. I seriously tought in quitting, but then I started to talk a lot with Amanda and I decided to stay. JULIA and MARK: Julia was in the alliance, I have to say shes awsome, and I always laugh of her posts and e-mails. For some weird reason she stopped e-mailing me. mark wasn't in the alliance, but we decided that you were more friendly than Christine. Had you made a strong bond, you would win the game.
ALEX, KAMRON and BOBBY (aka "the 3 stoogies"): Kamron was invisible, so I have nothing to say. Alex, I think Jared put you in the wrong tribe, my only problem with you is the fact you were in an alliance with the kid. TIMONE (opps!), HANK (opps, again!), BOBBY (Sexton???): I don't even know if you really exist, and if you are real, you must be related with Jared...You are smart for a 12 years old kid, but will never win a game, since you don't want to. You just want to fight.
NETTIE: you were "unstopable". I really tought the game was yours, and I don't know who were the weirdos who voted for who in past tribal councils. You was the sweetheart of the game, and its safe to say everybody liked you.
KAMMER: nice. I really liked to had met him, but in the very end, I got disapointed with something: how could you ask Amanda to pick you if she had won the last immunity? I would never ask Nettie something like this, if Amanda had left in the TC#13. I didn't do the immunity because I wanted everybody to have equal chances, and if I hadn't said anything, I would be in the final 2. I'm glad I sacrificed myself for Amanda, because she deserves to win more than anyone. But this is the only bad thing I found to say about Kammer, because hes very easygoing and he respected my decisions. And to Alex and Bobby, me and Amanda were loyal to Kammer all the time. Do you really think he would have any chance staying loyal to you? I don't think so...
AMANDA: You go girl, you rock! Well, it got really big, so I will stop writing now, bye. Victor
"and I don't care if I'm voted out tonight because I didn't vote for a friend and that makes me the happiest person on the face of the earth"
-Lindsay, episode 6
-Julia, Tribal Council #8