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Julia's Final Words

Ok. I guess I have to accept this. I really dont want to. But life goes on. They must all know the truth. Im not going to be one of those people whos all smiley and dunt give a damn about it. All I can really say is, Porcos I hate you all. And thats all there is. I just hate you all. But I will rise creating my own survivor. My tribe mates, all I have to say is thank you for a great game. I loved this game, but must admit, this hurts. I at least made it to the merge. But Porco's You'll Pay. I admit it was I smart move to vote for me because my f###ing email didnt work once and My vote for Kamron Didnt get in. But I would like to reciave emails from you. Maybe i will calm me hating towards all of you. But i will say, voting off the rest of us 1 by 1 s a bad move. Alline with us. Were smart. Goodbye all of you. See you in hell Porcos.