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Tribal Council Results

Jared: Welcome to the Final Tribal Council. The jury of; Bobby, Alex, Kamron, Nettie, Victor, Mark and Julia will vote for either Amanda or Kammer.
This game invloves many conflicts. Alliances have been made and broken, that's all part of the game.
Now the jury will have time to address the Final 2.
Victor: Whats Brady's and Christine's last name, mark's nickname and Julia's dutch rabbit name?

Kammer: Three words, I don't know.

Amanda: Brady James, Christine Douglas, Marky Sharky, and the rabbit is Boomer.

Kamron: If you could replace the other member of the Final 2 with a member of the jury who would it be?

Kammer: If I had been gone before the merge and cathrine stayed, then I would say definatly Bobby and Alex.
But If had the choice Victor and Nettie would be here.

Amanda: I would have to say Victor. Without him, I would not be where I am.

Nettie: Did you find the game to be mentally stimulating? Please explain your answer.

Kammer: The game was definetly mentally stimulating. Every time I went online I always had a hard time tring to play this game. I always came online with a strategy whether it was a team strategy or a personal stratgey. When the game rid teams I changed strategy every day. I didn't know what I was saying to who. And when there were problems in the corcodilo camp. I was swamed because I felt hated and then I got alot of sopport then I felt liked. So mentaly it was incredibly stimulating. But I am sure it was all the same to you.

Amanda: I found the game to be very challenging. At times, I was sure that I was the one that was going to be voted out. Some of the challenges were hard. But, what made the game mentally challenging, was the strategy part of the game. This particular online survivor required a lot of strategy. Especially since when we merged, my tribe seemed to be the underdogs!


Julia: I have no questions only comments. Now there was Amanda the rafting persona queen. Oops wait wrong speech, jared dont cut any out of this please. Anyway, there was Amanda willingly running aroung acting like the sweet and SEXY person she is, but under it all she was roothles and made it to the final two. My question for Amanda is, do you think I helped you at all to get where you are? And if so, how? (Im so self centered) Ok, now there was Kammer whom I didnt know during the first part of the game. I admit though, when he was on my tribe I didn't take much of a liking to hi, especially after he voted me off. But after no one filled me in in the game (Including AMANDA) Kammer was right there and he told me everything that happened which I really apreciated. My question for Kammer is when did you first decide that you were gonna try your hardest to win this game? I love you both, and in the end I think we owe it to the Island Spirits that we all have come to know, to let the snake, eat the rat. That's all.

Bobby: Please describe each member of the jury.
Victor-He is a competitor. very supportive. easy going. friendly. loyal
Nettie-cool. head strong. honest
Julia- smart. funny. very smart. very funny. she amazes me.
Bobby- true competitor. team player. strong mentally. very smart strategically. honest.
Mark-true. brave. honest. Cool. from waht I know
Kamron-on and off. uncontroable.
Alex-Team player. honest. kinda dark. competitor. innocent.

Amanda: This is a difficult question for me to answer. I knew some of you better than others. I will start with Victor. Victor is a very cool person with lots of personality. At the beginning of the game, I thought he would be my biggest threat. In the end, he turned out to be just the opposite. He became my friend. Nettie, I regret that I didn't get to know her better. I know that some of us thought highly of her. From what I could tell, she seemed to be very nice and loyal to her tribe. Kamron, well, neither one of us were on the board that much. Unfortunatly, we didn't get to know each other. Julia, she is very smart and intellegent. She likes to make jokes and be funny. At the very beginning of the game, she was the only one that I trusted. I think it is a shame she was voted out when she was. Bobby, I don't have a lot to say about Bobby either. I am aware of a fight that took place on the message board. I understand that some people were angry and some people were rude, but I think that it was just kinda hard to deal with things at the time. I am sure we are all nice people, and now that the game is almost over, we can all move on. Mark, a very nice guy. I would like to become better friends with him. I hope our friendship continues after this game is over. Alex, when we first merged, my opinion of him was a little rough. It took me a little while to realize that his jokes, were just jokes. At first, I almost took offense to one of them. But, Victor thinks he is cool, so, he is okay in my book!

Mark: Is there anything in this game that you regret doing?

Kammer: I have one regret and that is how I played Bobby and the porco tribe I know I could have gotten away with switching alliances with telling them exactly how I was going to do every thing. But I think the game wouldn't be as entertaing without lies and manipulation. Wait...I have another regret and that is not getting to know every one here.

Amanda: I am suprised to say that the only thing I regret, is not trying harder in the individual immunity challenges. I didn't even win one of them! As far as how I played the game, I have no regrets. I never voted for a friend and I never backstabbed anyone. I played the game and stayed true to myself. I do regret Julia, Mark, and Brady getting voted out so early, but, I couldn't control that.

Alex: Alex: Which movie is better? The Naked Gun or The Green Mile?

Kammer: I love Naked Gun so much. When I need a good laugh I'll put one of those movies on. But the unpredictable humor in those films are just hillarious.

Amanda: I would have to say, The Green Mile. I mean, don't get me wrong, Naked Gun was a funny movie, but, I am not much for comedies!

Final Statements:

Kammer: All I have to say is when you vote you guys better have the game in mind. I know all of you watch the game on tv and now you got to be apart of this game. But that is exaclty what it is. I played a game and respected it for what it is. you all played a game and I hope you respect it too. I played with lies and minipulation all a part or the game. When I voted each of you out it was never ever personal. It was all for strategy. I thank you all for playing with me. If I win or not I have to say thanks it was soo much fun. Once again thanks alot it's been fun all the way though. Well not really only if you think back.

Amanda: I really have nothing left to say.

Jared: With that being said, jury cast your votes!

The votes have been tallied.

--Let's read the votes--

First vote......................Kammer

Next vote.....................Amanda
One vote each

Next vote................Kammer
Two votes Kammer, one vote Amanda

Next vote..........Amanda
Two votes each

Next vote.............Kammer
Three votes Kammer, two vote Amanda

Next vote....

Three votes Amanda, three votes Kammer

And the winner of Online Survivor 3 is...


Congratulations Kammer.

Online Survivor 3