The "On Our Own" READMEs

This is where you can find information regarding the city itself, basically, it's almost "required reading." At least the first one is, so make it a point to read that one before you read the episodes.

1: Dayboqrx in General
A very important README, this one explains the setting of the show and how it relates to the plot lines. Get used to reading these scripts in this setting, it's so peculiar and strange that it may take plenty of getting used to.

2: Reading the Scripts
Explains the formatting of the scripts, how to read them, and what to look for.

3: Streets in Dayboqrx
More often than not, street names in Dayboqrx find their way into the scripts. Read this file to get an understanding of where you are when something like that happens.

4: The Subways
"The Dayboqrx City Transit Authority: Getting you there...somehow."
Read this for a list of DCTA Subway lines and the stops on them...they may show up in a script.

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