Powers of Persuasion
Proof that some people were just made to be together...


  • In "A Single Life", they are reffered to as a couple.
  • In "Scourge", Elliot said that he spent more time with her than he did with his family.
  • Elliot and Cragen are the only two people who know about Olivia's father in "Payback".
  • In "Russian Love Poem", Olivia looked jealous when Katya Ivanova was flirting with Elliot
  • In "Bad Blood", "Waste", "Inheritance", and other episodes, Elliot defends Olivia when someone puts down a child of rape or something else.
  • In "Lowdown", Elliot offers to go to an anonomous HIV testing center with Olivia.
  • In Privelege, Olivia and Elliot get really close to each other during the re-enactment of the crime.
  • In "Wanderlust", Elliot looks slightly uncomftorable when Vriginia says "It's every man's fantasy to have a young girl want him.".
  • In "Disrobed", Elliot and Olivia share a look after Elliot says that the area where the victim was murdered was a hot spot for people such as coworkers to have sex.
  • In "Rotten", it is stated that "partners are like blood".
  • Throughout "Redemption", Olivia gives Elliot comforting looks. Also, Olivia tries to stop Elliot when he attacks a suspect. Elliot does the same thing the same way when John Hawkins attacks a suspect.


  • In "Guilt", there is a rather intense and sexually charged look between the Detective and the A.D.A.
  • Also in "Guilt", Olivia comes to Alex's rescue when Linda Cavanaugh tries to attack her.
  • In "Justice" Alex gets personal and calls Olivia "Liv".
  • In "Fallacy", Olivia goes to Alex's office to invite her out for a drink.
  • Also in "Fallacy", Alex goes to Olivia for reassurance that she did the right thing when she prosecuted Cheryl Avery.
  • In "Rotten", Olivia calls Alex into the precint in the middle of the night. As Alex says, "What's so important that it couldn't wait until tomorrow morning?"
  • In "Consent", Alex comforts an anxious Olivia. The two are sitting awfully close on the bench outside the courtroom. There was plenty of room for either to scoot down a little.
  • In "Wrath", Olivia is very hurt when she thinks Alex believes she was drunk and "seeing things". As Olivia walks out the door, Alex follows her out with her eyes.
  • In "Prodigy", Olivia reaches out to touch Alex's hand, and tells her "nice job" on her conviction.
  • In "Loss", Olivia suggests that Alex stay at her place. She also calls her "sweetie" after the shooting.
  • And, last but certainly not least, Alex insists that she see Olivia (and Elliot) one last time before she goes into WPP. There is a tearful good-bye and the question...."for how long?"


  • In "Lowdown", Fin seems to know a lot about men who surpress the fact that they are gay.
  • In "Rotten", it is stated that "partners are like blood".
  • In "Slaves", Munch is told that he believes in true love, but he has given up on finding it. Could that be finding it in a woman?
  • In "Manhunt", Munch and Fin talk in the hotel and have a moment.
  • In "Perfect", the gang is talking about hormones to boost their sexual stamina and Fin says to Munch "Oh come on, don't tell me your thinking about taking this stuff," to which Munch responds "Why should't I add some meat to what you so lovingly call my bony ass?".
  • Lastly, Munch and Fin banter back and forth with each other.

    Thanks to Kennedywoods for contributing to the Alex/Olivia powers of persuasion.