This is a collection of my favorite fanfictions. Please enjoy them responsibly. I recieved permission from each other to post these stories here, so if you want them, ask the author first.

Stories by Evil Giddy here.

Short stories or Ficlets.

Metropolis Noir by Shae-Lynn1Rated r

Try, Just Try by becca4Rated R

Holiday Series: The Forgotten Valentine by Olivia26Rated R

A Parting Gift by SidlesmileRated NC-17

If They Return by SidlesmileRated PG (Sequel to A Parting Gift)

Their Mistake by SidlesmileRated NC-17

Religious Ecstasy by DuckRated PG-13. (Stories in chronolgical order.)

Dancing About Architecture by DuckRated PG-13.

Possesion by DuckRated PG-13.

Control by DuckRated NC-17.

Memory by DuckRated PG-13.

Ten Hours by IcarusRated PG-13.

Purest of Pain by Lori2279Rated PG-NC-17

Lifeless by littlesweetcupcakeRated PG-13

Lust by KatroseRated NC-17

All in a Moment by bennegir09Rated PG-13

Word of Honor by Jenn Rated PG-13

Mirror by Rorybick Rated R

My stories