oh dear, tweedy lord... cuppa tea?
welcome to version 2.0 "london rain" of the first "ripper" fansite on the world wild web. what is "ripper"? it's a tv show that is being planned at the moment, starring anthony head as rupert giles (the widely loved character from joss whedon's "buffy the vampire slayer"). it's set in great britain, so i decided for a new layout. i hope you'll like it. 
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[tea party] where we are right this minute; updates and introduction
[god save the watcher] who is rupert giles? you'll need to read this if you have no clue what this is all about!
[tweedy goodness] a small gallery
[potaaato, potato] quotage
[london bridge] "ripper" information, like news
[union jack] linkage
[watcher's journals] giles fanfiction, poetry &c.
[kiss the librarian] the 'ripper' clique
[tweedle dum diddy] site stuff
[headquarters] all things tony head
this site was created by kath as part of out for a walk. idea by kath, layout by kath. pix used from tony stone dot com.