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Age of Aquarius

A 2000 year long era of enlightenment, joy; accomplishment, intellect; brotherly peace, and closeness to God. The supposed period is 1904-2160. The preceding age is the age of Pisces, which is an age characterized by disillusionment and skepticism.


In Hinduism and Buddism, it's the all-pervasive space of universe. The Akasha flows through everything in the universe, and it is the carrier for all life and sound; it's considered the "breath of life". It forms the anima mundi(the world soul which allows divine thought to show itself in matter)and constitutes the soul of mankind. It produces mesmeric and magnetic operations of nature. Other cultural interpretations: Rosicrucians-"sidereal light", French occulist Eliphas Levi-"astral light"; German physicist Baron Karl von Reichenback-"Odic force", and the Hebrews-"ruah"of wind, breath; air in motion, and spirit.

Rosicruican Order-believes that the physical, mental, emotional, psychic, and spiritual, leads to the true prosperity and peace of mind. This order takes the systematic approach to the study of higher wisdom that empowers one to find the answers to one's questions about the workings of the universe, the interconnectedness of all life, one's higher purpose, and how it all fits together.

Hinduism-they believe that:

1)There's a reality beyond the material world

a. which is uncreated

b.it pervades everything(but remains beyond the reach of human knowledge and understanding)

2)You approach that reality by:

a.Distinguishing ego from true self

b.Understanding the nature of desire

c.Becoming unattached

d.Forgetting about preferences

e.Not working for personal gain

f.Letting go of thoughts

g.Redirecting your attention

h.Being devoted

i.Being humble

j.Invoking the reality


3)That reality approaches one through(grace and "the teacher")

Akashic Records

In Theosphy, the master records everything that has occured since the beginning of the world. It is said to exist as impressions in the astral plane. The Records provide a dossier of sorts for souls who wish to examine their spirtual progress through many lifetimes.

Some psychics say they consult the Records either through clairvoyance or out-of-body travel to receive information about past history or lives.


An ancient art of transition and the forerunner of modern chemistry and metallurgy. Symbollically, it is a mystical art for the transformation of consciousness.

As a mystical art it, draws upon various spiritual traditions including the Hermetica, Gnosticism; Islam, the Kabbalah; Taoism, and yoga. this belief is that all things can be reduced to matter through dissolving and combining, and transmitting to something more desirable (joining of opposites.) A common tool is the philosophers's stone which served s the "exlir of life", a means to immortality.

Jung believed in the use of alchemy to transform the soul. He saw it as a spiritual process of redemption involving the union and transformation of Lumen naturae(the light of nature.)

Taoism-The harder you try conspicously try, the more likely you are to fail.

Tao-"The weight of Life." Also the weight of reality and the universe.

"hao tzu"-the Old Master.

Karma-water is the closest parallel. Adapt to your surroundings.

Altered States of Consciousness

Any of a number of states which are characterized by a radical shift in the pattern of consciousness from one's " Normal" waking state. Parapsychologist Charles T. Tart came up with the phrase.

The states of consciousness ordinary and altered take place in four levels of brain-wave activity, and during the four phases the blood pressure and breathing slow down consideribly.

The first state is beta(slow wave sleep)This stage is accompanied by slow deep breathing; a calm, regular heartbeat; and reduced blood pressure. EEG shows a mixture of brain waves of beta and alpha waves.

The second is alpha(material from subconscious is accessible, usually during medition and hypnosis.)The eyes move slowly and begin to roll. The EEG frequency becomes irregular, and alpha waves begin to disappear.

The third is theta(light sleep) It is the state of unconsciousness in which one is unaware of what is going on around oneself.

The fourth is delta(deep sleep)Delta waves occur 50% of the time. This is the deepest level and is the most difficult to be roused from.


Object, inscription, drawing or symbol believed to be imbued with a supernormal or magical power to protect against disease, evil spirits, the evil eye, bewitchment, infertility, impotence, bad luck and a host of other calamities and misfortunes.

Amulets are usually natural objects, which have an eye-catching color, an unusual shape. It is used as a means of defense, and they are worn on the body; especially around the neck, in the form of jewelry or a charm. A magical phrase, rhyme, prayer inscribed on paper parchment or an object is inscribed on the amulet. In ancient Egypt the Eye of Horus was used to guard health and protect against evil spirits. The Chinese use peach wood and iron to ward off demons, and cloves of garlic to ward off vampires.

Animal Psi

The apparent ability of animals to experience vlairvoyance, precognition, telepathy, and psychokinesis(PK.)

There are five basic types of animal psi, and they are

(1)The ability to sense impending danger.

(2)The ability to sense at a distance the death of or harm to, a beloved human or fellow animal.

(3)The ability to sense the impending return of a master.

(4)The ability to find the way home.

(5)The ability to psychic trail.

Applied Psi

It was developed from parapsychology, which assumes the existence of psychic abilities and seeks to apply them to mainstream life. Jeffrey Mislove, a 1980's parapsychologist borrowed the term from science fiction literature. In laymen's terms equate to intution, hunches, and gut instinct


A Sanskrit term for retreat or spiritual study. A Spartan daily discipline is usually followed such as Yoga, meditation, and a vegetarian diet.


It is an envelope of vital energy, which radiates from everything in nature such as minerals, plants, animals, and humans. The aura is not visible to normal vision, but it might be seen by clairvoyance as a halo of light. Then it offtens appears as a multi-colored mist that fades off into space with no definite boundry leaving sparks, rays, and streamers.

The body does have a magnetic field(a biofield, as it's called-but it is too weak to account for the light emitting aura.)Some have thought it to be a form of light vibrating at frequencies beyond the normal range of vision, which is caused by a yet to be discovered light emitting diodes embedded in living organisms. Sometime before WW1, Dr. Walter J. Kilner, in charge of electrotherapy at St. Thomas' Hospital in London, discovered that apparent human aura could be made visible if viwed through an apparatus that contained a coal-tar(dicyanin)which made ultraviolet light visible. Kilner noticed that weak, depleated auras suck of the auric energy of healthy, vigorous auras around them. (Being around negative people too much, can cause one's aura to become weak. Try to stay around positive people. I think that the events of September 11, 2001 have left a lot of auras weak and depleated. It's going to take time for us to feel better.)

The aura can be divided into three parts.

(1)the etheric double which is a transparent dark space, narrow and often obliterated by the second bad;

(2)the inner aura which is fairly constant in size and the densest portion; and

(3)the outer aura which is inconstant in size and which is often appears to be blended into the inner aura.

Clairvoyants see the aura as a psychic screen for the projection of information concerning the past, present, and the future.


It is the perception of current objects, events or people that may not be discerned through normal senses. The seeing may manifest in internal or external visions or a sense of images. This phenomenon is experienced in different way and degrees. in its simplest form, clairvoyance is the internal seeing of symbolic images, which must be interpeted according to a person's own system of meanings. in its highest form, clairvoyance is the viewing of nonphysical planes, the astral, eteric, and spirtiual worlds and the beings, which inhabit them, and the auric fields surrounding all things in nature. Most clairvoyant experiences fall between the two.

Some forms include: X-Ray clairvoyance, which is the ability to see through opaque objects, medical, seeing disease in beings, traveling, see current events, people and objects that are not nearby(I wonder if any one had forenseen the WTC and Pentagon tradgey.)Spatial, visions that transends time and space such as archaeology and crime detection,dream,dreaming of an event that is happening simultaneously,astral, perception of the astral and etheric planes, and the elementals, demons, devas, and other beigs that inhabit them, andspirtualsee higher planes and angelic beings.

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