Web Of Deception

O'Neils Pub

The Sighting...

Nick was sitting on the wooden bar stool drinking his Red Bulldog when he noticed her. 'She looks like Juila.' He thought to himself as he walked over to her table with drink in hand. "Hi, can I buy you a drink?" Nick asked hoping that she would say yes. It has been a long time since he's been interested in some one plus the fact that he had so much paper work to do because of the explosion of the Legacy House.

"I don't accept drinks from men who don't introduce them selves. I'm Stephanie." She smiled at him hoping that it could lead to somewhere.

"I'm Nick. Now, can I buy you a drink?" She nodded. "Let me guess you like wine coolers." Juila had liked them especially the fruity tasting ones. Occasionaly, she'd order a beer but only if she was eating pizza.

"You are right. I'd like the passion fruit one please." Stephanie batted her eye lashes at him. Nick went up to the bar and ordered her the wine cooler she wanted. At the table, Stephanie opened her black leather purse and took out a bottle of pills she opened a capusle and put it in Nick's drink. Nick came back with her drink, which he handed to her. He was stareing at her. Stephanie's features were like Juila's. Nick missed her so much that sometimes he'd feel pangs of sorrow at night. Nick looked into Stephanie's eyes. "You are pretty."

She smiled at him and batted her eyelashes again. "Thank you." She took a sip of her drink and was pleased to see him drinking his beer. She looked at her watch. "It's getting late." She opened her purse and took out a pen and piece of paper then wrote down her number, which she handed to Nick. "Call me."

Nick smiled at the lady who looked like his Juila. "Will do." He watched her leave the bar. Five minutes later, he rose from the chair. He wasn't feeling so good and new he couldn't drive home so he called Alex because he knew that she wouldn't judge him.

Angel Island-Nick's Room


Nick felt like he was spinning in a black hole. Nothing meant sense to the young man. All he saw was Juila's face swimming in front of him.'Man I'm beat. I need to go to sleep.' He thought to himself. A few minutes later he drifted off to sleep.

The Kitchen

"He never staggered in the house like a drunken fool before." Alex stated to Philip as she fixed herself a cup of herbal tea.

"He's precept now. It doesn't look good for him. The ruling counsil doesn't trust that he can do the job. Having a hangover, how can Nick be an effective precept."

"Let's hope he has learned his lesson."


Nick was tossing in his asleep. "Juila, I love you and I don't want you to come to Ireland. Let Alex go. You know as much about research. Please don't go with us...tell Derek you're not feeling good."

"Nick, I'll be fine in Ireland. It's such a pretty country...so lush with green grass. I want to be with you. I love you and the fact that you worry about me." Derek came out side. "Is the chopper ready, Nick?" The young man nodded. "Let's go then. Do you want to fly it?"

"You can, boss man."


"Juila, please stay in the room and look up the info that Derek and I will need."

"Nick, I didn't join the Legacy to sit back and let you, Derek, and Alex go in the field. It's touching that you care about me. I'll be fine." She told them as they exited the inn.

"Meet me at O'Tooles Pub in two hours. Ok, Juila?"

"See you in two hours."

O'Tooles Pub Two Hours Later...

Nick showed up at the pub...no Juila. 'Where the hell are you?!' He thought to himself. He looked at his watch...4:30. His cell phone rang. "Nick."

"Nick, I need you to meet me at the inn where the girl in red is staying with her mother. I had a vision of them in danger."

"Have you heard from Juila? She didn't meet me at the pub."

"Relax. Maybe she went shopping. Ireland is known for Beliek crystal. Your wedding is coming up very soon, and she probably wanted to start buying things for your new home." The precept told him in a reassuring tone.

"Yeah, guess so. I'm on my way."

The inn where Rachel and Kat were staying at...

Nick and Derek hear screams coming from the room, and Nick broke the the door down. He saw the possessed Shumus Bloom near Rachel. He shot it while Derek handed little Kat to strangers. Shumus/demon jumped out the window. Derek and Nick ran after him where they reached to a field. Juila was cruicfied on as a scare crow...the key was around her neck. Nick screamed amd sank down to the ground. He didn't care that it was raining heavily. (*The events are distorted due to the fact that Nick was given a powerful drug.) Nick woke up screaming, "Juila." Sweat was covering his whole body. Alex who was on her way to her bedroom heard his screams. She opened his door. "Are you ok, Nick? Are you sick?" She asked noticing the sweat gleaming on his forehead.

"I had the strangest dream about Juila and Ireland. Why is it happening now?" He asked her in a forelorn tone. Alex sat down on his bed.

"I think that maybe Derek's death has brought back memories of Juila. You also had a lot to drink."

"That could be it. I had only half a beer. I've never been sick after a half a beer before." Alex touched his forehead it was hot.

"You are sick. I'm going to call Rachel and have her look at you."

"I'm fine, Alex. No need to call Rach." He started hacking.

"You look like hell and you have a bad cough so no arguing. I'll call the ruling counsil and tell them to appoint a new precept if you don't allow me to call Rach." The precept nodded his head.

Subliminal message...

Stephanie's Apartment

On the table was a red, black, and blue candle. The thirty-two old lit each candle. Next to the candles, was a silver bowl with a picture of Nick in it. Stephanie picked up each candle and let the wax drip on the picture. She sat down on the silver rought iron chair then closed her eyes. 'Nick, you want me. You can't stop thinking about me. I'll take all your pain away so all you have to do is call me.' She thought to herself.

Nick's room

He was sleeping and all of a sudden he bolted straight up. Alex was sitting by his bed. "What's wrong, Nick? Did you have another dream?" She asked in a concerned tone.

"Nothing. I just have to find the phone number of this amazing woman I meet at O'Neils Pub." He swung his feet at the edge of the bed and slowly got up. Nick walked over to his brown wooden bureau and opened a draw and looked through it...found what he needed. "Bingo. Alex, I have a phone call to make so do you mind giving me some privacy." The African American rose from the chair and left her friend's room. After she left the room, he dialed Stephanie's number.

Stephanie's apartment

She took off her sabbatical robe and put on a red laced dress. The phone rang. "Hello." She answered.

"Steph, how is it going with Nick Boyle?" The man on the other end asked.

"Good, David. He invited me to the Luna Foundation Home."

"I knew I could trust you. You know what you have to do?"

"Yes." She hung up the phone and continued to get ready for her night of seduction.

Angel Island

Nick was standing in front of his mirror applying some hair gel when Alex knocked. "Yeah. Come in." He shouted through the closed door.

"Since when did you start geling your hair?" The African American asked with a huge grin. Nick shrugged his shoulders.

"I wanted to try a different look. Do ya like it, Al?" He asked hoping to get her approval. They had mended their differences. Alex was ready to accept Nick as Precept.

Alex smiled at him. "I like it a lot. Look, the reason why I knocked is because an amulet from the Middle East arrived...the one that Derek was waiting for. Well, I scaned it, and I think that it might be linked to the Taliban." Nick's face went pale at the mention of that name.

"Are you sure?" He was hoping that she was wrong. the Taliban had taken control of Afganhstan three years ago.

Alex shook her head "I could re-check it, Nick. Derek had warned me to be on the look out for an amulet, which mentioned Bin- Laden. I hope that thius doesn't ruin your date." The two of them walked out into the hallway down the stair case to the control room. On the security camera was Stephanie's face. Alex looked ashen. 'She looks like Juila.' She thought to herself as Nick picked up the phone and told Stephanie to go through the main gate to the front of the house. Nick went to the front door and opened it. Nick's hazel eyes were bulging at the sight of Stephanie in the red laced dress. "God, do you look hot, Stephanie." He said to her as he closed the stain door with the Legacy insignia on it.

She smiled and simply said, "Thank you." 'This is going to be easier than I thought. Once he makes love to me, his soul is mine.' Stephanie batted her eyelashes as she said, "You look hot yourself. So where are we going?"

"To the fancy resturant on the pier." He opened the front door and the two of them left for the restuarant. Once they left, Alex felt a shudder run up her spine. Something didn't feel right to her about Stephanie. Alex also noted Nick's strange behavior like saying that Stephaine looked hot in the dress and didn't even introduce his date to her like he has done in the past. Alex decided to go back to the control room to work on the amulet that might be linked Osam bin Laden.

The Pier

Nick was watching as Stephanie was eating her oyster. There was a little bit on her lip and he wanted to suck it off. 'Boy is it getting hot in here. I want to take her right here and now.' He thought to himself.

"Nick would like a bite of oyster." She asked as she licked her manicure fingers.

"How ' bout we go to my favorite hideout?"

She smiled at him. It was pretty easy to seduce him. 'This is too easy.' Stephanie thought to herself. "Don't you want some oster? Don't you want to lick my fingers. I see the way that you are eying me." She replied in a teasing manner. She put her fingers on his lips, and he sucked them.

"Yummy" Let's get these bad boys to go and head out to the docks.." He raised his arm. "Waiter."

Angel Island

Alex was sitting at the terminal reading up on the about the amulet. There was a story on a Stephanie De Blanc, who looked exactly like the young woman who showed up at the house. The hair on back of Alex's neck stood up. Stephanie was under investigating for helping the Taliban get power in Afghanstan. "Shit." The African American sdaid out loud, which was un charteristic for her. She dialed Nick's cell phone.

The pier

Nick's cell phone rang. Shit he mubbled as he rose from on top of Stephanie. "This better be good." He yelled into the phone.

Alex felt bad for having to tell her friend that the woman he has the hots for might have been responsible for grtting the Taliban into power again. "Nick, it's important. There's some connection between your girlfriend and the amulet. She may have connections with the Taliban."

"May"? "Were you running a background check on her Alex? Or that angry that I'm not lying in bed drininking the hot tea and toddy crap you made for me."

"Nick, you sound paranoid. I was doing research on the amulet when a pictire of Stephanie came up on the screen. I thought that you'd like to know. Since you are Precept." She said in a calm tone.

"Sorry, Al. Let me know when you are sure." He flipped his cell phone close. He then turned to Stephanie. "I'm sorry that we we errupted. Come here you, Goddess." The brunette came over to Nick and turned ionto Juila. kissed his neck. Then she kissed him with her serpent kiss.

"You should have listened to your friend." She said as she took off her red dress revealing her green scaling body."

Nick's hazel eyes were bulging. "What the hell are you?!"

" I come back to haunt those who were in the Middle East. You visited a sacred site and thought about your Juila, that was your downfall. You are trying to stop the Talbain. It needs to surivive." She put her arms around Nick as she turned back to Juila.

You are not my Juila. The Tailaban needs to be stopped. "Yuixzs. Zuisa. Werrea." The demon was gone.


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