Post Fourth Season

This page will contain my virtual fifth season. Be patient as it will take me time to complete. The first story is "Darkness Follows". It deals with Derek's death. Here

"The second fic is "New Beginnings", which is still dealing with the aftermath of Derek's death. Philip returns to the Legacy. Read more of the story Here

The third fic, "Eden's Garden" the crew must fight two evil forces from Derek's past.Here

Here Web Of Deception. Nick is obessed with Juila after seeing a lady in a bar who looked like her.

Here Dreams. Kat has a reoccuring dream about Wicca.


My Soul To Keep Derek is alive and time is running out so the crew must find a way to get him out of the catacombs.

My info on Goddesses. I decided to give you guys a preview of what I've been doing when not posting. Here

Mankind has exsisted between the world of light and the world of darkness.

This journal chronicles the work of our secret society

The Legacy, created to protect the

innoncent from those creatures that inhabit the shadows and the night.

The photos came from Precept Caine and Parisian. Thank you.

The background is from Thank you and Merry Meet and Blessed It Be.