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This page will contain short stories or poems not pertaining to Poltergeist: The Legacy. Some come from tragedies in this country and in my life. It'll take time so be patient. Nancy Berkman

Life is Too Short

Life is too short for negativity in our lives. It 's too short to me mean to one another. We need to find away to respect one another. Judging or making nasty comments aren't necessary all they do is hurt some one's feelings, and it makes one feel guilty. Life is too short to complain that there's not enough chocolate chips in our cookies

or that it's a bad hair day. In light of what happened in New York City and the Pentagon, we have to be thankful for what we have. Need to find some thing that gives us pleasure like going to the movies or to the beach. I want to get the most of the life I have right now see all there is in san Diego and in this state. Life is too short so lets enjoy every moment. If you feel sad, get up and take a short walk or do something that makes you happy.

The Twin Towers

Twin Towers Shining so brightly in the midnight blue sky

So tall in the night time sky line

I looked at you with awe when I was a child

So emense you were.

You were the main focus in the sky line

But now you're nothing more than rubble

How could such a pretty and respect buildings be made to nothing?

I know that when I close my eyes I can see you shining so brightly in the night time sky line

My becon of security still there

You will always be tall and my memories of you will not fade.

A Day In My Life

I have been in San Diego for 11 months. I like what I have seen so far, which isn't a lot. I have been struggling with Bi-Polar for years, but since Feb of this year, I've been in and out of Crisis houses and the hospital. I've been told by several people that I'm working the system. I needed help this past month and dialed 911, and The P.E.R.T(Psychological. Emergency. Response. Team.) team came out to where I was. Glenn the psyche guy told me that I was working the system because he knew that I used to live back East. He threatened me with Alpine, which is a long term hospital for the second time. I have not worked the system, and I'm trying to stay out of the hospital. Today, Nov 1, 2001 some one stole my purse. I feel so stupid about leaving it in another room. Maybe I do need long term care. I want to go to school and become a tv and film producer and director, but I need to be stable in able to do that. I will be doing coping skills, which I'm doing right now by writing this.