My Soul To Keep

Angel Island-The Library

Alex was staring out in to the foggy night when Philip entered the room. "Hi, Alex. Couldn't sleep again?" The Africian Americian nodded her head.

"I had that dream about Derek. He's alive, Phil. I can feel it." The Priest put his arm around his friend's shoulder.

"Maybe you should speak to Rachel." He suggested.

"I don't need to speak to her." With that, she left the room and headed upstairs where she tossed and turned the rest of the night.

The Catacombs

Derek closed his eyes tightly to communicate with Alex. She was his only chance of getting out of the sepchlures. "Alex, my love I'm alive. You are my only chance of saving my soul. My soul to keep. Find the plan to the old catacombs, that's where you'll find me."

The Library the next morning

Philip entered the room and found books thrown on the floor and table. Alex desended down the spiral staircase and yelled at philip when he touched a book. "Don't touch that. I'm trying to find the plans to the other catacombs." The Irishman looked at her with a puzzeled expression.

"What other catacombs are you talking about?"

"I have no idea. Derek came to me in a dream again."

"Alex you have to face the fact that Derek is no longer with us." Philip hugged her. Alex left the room and went out to the garden. Nick entered the library and saw what a disaray it was. "Did a tornado come through here or what?!"

"Alex was looking for plans on other catacombs. Something about Derek coming to her in her dreams. She needs to speak to Rachel."

The Garden

Alex was sitting by the griffins crying when she felt a hand on her shoulder she turned around and saw that it was Rachel. "He's alive, Rach. I can feel it."

The blond knelt down by her friend. "He's gone Alex. You have to face that fact. There are a lot of grieving groups to go to.

Alex rose and ran into the house screaming, "He's alive."

The catacombs

Derek felt his strength leaving his body. 'There must be some way that I could let them know that I'm still alive and trapped in the sepchlure.' He thought to himself.

The control room

Philip was deciphering a scroll from Tibet when the monitors on the control pannel went highwire. "What's bloody going on!?" He yelled. He pressed his hand on the button on the intercome. "Nick come to the control room something is going on."

The kitchen

Rachel was sitting at the tan wooden table drinking coffee as she looked over her files. She set the cup down and, the dalmation spotted coffee mug moved from one end of the table to the other. "What the hell is going on!? She quired.

Alex's bedroom

The Africian American rose from her nap and went into the bathroom to take a hot bubble bath. She turned on the water and felt a hand on her shoulder and turned around but know one was there. "Derek was that you?" She whispered. She left the bathroom and headed downstairs to tell the others.

The Control room

"I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned around but no one was there." Alex told her friends as she twirled her black curly locks.

"The control pannel went crazy. Rachel's mug went back and forth in the kitchen. We could be dealing with a demon not Derek's presence." Nick told Alex in a matter of fact manner.

"Why can't you entertain the thought that Derek might be alive?"

"If he's alive why, didn't we find him earlier." The precept told her as he left the room. Alex turned and faced Rachel and Philip.

"Do you feel the same way Nick does?"

Philip ran his fingers through his brown hair. "This house is filled with Derek's essence. That could be what you are feeling right now." Rachel nodded her head.

"I agree with Philip though some pretty bizzare things happened today. It wouldn't hurt to look into why they occured." Alex went over to where her friend was standing and huged her. "This doesn't mean I'm saying that Derek is alive."

"The fact that you are taking me seriously means a lot to me." Alex twisted her curly black ringlet around her finger. When I'm in the garden, I feel his presence. I wonder if that's where the orginal catacombs are?"

"I rember Derek telling me about a secret passage way, and the only way to open it is with the Rosecrucian Cross." Philip informed the ladies.

Rachel ran her fingers through her golden locks. "The cross is in the cave where the portal is. Nick told us that we can't down there."

Philip grined. "I've become a rebel and if Derek is alive, I'm willing to take whatever Nick dishs out." With that he left the room and headed for the catacombs.