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Derek Rayne-Precept of the San Francisco Legacy House. His father, Winston Rayne, was also precept of the San Francisco House. When Derek was 15, he watched his father die at the hand of a demon. Derek is psychic. He has doctorates in both biological antropology and theology. Taught at a university before joining the Legacy and was Alex's mentor. He has an older sister, Ingrid who is a nun in Napa Valley. Derek visits her quite often.

Derek's father killed Rachel's mother by accident. Winston killed the wrong Cantwell sister. He killed Ruth instead of Rebecca.

Derek's lover, Megan Torrence-a reporter, was killed in an explosion on the way to the airport. Derek was at her place-the two of them made love, and she told him that she loved him. He didn't say anything back to her. He had a vision of her dying and went outside and witnessed the whole thing. Reed Horton was responsible for the whole thing. Horton kidnapped and tortured Derek in an abadoned power plant. Alex with the help of Dective David Royce rescued Derek. Megan's death has affected him greatly.

Alex Moreau is psychic as well. She grew up in New Orleans with her sister, Tanya and her Grandma Rose. Her sister and grandmother are also psychic. Alex studied antropology in college, and Derek was her mentor. She has a huge crush on him. He is one of the reasons why she joined the Legacy. Her position is that of researcher.

Alex's grandmother died in 1999. Daniel a Vodo medicine man cast a spell on Grandma Rose, and Alex and Derek couldn't save Rose's soul. Alex misses her grandmother very much.

Nick Boyle was a Navy SEAL before joining the Legacy. His father, Major Boyle, was a member of the San Francisco Legacy House and worked with Derek. Nick's father was murdered by Brian Crenshaw, a fellow Legacy member when Nick was fifteen. Nick had a rough childhood...his father was an alcoholic and would hit him and his mother. When he was 10 years old, his older brother, Jimmy left home, and died in 1998.

Nick is in charge of security and fixing the equipment. He is trained in Martial Arts and gun combat. His main position is that of researcher.

Rachel Corrigan is a psychiatrist. She joined the Legacy after a demon, who looked like her late husband, Patrick attacked her in Ireland. Rachel became sick and Derek and Nick brought her and her daughter Katherine(Kat)back to San Francisco. Rachel was pregnant and gave birth to a demon child, whom resembled her late son Connor. Rachel thought that her family had come back, but Derek made her see other wise. Derek sent Nick to Rachel's house to ask her about joining the Legacy, and she accepted.

Rachel's mother(Ruth Cantwell)died when she was small. Winston Rayne killed her by accident. He had meant to kill Rebecca Cantwell not Ruth. Rachel comes from a family of witches. Her mother and aunt were witches. Ruth Cantwell stopped practicing the craft so that her little girl would have a normal childhood. Rachel's grandfather Joshua Cantwell, was a warlock.

When Rachel was in college, she drank heavily and did drugs. She also became pregnant...gave her baby girl up for adoption. Paige, her daughter died from falling down a flight of stairs. Miranda casted a spell to bring Paige back to get revenge on Rachel, but Paige wanted to hurt Kat(almost succeeded...Kat told her sister that she forgave her...Paige wasn't angry anymore) Kat was angry with her mom for not telling anyone about being pregnant when she was young.

Kat Corrigan is ten and 1/2 and is psychic. When she was eight, she was playing with an Isis board and a spirit came to her. It freaked her out that she fainted. Kat was introduced to witch craft by Miranda Rhodes, who Kat thought was some one her own age. It turned out that Miranda was an old croan who wanted to be reborn in Kat's body. She succeded but not for long. Rachel with the help of Alex and Ruth became a witch during a ceremony down at the beach. Rachel was able to force the croan out of her daughter's body.

Philip Callaghan-is a Priest. He is a caring man who has trouble juggling his faith and duties to the church with his connection to the Legacy. Father Philip Callaghan is a skilled linguist and translator, particularly of ancient languages. His position is that of translator and spiritual advisor for the Legacy.

Philip's brother, Micheal, was killed by a bomb in Ireland. His mother is still living in Ireland.

Philip is now a Priest at a church in Boston, and he helped Derek and Nick bring down Moredchai Church, by giving them old church documents. Kristin Addams died in Philip's arms after the dagger, which was meant for Philip stabbed her.

People And Demons The Legacy Has Encountered

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