Banshee-a female spirit in Gaelic folklore whose wailing warns of a death in a family.

Dragon-An imaginary giant reptile of story and legend usually represented as a winged, fire- breathing monster. The dragon is worshiped by the Chinese.

Fairy-A tiny imaginary being in human form depicted as being mischievous and having magical powers. They live in fairy land(an enchanting place).

Incubus-a male evil spirit believed to seize or harm sleeping people.

Sucubus-a female spirit which can take on the form the male victim desires. It sucks the life force of its victims throuh the eyes.

Vampire-a reanimated corpse that sucks the blood of sleeping persons at night. It preys on others.

Unicorn-Legends about this mythical creature are common in Europe, Asia, and parts of North Africa.

In medieval Europe, it was believed that only a pure, unmarried maiden could tame a wild unicorn. The maiden would wait alone in a forest grove until the usually swift and wild creature would approach her and lay his head on her lap. From that momement on, the unicorn would follow the maiden wherever she went.

According to legened, the unicorn's horn could cure any posion. If a river or a pond was tainted, the unicorn could purify the water by dipping its horn. Sometimes, hunters would kill the tamed unicorn in order to possess the magical horn. Kings made goblets from the horn to guard against being posioned.

Mermaids-Sailors often returned from the sea with tales of beautiful women with tales like fish, who sang sweetly on rocks by the shore.

Mermaids were considered dangerous because they held power over the sea and could bring on storms, floods and giant waves that could sink ships. It was thought that mermaids could entice men to live under the sea by showing them a magical mirror-as long as man held the mirror and could see his reflection, he had the ability to breathe underwater.

A sailor could force a mermaid to live on land by finding and hiding an object belonging to the mermaid. Often, she would remain for many years. But if she ever came across her possession, the mermaid would immediately return to the sea, forgetting the life she once had on land.

Basilisk-Europeans in the Middle Ages feared a certain positioning of the stars and planets, because at that time, a seven-year old rooster could lay an egg. When the rooster crowed at his achievement, a snake and toad would come to coil around the egg or sit upon it to help it hatch. When it did, a fearsome creature known as the basilisk-part rooster, snake and part toad-came out of the egg.

The basilisk was small, but so deadly that anything it breathed on would die. The only way for it to be killed was for it to see its own reflection in a mirror.

Griffin-Legends about the griffin are common to Europe and the Middle East. Griffons had the body and hind legs of a lion and the head, wings, and claws of an eagle. Griffons were considered to be very wise with great treasures hoarded in their nests, which were built up on craggy mountaintops. If a brave soul could take even a tiny amount of the griffin's treasure, he would be rich for the rest of his life.