Darkness Follows


Angel Island The garden:

Nick, Alex and Rachel were by the griffens watching the house go up in smoke. Nick was rolling the Precept ring in his hand. 'I can't believe he's gone. It should have been me in that house not Derek.' "What are we gonna tell the cops?"

"That's all you care about is what we are going to tell the cops!" Alex yelled. 'I should have told Derek that I loved him. Now, I'll never have the opportunity to tell Derek that.' Alex wiped away the tears, which were falling down her smooth milk choclate cheek.

"No. The cops are gonna want to know what happened here...probably want to speak to me. I don't know what to say." The ex-Navy SEAL stated. Why did he make me precept? Why not Alex? She is more level headed than me.

Rachel ran her fingers through her golden locks.I should have seen this coming. The way he was behaving the whole day. I feel like I let him down. "Tell them there was a gas leak or that the equipment malfunctioned.

The Caves:

Derek was fighting Winston Rayne. "Derek, it's time for you to join me in hell!!" Winston picked up the sword and was brandishing in front of his son. "Didn't I teach you to live by the sword is to die by the sword?"

"Never. I'm not going to be with you. I'm nothing like you." Derek stated as he got the sword from the father. He stabbed his father with it and started to run. There was a loud noise then darkness. 'I can't go to hell. I'm nothing like Winston Rayne. I love you mother and Ingrid. I'm sorry for leaving you. Nick, Alex, Rachel and Kat I love you too.' It was getting hard for him to breathe. "Sloan, I'm sorry that I never rescued you from the sepulchers." The precept said with his last breath.

The Garden

I was in the office doing paper work when I smelled gas. I offered to check it out in the basement, but Dr. Rayne said that he would go down there then there was the..." Tears ran down Nick's cheeks. I can't believe I'm crying. I loved him like a father...was nicer than my old man.

Dective Royce finished, "Explosion. Were you all in the castle?"

"Alex and Rachel were outside in the garden. Dr. Rayne told me to go outside while he checked the gas leak." Nick rolled the precept ring in his hand. I can't believe what a good liar I am. Maybe I'm cut out for the precet gig after all. "Are we finished here?" The Ex-Navy SEAL asked Dective David Royce, who nodded his head. Once he left the area, Alex began to sob.

"Shh. It's okay Alex, honey." Rachel said in a soothing voice.

"I loved him, I really did. I should have told Derek that I loved him after I kissed him in the catacombs." She started to cry harder.

"I'm sure that Derek knew how you felt about him. It's getting late. Why don't you and Nick come to my place?"

Nick nodded his head. "You take Alex to your place. I have things to do here. I guess we should call Ingrid and Barbara or I should now that I'm precept." Alex glared at him.

"He hasn't been dead for more than two hours and already you've taken his job."

Nick played with the Legacy insignia ring. "Before he went to plant the C-4, he gave me his ring and told me that I was the son he never had...wanted me to have the ring. I don't want to be precept, but how can I let boss man down?" He walked over to the ruins. Rachel led Alex to the car.

"Do you think he'll be allright? The last time Derek died, Nick lost his temper over everything that Cross did." Alex stated to her friend.

"I hope so. I think that time Nick sensed that Cross wasn't who he was, and that's why he behaved the way he did." The blond replied.

The Convent

Ingrid was tossing and turning in her sleep. "I love you dear sister. Take care of mother, and try to make her understand why I did what I did. Look after Nick and Alex; especially Nick...will blame himself for my death. Darkness will follow since the portal wasn't sealed." Derek said to his sister.

"No, Derek, don't go. I love you too dear brother. I will do all that you ask of me." Ingrid said to the figure, which was fading.The phone rang.

Angel Island-The Caves

The little hooded creatures were sucking Derek's blood to gain human status. "Let's go. Nick is outside, and the two females left the property." Lucifer told the others. They left the catacombs and went to the water fountain where nick was sitting.

'Am I cut out to be precept? The one time that I was in charge in an exercise in the Navy, it didn't go too well. I can't risk Alex and Rachel's life; especially Rachel since she has Kat to take care of.' Nick heard a noise, the same noise that was in the house earlier that day.

"Don't tell me that those hodded things survived the blast...that derek's death was in vain."

Rachel's Place

Alex was taking a bubble bath when she had a vision of Nick being attacked by the black hooded demons. She jumped out of the tub, grabbed the peach colored towel, and went back to the guest room where she got dressed. Then, she went to Rachel's door and knocked. "Come in." Rachel shouted through the closed door. Alex entered.

"We have to go back to the house. Nick is in trouble...had a vision of demons attacking him." The African American informed her friend.

Rachel ran her fingers through her silky golden blond hair. "It's kindda late, don't you think. Maybe your over tired and with Derek's death, maybe your brain is working over time."

"I'm not tired, and Derek's death isn't effecting the visions, Rachel. I'm going back to the house with or with out you."

"Before you and I go back to Angel Island, I'll give Nick a call, ok?" Alex nodded her head. Rachel picked up the phone and dialed Nick's cell phone, but there was no answer. "C'mon Nick, pick up the phone. Pick up the phone." After five rings, she hung up the phone and got dressed. The two women went downstairs, out the front door, and got into Rachel's black sedan.

Cassie's House

Kat was sleeping at her best friend's house when in her dream she heard, "Katherine, I need your help. Nick, Alex, and your mom are in danger. You and your friend have to go to Angel Island and go down to the catacombs and close the portal. Innocence is the only way to stop the nemorals from destroying the earth." Kat woke up and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. She got out of her blue sleeping bag and walked over to Cassie's bed. "Cassie, wake up. C'mon wake up."

The pre-teen woke. "What do ya want? I was sleeping ya know."

"I'm sorry, but we've got to go to Angel Island. Nick, Alex, and my mom are in danger, and we're the only ones who can help them. So will you go with me?"

Cassie sat up and threw her legs over the edge of her bed. "I guess so. If I get grounded you owe me big time. You'll have to do my homework for a month and give me your posters." The brunette informed her best friend.

"Fine. You won't get grounded...do a spell to stop that from happening. Hurry up and get dressed." Cassie hurriedly put on her purple top, blue jeans, and sneakers. The two girls ran downstairs and out the front door.

Angel Island

Alex and Rachel found Nick lying by the fountain on the ground unconscious. Cuts and bruises were on his face. Rachel gently shook him. After a few shakes, he opened his eyes.

"Hey, why did you do that?" He asked groggily. The Ex- Navy SEAL tried to sit uo but was too dizzy. Rachel helped him into a sitting position then she examined him.

"it's nothing serious...just a concussion. You're coming to my place no arguing." The doctor told him.

Nick got to his feet. "Rach, we're all in danger. The explosion didn't seal the portal so those hooded caped creatures are out there. I heard them. We've got to find away to stop them." The new precept replied.

"He's right .. are all over the place. We have to stop them before some one else gets hurt."'or killed'Alex thought to herself.

Rachel put her hands up in the air. "Fine. How do we stop these things? The explosion was supposed to seal the portal...stop whatever evil was around this place."

Nick ran his fingers through his hair. "We could try Holy water again. Hopefully, the blast left them weak."'I have no idea what to do. I wish Derek was alive...know what to do in a situation like this.'"Maybe we can do some research on these creatures. I guess we'll go back to your place, Rachel. Can link up to Boston or London's data base." Nick said as he rubbed the back of his head. They left for Rachel's unaware that two nemorals followed them.

Angel Island The Catacombs

"This place gives me the creeps, Kat. I don't know why I let you talk me into this." Cassie stated.

"Oh, grow up , Cassie. This place is dark not creepy. You and I are the only ones who can save, Nick, Alex and my mom. Let's go this way...think the portal is there."

"What we supposed to do once we reach the portal?"

I dunno. I guess I could try magik or some Latin."

"I hope you know what you are doing, Kat. What's magic supposed to do? I'm sorry that I agreed to this." They heard a strange noise. "What was that."

"Spells and Latin can help stop the demons I think. I dunno know...was coming from that direction. C'mon let's go." Kat went in the direction of the sound. Cassie followed right behind.

Rachel's Place

"Have you found anything about the demons we are dealing with?" Rachel asked Nick and Alex as she entered the room with a tray of coffee and sandwiches. She set it on the table.

"Yes, they are nemorals. They're half human half demon. In order to gain human status, they feed off of the dead...drink the blood or they injure a person and lick the blood. Every 1,000 years they come to Earth to feed. The nemorals who become human try to breed with humans. It happens when there is a full moon, which is tonight. Darkness follows for a fortnight once it happens." Nick replied.

The blond ran her fingers through her hair. "Sounds pleasnt. How do we stop them?"

Nick typed some commands and read, "Youth and innocence is the only way to stop them. If an innocent and pure child reads a Latin Prayer 'Et Luxe', the nemorals are killed."

Alex added, "We need a copy of the Latin Prayer, which was in the library. I'm not sure how much is left of the library."

"We need a young child to say it once we find it. How 'bout Kat?"

Rachel shook her head. "Not Kat. I won't have my child involved in this, Nick."

"We don't have a choice, Rachel. She's smart and is pretty good at fighting demonic forces. Kat is our best chance against these things."

"They attacked you. Who knows what they'll do to a child. You don't know if the prayer is in the library. So the answer is still no. Is there any other way to stop them?" Rachel stated as she moved her hands.

"If we don't stop them, there's a chance that they can hurt all of us including Kat. Nick, you, and I will be there when she reads the prayer." Alex told her friend. She went over to the computer and typed away. "There's another way. A young witch can stop the nemorals. They have to invoke Hecate, Goddess of sacred healing. She's a croan, a wise woman and a walker between the worlds. Hecate has the power to destroy these creatures because she can go between the world of light and the world of dark. She can also see in the darkest of night. Myth has it she was a member of The Legacy."

"Let's see if the prayer is in the library. I'll think about involving Kat." Nick and Alex nodded. Rachel, Nick and Alex left the house and found two nemorals waiting. One of them knocked Nick out. Then he grabbed Alex and the taller one grabbed Rachel. Five minutes later, Nick came to, to find that his friends were nowhere in sight. "Great, just great! Derek why did you die and left me in charge. I wish I had a clue as to where Alex and Rachel are."He went in search of the ladies.

Angel Island The Catacombs

The remaining nemorals tied Kat and Cassie then went in search for fire wood for the ritual. "What are we going to do Kat?" Cassie asked as tears rolled down her cheeks.

"I don't know. Maybe I can say a spell. I'm not sure which one. I sorry that I got you messed up in all this." Kat told her friend.

"I'm sure that my mom knows that we are missing and has called the cops . We'll be safe." The nemorals came back into the caves. One went over to Kat and touched her face. "You're so soft. You're the one I want to mate with."

"No. Don't touch me!" The pre-teen shouted. 'What am I going to do. Help me some one. Then she heard a voice, male. "Kat invoke Goddess Hecate. She can help you and your friend.

"Goddess Hecate, I invoke thee. Grant power and strength to me. Shine your light on this darkest of night. Let these creatures be nothing but a blight. Unbind me and my friend. Let these demons reign end. So Mote It Be."Kat shouted. It was no longer dark in the cave and the ropes came undone. A woman in black waved her wand and brandished it over the heads of the nemorals and they vanished. Hecate walked over to Kat and touched her shoulder.

"You are now safe my dear. Your friends Nick and Alex and your mom need your help now. You have the gift of magik...use it for good not evil. If you ever need my help, just invoke me, dear child." Hecate walked towards the light and was gone.

Kat looked at her friend and said, "I've been blessed by a powerful witch." Cassie yawned.

"That's nice, Kat, but I'm kindda tired. Can we leave now?"

"I can't believe that this place is in ruins. Do you want to go to the house to sleep?" Kat asked her friend, who nodded. The two of them left the caves and headed for the main house.

The Library

Nick found the parchment, but it was burnt beyond recognition. "Great, Just great. Now how am I supposed to stop those creatures?" Nick stated in a frusted tone. Kat and her friend over heard Nick talk about the demons entered the room.

"Don't worry, Nick. Those things are dead thanks to Hecate." Kat replied with a smile on her face.

"How did you and your friend get here?" Nick inquired.

"We walked. Why?" Kat looked around the room and asked, "What happened here?"

"That's dangerous, kiddo. There was an explosion. Why did you come here.

Kat twirled a stray lock around her finger. "Did it have to do with those hooded creatures? I was asleep and heard a voice...sounded like Derek's and told me to go to Angel Island...that you, Alex, and my mom were in danger. Where's Alex and my mom, Nick?" The pre-teen asked in a worried tone. She had a vision of the nemorals trying to mate with Alex and her mom. "We've to go to Golden Gate Park. My mom and Alex are in trouble." The girl had a stange look on her face.

"What did you see, Kat?" He inquired.

"I saw hooded creatures, same like the ones who tied up Cassie and me doing things to mom and Alex. We have to stop them!"

The Ex-Navy SEAL looked at her. "You and Cassie are ok, right?" The two girls nodded their heads. "That's good. You mentioned Hecate. Can she help us?"

"I'll try summoning her." Kat closed her eyes and faced the East. "Hecate, o wise one, walker of the worlds shine your light in this darkest of night. I summon you." White smoke swirled around them and a white light shone around a woman dressed in black.

"Yes, my dear child?" Hecate said.

"I need you to help my mom and my friend. Those things that you banshied in the catacombs have my mom and Alex." The croan shook her head.

"Sorry my dear, you'll have to stop them on your own. You have strength to stop them." With that the witch left.

The new precept ran his fingers through his hair and sighed. "Great. What am I going to do now. The parchment with the Latin prayer is burnt beyound recognition."

Ingrid entered the room. "Maybe I can help you with that."

NIck turned around. "I'm sorry about Derek, Ingrid. He embraced the nun.

"Thank you for that, Nick. He cared a great deal about you all and the Luna Foundation. Is there any way that I can help you?"

"I cared about him too...all did. I need a Latin prayer to stop the nemorals from destroying the planet." Ingrid smiled as she said the prayer.

"That should take care of the nemorals. Derek really isn't gone. He's in our hearts. He'll find away to contact us."

"Kat needs to say it in order to stop those creatures." Nick informed her. "I feel Derek's presence."

"Light forever. Freedom from the nemorals which inhabited the night and the shadows. May our house be blessed. Kat said in Latin.

Golden Gate Park

The nemorals vanished into thin air before Alex and Rachel's eyes. "I think our Nick will make a fine Precept." They said in unsion as they left the park and went back to Angel Island.

"My friends, co workers I'll never be gone. I'll be in your hearts and when ever you need me, I'll be there. Nick, you'll be a good precept. I'm sure of it." He thought to himself as he watched them from above.


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