Book Of Shadows

Spell One- To Cease People Gossiping About You*

On Saturday at midday, buy some ginger flavoured cookies and sprinkle three of them in a brown paper bag and write these words with a blue pen.

'By the power of the Goddesses Athena and Diana,

these cakes are blessed and all envy and gossip will now cease.'

Then tie up the ends on the bag with some string and sit near an open window. As you feel yourself breathing calmly and getting rid of your nervous energy and worries, think about the person or persons that have been gossiping about you. Visualize them in your mind or say their names out loud then without sending any of them ill-will, throw the bag into the garbage and finish by saying.

'And every time you gossip lie,

a mirror reflects on how unwise,

what folly it is to sink far below,

when the spirit inside you yearns to rise,

and so shall a higher purpose be now followed.

So Mote It Be

*Spell created by Deborah Gray 1999

Spell Two-To Bind An Enemy*

Make a puppet to represent the person you which to bind. Burn Patchouli leaves and frankincese on a charcoal block. Light a black candle and pass the puppet through the incese smoke and say:"Hecate, the great goddess of life and death, I ask you to acknowledge that this creation of cloth as the flesh and blood of(name)."

Wrap the puppet tightly in red ribbon paying close attention to the areas which you bind. As you wrap, say:"Between the worlds in Hecate's eyes, you(name), are bound powerless. In the eyes of the world you are harmless. So Mote It Be"

*Fiona Horn

Spell Three-Binding Spell*

Write the full name of the person you wish to bind on a piece of paper. Then write down everything that this person does that you wish would stop. Wrap the piece of paper in aluminum foil and store in the freezer.(This is an easy first spell.)

If you decide that the spell is no longer necessary, toss the foil in a fire saying:"My wish is no more This person is free Undo the spell without hurting thee."

*Fiona Horn

Healing Thy self Spell Arianna Cantwell

Spices:nutmeg, aniseed,& dandelion

Plants:Cucumber, melon, lime


(1) Cut cucumber, melon, and lime into a bow. (2) Add three pinches of nutmeg, aniseed, and dandelion. (3) Put in three spoonfulls of plain yogurt into the bowl. (4) Add pepermint oil to the mixture.

Take a shower to purify yourself.

Wear comfortable clothing

Apply to area that needs healing.

Say: Goddess Diana I ask thee

to take the pain from me.

Heal my spirit and make me strong

I ask thee to help me from doing wrong.

Blessed it be.

(If you are upset you can add these words, O' wise and caring Goddess I ask thee to show me the way.

Let the moon shine over the bay. Help me find light.

As the sun is bright.

So Mote It Be.)


I've been interested in the Craft since I was a child. My parents dind't like that, so they'd punish me. I used to mix spices and other things and come up with spells, and when my mother saw that her spices and herbs were gone, she got real angry with me. I told her what I was doing, which resulted me being grounded for a month. I stopped casting spells and using her stuff because the getting hit for using her things wasn't worth it. I from the age of 7 have had other lives dreams. I also have had psychic dreams. I'm back to casting spells and using spices and herbs. I try and keep a dream diary.

My colors are: lilac and sea green.

My mineral is: zinc

Plants are:cucumber, melon, and lime

spices are:nutmeg, aniseed, and dandelion.

My sign is:Pisces.

Hecate, I invoke thee. Shine your light. Give us strenghth and courage to get through these dark nights. Envelope us and protect us. Goddess of the worlds help us the citizens of the United States.

Isis, I invoke thee give us the power of rebirth, healing and life after death. Give the citizens of New York City and the familes that lost family members extra protection and healing.

It's a one month since the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. I believe that it is hard for us to go outside and not wonder if anything is going to happen. I feel violated because they used our planes against our citizens. They also used computers and emails. I invoke the Goddess Liberty to protect the United States and our rights.*************************************************

*Two weeks ago was the Jewish New Year. Jews eat apples with honey for a sweet New Year. This holiday begins at sun down. Last week was succoks, that is an harvesting holiday.It's fun to eat in one.