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No one, anywhere else, at any point in history, seems to have devoted a website to the wonderful 1974 Rankin-Bass animated Christmas special 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. Therefore, I have. These songs, loveably available in mp3 format, are my fond childhood memories; please, let no one rape and murder them as has been done to How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Enjoy.


01 - 'Twas the Night Before Christmas (Main Titles)

An exceptionally long teaser gives way to this wonderful opening credit sequence. The townspeople rejoice!


02 - Let Up a Little on the Wonder Why

Father Mouse takes his son Albert on a magical mystery tour through the thoroughly fantastic world of Leprechauns and God.


03 - Christmas Chimes are Calling (Demo Version)

Joshua Trundle, Clockmaker, demonstrates to the Aldermen his elaborate scheme to lure Santa back to the town that spurned him: a musical clock tower.


04 - Even a Miracle Needs a Hand

Having been humiliated when his Santa-trap chimes exploded in front of the whole town, Joshua urges his impressionable children to pray for a miracle.


05 - Even a Miracle Needs a Hand (Reprise)

Likewise brainwashed by his father, Albert sets off to fix the clock tower's chimes that he himself broke with his arrogant poking-about.


06 - Christmas Chimes are Calling

The magical chimes finally work, if indeed in the defective manner of attracting a mysteriously mustacheless Santa Claus. The townspeople rejoice!


07 - End Credit Medley / Rankin-Bass Theme

Let up a little on the chimes are a miracle, &c. Rankin-Bass rules.