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The most hated BB women!
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The Nerd Herd
Monday, 12 September 2005
Nerd Herd
Mood:  mischievious
Topic: The most hated BB women!
Since the first day that Big Brother began, I knew that I would not like April, Ivette and Maggie. I must say, Ivette was the most irritating person on the show. As time past, I watched on live feed, I was sure I didnt like them. Ivette and her never ending "Cappy" talk, drove me nuts.
At this time, thier are 4 left in the house. Maggie a.k.a Maggot, April a.k.a Ape, ivette a.k.a Evilette an Janelle a.k.a Janie, Janie Doll, and Jedi Janie. Name given by Howie. (We sure miss you Howie!)
I canceled live feed because there was nothing to watch anymore. I am concerned that people will not be watching Big Brother next yaer. Not as many as the past years.
The people that are left have no or very little personality.
Ivette picks her zits all the time.
April picks her nose very minute of the day.
Maggie, well she sits back, has nothing intelligent to say. Occaionally she does respond with "I know".
We are sick to death of "I know", "You know what I'm saying." "You know" and for GOD sake Nerd Herd! Stop beating Janie up behind her back. You have not had the nerve to be up front with her. You are all jealous of her, beacuse she is funny, sweet, lovable, nice beautiful and entertaining. What have you 3 got? Nothing on Janie.
There is not much time left to Blog the show, but you are welcome to add your opinion here at anytime.
I do have intentions of getting this blog to the nerd herd and to let them know that we hate them from live feed, not just from tv. They have blamed BB for the opinions we have of them, Editing and all. We choose to like or dis like them from live 24/7 feed. They cannot deny anything they have said that we do not already know the truth.
Nerd Herd....You Suck and I do not like any of you. I am not alone.Everytime, day or night, when I get on chat, I see names like......... Ape_suz, DieMAggot etc. Janie is loved and you are hated. Get used to it.
Oh and Ivette, if you read this.....I am dying to know,,,,,, Didn't you just love the fact that your girl friend "Tushie" said on live television, that she liked Janie. Gotta love that.

This will be continued...................

Posted by tv2/nerdherd at 5:44 PM EDT
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