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Choreographed by Yvonne Hammond

Description: 32 count, 2 wall, beginner line dance
Music: Please Mr. Postman by The Carpenters


Start after 16 counts


1-2- Touch right toe across front of left, kick right foot forward
3&4 Shuffle back right-left-right
5-6 Touch left toe across front of right, kick left foot forward
Shuffle back left-right-left

1&2- Shuffle to the right stepping right-left-right
3-4 Rock step left behind right, step right in place
5&6 Shuffle to the left stepping left-right-left
7-8 Rock step right behind left, step left in place

1-2- Step right toe forward, drop right heel down
3-4 Step left toe forward, drop left heel down
5-8 Double hip bumps right, double hip bumps left

1-2 Step forward on right, step back on left
3&4 Turn turn right & shuffle forward right-left-right
5-6 Step forward left, step forward right
7&8 Shuffle forward left-right-left