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Eric Per Sullivan

Biographical Info

Eric does an excellent job of bringing to life
the somewhat bizzare character of Dewey.
His depiction of Dewey has left many of us wondering
what the heck is wrong with this child.

Favorite Quotes

(in response to Malcolm asking how much soda he had to drink)
"I don't know, I don't know, I don't know.
Look I can write on my tongue."


Finding Nemo (2003) (voice) .... Sheldon
Unfaithful (2002) .... Charlie Sumner ... aka Untreu (2002) (Germany)
Joe Dirt (2001) .... Little Joe Dirt ... aka Adventures of Joe Dirt, The (2001) (Canada: English title: TV title) (USA: working title)
Wendigo (2001) .... Miles
"Malcolm in the Middle" (2000) TV Series .... Dewey
Cider House Rules, The (1999) .... Fuzzy
Armageddon (1998) (uncredited) .... Kid with Rocket Ship

Filmography as: Actor, Himself, Notable TV Guest Appearances

Himself - filmography

Searching for the Wendigo (2002) .... Himself

Filmography as: Actor, Himself, Notable TV Guest Appearances

Notable TV Guest Appearances

"King of Queens, The" (1998) playing "Young Arthur" in episode: "Shrink Wrap" (episode # 4.25) 20 May 2002
"Black of Life" (2001) playing "Jimmy" in episode:
"Better to Pretend" (episode # 2.4) 26 August 2001
"Wonderland" (2000) playing "Tucker Banger" in episode: "Pilot" (episode # 1.1) 30 March 2000