Parents: Jim and Cindy Walsh

Siblings: Twin Sister Brenda Walsh

Status: Dating Kelly Taylor

Residence: 4616 Melrose Place, Apartment 2

Job: Author and freelance writer for
The Beat on the Street


Brandon Through the Seasons

Season One: The Beginning of Everything

The Walsh family, Jim, Cindy, and there twin teenagers Brandon and Brenda, move to Beverly Hills from Minnesota. He starts fitting in with ease and makes friends with Dylan McKay and Steve Sanders. Dylan gets him a job at the Peach Pit. He ran for junior class president and lost. He also begins writing for the school paper.

Season Two: Junior Year

Brandon gets a job at the Beverly Hills Beach Club. While on a camping trip in Yosemite Dylan saves Brandon's life. Dylan took Brandon to an AA Meeting after being arrested for drunk driving. Emily spikes Brandon's drinkwith Euphoria and stalks him after they ended the relationship.

Season Three: Senior Year

In their senior year, Brandon and Andrea become co-editors of The Blaze. Brandon becomes addicted to sports gambling and gets himself in a little bit or trouble which Nat helped to bail him out of. Brandon was also voted most likely to succeed.

Season Four: †CU Freshman Year

Starting off his first year of collage right, Brandon decides against joining a fraternity. Brandon gets involved with Lucinda, his professor's wife. On a trip to Washington, to meet President Clinton, he is pursued by Clare Arnold, the chancellors daughter, and Lucinda. Only to end up with Kelly Taylor in the end of it all.

Season Five: CU Somphmore Year

Brandon asks Kelly to marry him. She declines and they break up for now and start to see other people. Brandon's parents buy him a new car and move to Hong Kong. Since the break up he heads to Palm Springs to try hooking up with Val.

Season Six: CU Junior Year

In his junior year at CU he joins the Condor staff. Brandon falls for his new editor, Susan Keats. Brandon loses his best friend when Dylanís wife is killed and he leave town. Susan and Brandon breake up over a job offer she received and took while he turned his summer opportunity down to be with her.

Season Seven: CU Senior Year

Itís his last year of collage and Brandon gets involved with the campus TV station. He also gets involved with his anchorwoman, Tracy but later breaks up with her to be with Kelly.†Brandon was also the valedictorian for his graduation class.

Season Eight: †Life After College One

The gang goes to Hawaii. Brandon cheats on Kelly with Emma. Brandon and Kelly decided they should not get married. They decide this on their wedding day.

Season Nine: Life After College Two

Brandon leaves Beverly Hills, and Kelly, for job inWashington D.C.

Season 10: Life After College Three

Still in Washington D.C. Since he is out of the country on assignment, he is unable to come to the wedding and he sends a congratulations tape to David and Donna for their wedding and sends his love to Kelly.

Season One: A New Era

Brandon returns to Beverly Hills and instantly hits it off with Gina Kincaid. He reestablishes himself in his old town and begins freelance work for Steve and Janet at The Beat on the Street.

Season Two: Life Back With The Walshes One

Brandon falls back into love with Kelly. He also wrote a book about Dylan and Toni, which is being published. He has also been helping Dylan look for his father.

Season Three: Life Back With The Walshes Two

Brandon and Kelly's relationship is going great until Kelly gets a job involving Jack Lemme. He wants her to publicize a dangerous diet drug. When she finds out, he continues making threats to her. Brandon gets involved with Kyle McBride, and has a possible book deal.