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I couldn't have fired that gun even if I wanted to. There was a sharp light and I couldn't see who was standing there. For a moment only for a second of two I closed my eyes and that was when he fired.

I'm laying on the floor, eyes wide open. Shocked faces surrounded me, then I see my enemy: Lydecker! It doesn't make sense I'm worth millions and yet he just shot me in the chest and it hurts. God it hurts like *hell*.

Zack kneels down putting is hands on my wound. Thers's blood everywhere and he stare's in shock at his hands. I don't know what to say or do, so I lay still and wait.

I look around me: I see Max and Jondy staring in shock at Lydecker, I see Krit and Syl standing hand in hand waiting at something but they don't know what. I see Tinga hugging Brin. The others are out of my sight and I can't turn my head. But I can guess what there doing: looking in shock don't know what to do or say.

Now it's my time, my time to be the hero. They have to go and they have to go now! I don't want them to leave me behind in this mess. I don't wanna be here laying on the floor bleeding to death! I want to be on the world outside manticore: growing up, going to school having a prom, falling in love, marry and have a couple of kids maybe. Just a normal life why is that so hard to get. Did we do something wrong? Do we deserve this life? A life full of pain, dead. We all know that we have no future we probably end dead in some kind of a lab, cut open. So that's why I decided that it was time to leave to say goodbye to this f*cking life. Cause to them we will always stay numbers and things, toys to play with. Tears are are dropping. "get a hold of you soldier" I whisper.

I know what to do and it take's only one word but all my strength.


And they go I hear the breaking of glass. A wonderfull noise. And they jump to freedom. I hope they don't forget me. I gave my life for them and yes it's worth it.

I see a light, its surrounds me it makes me calm and happy.

"C'mon sis are you ready?"

"just a second jack"

GOODLUCK Max, Zack, Jondy you guys were always kind to me and supported me in everyting I did. Go and find some happines.

GOODLUCK Ben, Jace, Zane make something nice of your life and fight for your freedom.

GOODLUCK Krit and Syl stay together and fight for eachother what ever you do keep in mind that you deserve it!

GOODLUCK Brin and Tinga Find a husband and marry have some kids make my dream coming true.

you guys deserve only the best. Make me proud and don't forget me.

I close my eyes, take jack's hand and walk right into the bright light in a brand new life without manticore. And now I realise that only I am the one who escapes that night. Only I have a live with a future without manticore.

" Hiya little brother let's go"


So my first story hope you had fun!!!!!! Feedback please!!!!!!!!